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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog / What's New for FLY 2000 TV

Version 2.38 RC2 (Release Candidate 2):

> FLY2000TV distribution kit now included Freeware tool - MDM TVGuide Updater, which is intended for automatical download and update EPG in FLY2000TV (while only with Russian interaface).
> Added feature for manual adjust AGC in HF module Philips TDA8275.
> Added feature for adjust sound FM deemphasis in HF modules from Philips MK3 series (and compatibles).
> Added feature for set Philips SAA713x FIFO buffer size to 896 bytes.
> Changed aspect for AVI recording - now video processing for record are visible at viewing during record. Preview Pin is no more use during AVI and MPG recording.
> Improved compatibility with TV tuners, where are WDM driver has not Preview Pin.
> Workaround to avoid sometimes incorrect autodetect SECAM on SAA713x.
> Improved compatibility with 4-ch sound card and support output for 4 channels via DirectSound Renderer (output audio via PCI DMA transfer).
> Fixed bug with "floating" horizontal strips at work with TDA8275 HF module.
> Improved picture quality (less noise) at work with HF module TDA8275.
> Fixed bug with sound remaining at exit or suspend to tray action from mini-window mode.
> Fixed bug to sound missing at start channel's surfing when audio output selected via PCI DMA transfer.
> Fixed bug to reset TV audio channel choise (stereo/dual) to stereo mode at channel switching and switch to TV mode.
> Workaround to sound missing in FM mode on card LifeView FlyPlatinum 35FM at activate Remote Control RM-050.
> Fixed bug to FM frequency offset at work with HF module Philips TDA8275.
> Fixed bug with reset SAA713x video gain to default value.
> Fixed bug under Windows XP at use feature "Video on desktop", if Active Desktop is active.
> Fixed bug with showing mouse cursor at switching channels in full screen mode, if used individual Zoom settings.
> Improve English translation for FLY2000TV interface.
> Some bug fixes.

Version 2.38 RC1

> Added full Native support for chip Philips SAA7133, SAA7135.
> Added Native support for HF module Philips TDA8275 (Silicon Tuner).
> Added Native support for TV tuners LifeView FlyPlatinum 33/35, YUAN FunTV-900, Asus TV FM-7135.
> Added feature enable/disable virtual sound effects for chip Philips SAA7133, SAA7135.
> Added feature for capture sound, using built-in audio ADC with sampling rate 48kHz for chip Philips SAA7133, SAA7135.
> Improved mode for making screenshot and multi-snapshot.
> Improved video processing for preview and capture.
> Improved deinterlace algorithm Blend Fields.
> Added feature Splash Screen at videosignal missing.
> Added feature fill frame borders by black color.
> Added action for mouse "Right click + Wheel".
> Improved interface with use Windows large font and at using some themes Windows XP.
> Fixed bug under Windows98 for mode "Video on desktop", if Active Desktop is active.
> Fixed bug with missing sound in NICAM standard after restore Windows from Hibernate/Suspend mode.
> Fixed bug with missing sound at some external actions.
> More improvements.
> Some bug fixes.

Version 2.38 beta3 (common changes from v2.36):

Several settings incompatible with previous versions so installation desirably
perform into empty folder. Channels settings (file Channels.ini) is possible to
copy from previous version.

> Changed approach of support new TV tuners models, built on chip Philips
SAA7130/7133/7134/7135 in Native mode. Now, cards configurations stored in file
SAA713x.cfg. This method allow to add support new card is easy, without
recompiling program.
> Added support TV tuners models - AVerMedia TV/AVerMedia TV Studio 305,
AVerMedia TV Studio 307, Medion MD 2819, LifeView FlyTV Platinum 34,
Items It-005.
> Added support multi-standard HF modules Philips MK3 (with IF TDA9887 inside).
> Improved support for TV tuner ASUS TV-FM 7134.
> Improved support Native mode for SAA7133, SAA7135 (needed testing).
> Added support remote control board for AVerMedia (Medion MD 2819).
> Added support remote control board for Compro.
> Added feature for control video FIR anti-alias filter SAA713x chip.
> Added feature for preamplifier SIF input level on SAA7133/7134/7135 chip.
> Added setting for improved NICAM decoding at bad signal.
> Added bass and treble control for SAA7133, SAA7135 chip.
> Added record volume control at capture sound via internal ADC.
> Added feature for change A2 SAP and NICAM M1/M2 audio channels.
> Added feature for configure SAA713x video buffer FIFO DMA. This feature
allows to solve problems with video picture on some motheboards.
> Added support TV Guide database of JTV format.
> Added feature to show TV Guide in channel's popup menu.
> Added feature to include task in built-in scheduler from TV Guide list.
> Added feature to use short audio samples at capture AVI.
> Added option "Use system reference timer for video samples". This option
allow to solve problem with SAA713x WDM driver (many frames drop in AVI Mux).
> Added feature to wake-up Windows from Hibernate state, before start any
task from built-in scheduler.
> Added feature to render video as Windows desktop wallpaper.
> Added mini-window mode.
> Added feature to reinitialize audio mixer before start capture.
> Added feature to pausing at AVI, MPEG, WAV recording.
> Improved TV and FM autoscan channels routine in Native mode.
> Improved function to freeze preview frame.
> Added feature to manual adding external DirectShow filter for preview.
> Added second crossbar at control via WDM (for ATI card).
> Full remake routine for WAV recording, based on ACM technology.
> Improved program working at several installed capture cards.
> Fixed error at making snapshot with use deinterlace filter.
> Fixed error at working ECS EZ-TV remote control board.
> Fixed random time silence in FM mode at switch below 78.00 MHz on
TCL2002MB-33F HF module.
> More improvements.
> More bug fixes.

Version 2.36:

> Fixed NICAM Stereo decoding on the chip SAA7134.
> Improved compatibility with many WDM drivers for SAA713x (in native mode).
> Fixed error at autoloading program and agent under Windows 98(ME).
> Fixed bug at WAV capture via DirectShow.
> Fixed LCD panel scrolling bug.
> Fixed audiomixer bug causes on some sound cards models .
> Fixed built-in scheduler bugs.
> Improvements of the working the built-in scheduler.
> Added support TV tuner KWorld TV7130RF.
> Added support Remode Control board for the KWorld TV7130RF TV tuner.
> Added support Remode Control board for the ECS EZ-TV TVP3XP TV tuner.
> Added support HF module Philips FQ1216ME.
> Improved work with Manli Much TV 001/002 TV tuners.
> Added setting for keeping program's config files under Win2K(XP).
> Added feature for the locking channels switching at capture process.
> Added feature to use the analog line for SAA7134 (as on SAA7130) in TV mode.
> Added video pause at previewing.
> Corrected air channels grid for West and East Europe, for Australia.
> Minor interface improvements.
> More bug fixes.

Version 2.35:

For correct work with chip SAA7133-7135, you needed install Philips reference WDM driver
(download link on FLY 2000 TV home site).

> Added full native support more TV tuners model on chip Philips SAA7130-7135
> Added support Remote Control for Manli MuchTV and TerraTec Cinergy 400/600
> Improved capability work with Remote Control.
> Added feature to more adjustment chip Philips SAA7130-7135 in video and audio decoding modes.
> Added feature to disable option "Automatical Gain Control", that allows to decrease brightness flashing at
high videosignal level.
> Added feature to adjust Video Gain Value (videoamplifier level) and store value for each TV channel.
> Added feature to manual configure sound carrier for chip SAA7134.
> Improved work with chip SAA7134 at decoding the sound from SIF TV output.
> Added experimental support chip SAA7133 and SAA7135 at decoding the sound from SIF TV output.
> Improve autodetect PAL/SECAM/NTSC format, and improved work with Adaptive Comb filter.
> Added feature for detect MacroVision Copy Protection in videosignal.
> Added support FM for more TV tuners models on chip Philips SAA7130-7135.
> Added support Video Mixing Renderer 9.
> Added feature to transfer audio stream on PCI bus (via DMA) on chip Philips SAA7133-7135 when viewing
(the possibility work without Line-In connector).
> Improved channels surfing mode, added the possibility to control channels surfing from RC.
> Added feature to full config hot keys.
> Added support MPEG2 codec Intervideo 3.
> Added support new Honestech MPEG2 codec.
> Added feature to store VfW codecs parameters in preset.
> Improved automatical audioshift to video stream at capture AVI.
> Added feature to capture audio stream through internal DAC Philips SAA7133-7135 chip and possibility
forced locking audiostream to videostream by means of chip SAA7133-7135 (hardware support).
> Added feature to more exact statistics of dropped frames at capture AVI.
> Added support Microsoft WMV9 VCM codec.
> Added OTR function for instant capture time limit.
> Configurations files under Win2K(XP) now store in folder %USERPROFILE%Application DataFly2000TV,
for support multi-user mode. Under Win9x(ME) config files store in folder Fly2000TV as in previous version.
> Minor interface improvements.
> More code improvements.
> Bug fixes.

Version 2.26:

> Fixed problem with preview at capturing in NTSC standard.
> When start the task from built-in scheduler, did not work the option
"Turn Off computer" - fixed.
> Fixed error when Windows wake up from Suspend mode, at time when FLY2000TV
state in sleep mode.
> Added feature to set the step for adjusting brightness, contrast and etc in message
WMFLY_VOLUMEUP and WMFLY_VOLUMEDOWN (see in file Messages.h).
> Added parameter "SafeTeletext" in file Settings.ini, at value SafeTeletext=0, allow
force turn on internal teletext, if detected DirectX 9 or Windows XP SP1.
> Added new country "Russia (short cable)" with short cable channels grid, as in old
versions FLY2000TV.
> Small bugs fixed.

Version 2.25:

> Did not work the command line switch "-ch:xxx" at channel number more
than 9, and channel select more than 9 from scheduler. Fixed.
> Improvement and bug fixed in mode "Channels surfing".
> Fixed cropping in YUV modes (replace top and bottom crop value).
> Fixed auto-closing in sleep mode.
> Disable action on messages in sleep mode.
> Added feature to configure mouse actions.
> Added reset settings after worked task from scheduler with preset.
> Added feature to config volume step.
> Added feature to skip/use channels.
> Added feature to use Deinterlace and Denoise methods for AVI capture.
> Added feature to use automatically synchronize audio stream speed and
recalculate audio shifting percent value.
> Added feature to use pin "Capture" for preview. That can solve problems
with scene on non-saa713x cards and some videocards, not supported
> Improved algorithm "Blended Clipping".
> Added format YV12 for AVI capture.
> Added command line switches: -vol:xxx (set volume from 0 to 255) -lnmute (mute mixer's line-in) -fn:"file" (set capture filename) -ps:"preset" (set preset name)
> At Windows resume from Suspend mode, forced restoring tuner settings.
> Added Callback mechanism for mixer, restoring sound volume level,
changing in external program.
> Added option for setting pins of crossbar (in file Settings.ini), allowed
correct switch video and audio source via WDM at some models of TV tuners
(Manli Much TV, Typhoon TV, Terratec Cinergy).
> Picture parameters - Zoom, Shift Left, Shift Top, now store for
every channels separately, and also for Composite and S-Video modes.
> Added new messages (file Messages.h)

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