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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog / What's New for DVD Shrink

Version - 25 July 2004

Added Quality Settings tab in the backup dialog, with option to enable AEC "adaptive error compensation" algorithms.

Updated to NeroSDK 1.05, which includes support for burning DVD-9 dual-layer media. Added DVD-9 target size in preferences window.

Removed "burn with DVD Decrypter" checkbox and replaced with a selectable backup target.

Added burn with CopyToDVD as a backup target, this appears if CopyToDVD is installed.

Added automatic support for splitting ISO files if they are saved to a FAT32 partition. In this case a .MDS file is also output which can be burned with DVD Decrypter and mounted by Daemon Tools. MDS files can additionally be opened with DVD Shrink from the "Open Disc Image..." menu.

Added support for replacing a title with a custom image. A default image from Guy Incognito is installed.

Added "InstallPath", "InstallApp" and "InstallHelp" keys to the DVD Shrink registry.

Added "March by ZeF69" toolbar.

Fixed bug where Panscan and Letterbox subpicture streams could be erroneously discarded in some circumstances.

Fixed bug if volume label exceeded 32 characters.

Version 3.1.7 - 14 March 2004

Added function to read and write ISO files, also backup option
to burn an ISO file with DVD Decrypter.

Fixed bug of remapping the last subpicture streams in re-author
mode, or full-disc mode if "logical remapping" enabled.

Changed "About" dialog with new graphics from Guy Incognito.

Small enhancements to "Backup Target" dialog.

Fixed file opening code to work with only a partial DVD when
browsing in re-author mode. This means you can still re-author
parts of a DVD, even if missing some files.

Fixed UDF reading code to open files stored in the VIDEO_TS
folder of a CD-ROM disc.

Added preference option to disable RPC2 drive region checking
which solves problems with some hacked firmware.

Backup volume label is initialized with that of the source DVD,
rather than "DVD_SHRINK". Also root tree item in the main view
now displays volume label, rather than "DVD".

Added function to preview MPEG audio streams.

Changed "Invalid data in VOB file" error to report filename.

Version 3.1.6 - 23 Feb 2004

Fixed bug which caused occasional skipping/freezing of output
DVD during playback on some players.

Fixed bug which caused non-display of menu buttons in some
output DVDs.

Fixed ripping from Pioneer 120S drives.

Added support to change drive region of RPC2 drives in case of
region mismatch with disc.

Set the read-speed of DVD drive to maximum before analysis and
encoding (few drives support this function).

Version 3.1.5 - 8 Feb 2004

Added warning in case of re-authoring menus: reminder that they
will be converted into video clips, not menus.

Fixed closed captions: no longer stripped from output files.

Fixed navigation command for "no subpicture" in re-author.
Also now use separate commands for default audio and subpicture
as easier for IFOedit users.

Changed default streams GUI in re-author mode.

Fixed various problems in still-picture encoder:
- PTS/DTS set correctly
- timestamp of sequence end code recorded in NV_PCK
- 3:2 pulldown disabled

Fixed checking of DVD files when opened in "open files" mode.

Fixed ISO-639 code for Hebrew to "iw".

Automatically stop video preview when doing quick analysis in
re-author mode.

Improved support for mousewheel in DVD browser view.

Backup proceeds without warning if total compilation size is
within 128KB of the target size. This helps prevent warnings if
automatic compression is slightly inaccurate (due to floating
point rounding error).

Added menu option to turn on/off "combined shared titles" in
full-disc mode.

Changes to application startup code, attempt to fix crash on
some windows 2000 systems.

Added Carlitus/Mandraker toolbar buttons.

Changed compiler switches to optimize for Pentium systems.

Changed all spellings of "disk" to "disc" (except in the case
of "hard disk").

Fixed small bug in main window where selected menus could fail
to deselect.

Version 3.1.4 - 25 Jan 2004

Booktype DVD-ROM is checked by default, disabled if unsupported.

Fixed bug where deep analysis could still be forced on.

Added preferences option for "built-in software renderer" which
solves video preview problems on some systems.

Preview window now tries to play only audio streams which are
available in a title.

Changes to file reading code, can enable overlapped I/O and
specify read block size by options in preferences.

Automatically stop video preview when using Start/End control in
re-author mode.

Fixed problem of incorrectly reported burning speeds.

Prefix drive letter to list of available burning devices.

Fixed bug where analysis results file could be saved to the wrong
filename after "deep analysis before backup", so the results were
not cached when opening the same DVD a second time.

Some performance improvements, analysis and encoding approx. 6%
faster on test systems.

Version 3.1.3 - 18 Jan 2004

Added support for RGB 16-bit and 24-bit video preview (for really
old video cards).

Fixed possible crash during video preview initialization.

Added preference options for overlapped I/O and read block size,
this may increase ripping performance on some systems.

Changes to Nero initialization parameters which caused excessively
slow read speeds on some configurations.

Added Nero burn options: write speed, book type and DVD+R/RW high
compatibility mode switch.

Fixed "no default audio" and "no default subpicture" options in
re-author mode. These are the default selection. In this case the
DVD player determines which streams to play.

Fixed bug where deep analysis could still be forced on.

Increased maximum compression to same level as 3.0b5.

Fixed bug which prevented opening of individual IFO files (can
do this by dropping IFO file into DVD Shrink main window, use with
caution because unless you open a VIDEO_TS.IFO file the output
will not be a complete DVD).

Version 3.1.2 - 13 Jan 2004

Fixed possible corruption of output video when low compression
applied at a scene change. This may have caused pixelation or
intermittent freezing.

Some changes to support unicode build for Japanese language.

Version 3.1.1 - 11 Jan 2004

Disabled overlapped IO in UDF disc reader: this solves problems with "DVD Region Free" software.

Ensure all overlapped IO in generic file system code is aligned to sector boundaries.

Added option to enable/disable Nero in preferences.

Fixed bug where "deep analysis before backup" was forced on, even though no compression required.

Some modification to Nero initialization parameters, which solves problems when virtual cd-drive software is installed.

Set "system default renderer" to the default DirectX video renderer instead of VMR-9.

Added support for YUVY, YUY2 and YVYU directshow formats.

Don't eject burned DVD if "shutdown when complete" was selected.

Fixed crash when opening IC8 generated DVDs. They still cannot be opened however.

Modified text of "set toolbar buttons" dialog, so people don't think it is wallpaper.

Version 3.1 - 10 Jan 2004

Added "analysis not necessary" message if click analysis but DVD
does not require any compression. In this case, deep analysis option
is also disabled in backup dialog.

Added "phoenity" buttons from Lim Chee Aun.

Version 3.1 Beta 10 - 9 Jan 2004

Added dummy help file when hit F1.

Modified text in RCE dialog.

Changed dialog fonts to "MS Shell Dlg" which should map to Tahoma
on XP/2000. Backup and preferences window fonts refuse to change

Version 3.1 Beta 9 - 8 Jan 2004

Added Ctrl+R, Ctrl+B keyboard accelerators.

Modified view menu.

Added default audio/subpicture selection in re-author mode (by
popup menu)

Fixed bug where "logical stream remapping" would attempt to remap
subpicture stream no 62 and 63 (these IDs have special meaning and
should not be remapped).

"Logical stream remapping" is unchecked by default.

Fixed bug where non-logical stream remapping would fail to zero
completely the disabled stream in PGC_GI tables.

Added "Mixed Compression" entry to the video compression box which
is purely for information, better than displaying a blank entry.

Version 3.1 Beta 8 - 8 Jan 2004

Burn dialog automatically steps progress control when in "waiting
for insert media" mode: try to create the impression that we have
not crashed, but are waiting...

Wrapped NeroAPI code in exception handlers: if a crash occurs
within Nero, then DVD Shrink should be able to continue (without
burning functionality).

Improved checking of target folder validity.

Improved handling of scenario where the burn target is the same
drive as the current DVD source material: user is prompted to insert
blank media after encoding and replace original disc after burning.

Added "Logical remapping of enabled streams" option. This is checked
by default. If checked, all disabled streams are entirely removed
from IFO files, and menu buttons, navigation commands are remapped to
point to the correct remaining streams. If unchecked, disabled streams
are only marked as unavailable in PGC_GI tables, and no remapping of
any kind occurs. The first (default checked) option is generally
recommended, but may cause problems with stream selection on some

Version 3.1 Beta 7 - 7 Jan 2004

Changed deep analysis button, it is always enabled but a message
will popup if no analysis necessary.

Changed rate reporting to KB/s rather than MB/s, which makes easier
comparison with DVD Decryptor.

Changed back to "DVD Shrink 2.3" buttons by default.
Changed Aymeric buttons name to "Smooth" at request.

Fixed progress bar in analysis dialog, so it starts at an offset
depending how much of the DVD has already been analysed.

If error occurs during Nero initialization (demo version expired,
etc) then burning is disabled and backup dialog displays hyperlink
to instead. Backup to hard disk will function

Append ".nrg" extension if user doesn't type one when saving
an image file.

Added property page for burn settings if burning is enabled
* volume label
* auto erase RW media if non-empty
* image recorder file

Version 3.1 Beta 6 - 6 Jan 2004

Added burning functionality.
Burning is enabled if you have nero 6 installed. It may also work
with Nero version 5, not yet tested.

Changed "finished" dialog to handle the various states:
* finished without burning
* finished and burned successfully
* finished but burning failed

Added hyperlink to finished dialog, opens windows explorer at
the output file folder.

Changed DVD opening code to allow open of partial (incomplete) DVD
folders in re-author mode. VIDEO_TS.IFO file must exist however.

Added aymeric buttons, and set them to default. Not fully decided
on this yet.

Version 3.1 Beta 5 - 4 Jan 2004

Fixed bug in re-author where titles would fail to deselect (this
caused unintended titles could be dragged into composition).

Fixed crash if attempt to load a DVD from invalid media.

Increased shutdown time to 120 seconds.

Deep analysis before backup is unchecked by default.

Decreased time to wait for state change in preview window to 100ms
which can improve response when selection changes.

Added device-removal handling. It is now impossible to re-author
a title from an ejected disk, or edit an ejected disk in full-disk
mode (the document closes).

Added F5 refresh shortcut. DVD browser should automatically refresh
if a disk is inserted or removed (but volume label does not always
display correctly until manually refreshed).

Current re-authored DVD is preserved if you switch away from
re-author mode (it will still be there if you switch back, no matter
what you do in full-disk mode).

Disabled copy or drag of the root item in re-author view.

Fixed crash when copy from fulldisk and paste into re-author (beta-
testers are supposed to report this kind of thing!)

Added "Close All Open DVDs" menu option which flushes and resets
DVD Shrink cache of opened DVDs.

Fixed "Add" operation in re-author, also works with double-click.

Fixed saving of analysis results in re-author mode and after quick
analysis when dragging/adding titles. Analysis results are saved
back to the original source DVD.

Moved analysis results folder to common appdata:
C:Documents and SettingsAll UsersApplication DataDVD Shrink.
This folder is version independent and will not change in future
releases of DVD Shrink.

Changed DeCSS disk reader to use overlapped IO on WinNT systems,
this may (or may not) increase performance.

Version 3.1 Beta 4 - 3 Jan 2004

Fixed crash after start/end frames in re-author.

Keyboard shortcuts:
* F11 - switch in and out of fullscreen preview
* F12 - play/pause preview

Changed backup dialog
backup dialog now reports disk space available
better looking GUI
better checking for target folder validity

Added "low priority mode" to preferences dialog
Added "disable all subpicture streams" option in preferences

Deep analysis now hides the application window while analysing.

Added pause/resume function during analysis and encoding.

Version 3.1 Beta 3 - 31 Dec 2003

Changes to preferences dialog layout.

Added preferences option to set DirectX video renderer for video
preview (this may solve problems on some systems).

Added preferences option to automatically select audio and subpicture

Fixed bug where deep analysis would recalculate all compression
settings to fill the target size, even if user set custom ratio.

Version 3.1 Beta 2 - 30 Dec 2003

Modified preview window to use VMR-9 if possible, otherwise use
default video renderer.

Fixed EULA so does not display twice.

Fixed possible hang in video preview when dragging from re-author.

Version 3.1 Beta 1 - 29 Dec 2003

Improved re-author GUI.

Switched to DirectShow architecture for video preview, added audio
preview functionality.

Improved pre-analysis routines, analysis takes longer but provides
more accurate estimation of compressed size.

Deep Analysis option disabled if no compression necessary.

Fixed bug in "Perform deep analysis before backup" option, where
resulting files could be over/undersized if video not set to
automatic compression.

Disabled audio/subpicture streams are remapped and completely
removed from output IFO file _if_ they are disabled in every title
which contains a reference to them.

Added support for custom toolbar images.

Fixed "Cannot decrypt VOBS" error.

Improved error reporting to indicate filenames where appropriate.

Added Layer break removal.

Changed "open files" to browse for a folder, not a filename. The
folder must contain a complete DVD title.

Added automatic creation of VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS subfolders in
output directory.

Added "low priority mode" for backup.

Added check for available disk space.

Added shutdown computer warning so user can cancel.

Added installer/uninstaller (courtesy of Inno Setup Compiler).

Improved support for Win98.

No longer steal ".IFO" file extension for DVD Shrink.

Version 3.0 Beta 5 - 16 Aug 2003

Fixed VTS address offsets in TT_SRPT for re-authored disks with
more than one title. This will have caused problems with some
burning software and may have prevented playback of the second
title, depending on player.

Version 3.0 Beta 4 - 14 Aug 2003

Fixed FF/FR bug which affected video compressed using "Automatic"
mode but not actually compressed.

Fixed automatic shutdown mode: changed windows EWX_SHUTDOWN
command to EWX_POWEROFF.

Version 3.0 Beta 3 - 10 Aug 2003

Fixed "big-endian" bug in re-author mode which prevented re-author
of multiple titles from correctly playing back in sequence.

Version 3.0 Beta 2 - 10 Aug 2003

Fixed problem with mapping audio and subpicture stream numbers in
re-author mode.

Fixed crash when cancelling quick analysis after opening DVD Shrink
by command-line or by clicking on IFO file in Explorer. Now exits
gracefully (since cannot continue without at least quick analysis).

DVD disks (as well as files) can now be opened by command line, or
by double-clicking in Explorer. For example:

"DVD Shrink 3.0 Beta 2.exe" z:
-> open dvd disk in drive z.

"DVD Shrink 3.0 Beta 2.exe" z:video_tsvts_04_0.ifo
-> open VTS4 on dvd disk in drive z.

Fixed bug which always required VIDEO_TS.IFO file to be present,
even if you open a VTS_xx_0.IFO file.

Files on encryped dvd can now be opened with "open files" option.

Fixed maximize button.

Version 3.0 Beta 1 - 9 Aug 2003

No more compression levels. Instead we have four new settings:
- No compression - original video.
- Automatic - DVD Shrink will choose the best compression ratio.

- Custom - you can select desired ratio (with a slider)
- Still Pictures - as before.

Better quick analysis.
The sample points for initial quick analysis are carefully chosen,
and sparse analysis results are interpolated between samples.

New "Analysis" button.
This performs a deep analysis, which (a) guarantees that the
predicted target size is met and (b) significantly improves video

New "Analysis Results" file format
The new format is more flexible, used to save results of the initial
quick analysis, also deep analysis results or partial analysis
results (if you cancel analysis, partial results are saved). Also
better checking in case of conflict of CRC values between two DVDs.

One-pass encoding.
Output files are written to HD in one pass, so no longer necessary
to make a second pass to fix navigation ptrs. This reduces total
encode time by about 5 mins.

Multi-threaded preload buffer (in both analysis and encode modules).
While one batch of data is being processed, the next batch is pre-
loaded on a seperate thread. This seems to work especially well
during quick analysis, where the waiting time for drive seek
operations is significantly reduced.

RCE region protection removal, special thanks to Mr.Bass.

New "New Frame" menu option - creates another instance of DVD Shrink,
but in the same process. This is used by re-author module which now
supports drag 'n drop, or cut & paste, from any window (re-author
from multiple disks).

Video preview window shifted to the right-pane, which is where it

Fixed various strange behaviours in the DVD and Streams View. Also
removed the "Compressed" column, since takes up unnecessary space.

Compression % values inverted, so they now represent the ratio of
output size to original (small % = big compression).

File reading code now supports output from DVD Decryptor in "Auto"
file-splitting mode, or non-split VOB files.

Fixed bug in re-author where only 32 titles could be played in
sequence. The limit now is 99.

Added "perform deep analysis" option in backup dialog, thus analysis
and re-encode become one sequential operation.

Added "shutdown when complete" option in backup dialog.

Added "remove P-UOPs" option in preferences.

Added "split VOB files" option in preferences, on by default.

Fixed possible problem which may have caused gaps in audio playback.

Removed option to disable menu subpicture streams, as this stream
usually contains the menu buttons.

Added option to completely disable video preview.

Moved all hard coded text strings into resource file, so future
translations will be complete.

Removed "view Raw DVD" option.

Added "Unreferenced Material" folder, which appears in the main
view if material is found on the dvd which does not seem to belong
to any menu or title. Previously the existance of this material
would cause errors in target size calculations.

Removed "error margin" option - no longer required ;-)

Added "Combine Shared Titles" menu option, which is on by default.
Turn this off to seperately list all multi-angle titles (or
titles which share the same video with other titles) in the main
view. You will need this, for instance, if you wish to re-author
only Angle 2, etc.

Fixed TMAP table generation for re-authored titles with angle
greater than 1. Seek in PowerDVD etc should now work, whatever the

Various other tweaks and enhancements.

Version 2.3 - 14 June 2003

Fixed bug in re-author module which occurred in certain DVDs with a
strange PGC structure. This bug caused dvd player to freeze or lockup
at specific points in the movie.

Added support for 64bit file sizes.

Added support for opening files generated by IFOEdit software.

Fixed bug which caused analysis to crash if input video stream is

Attempt to make "Remapping VOBS" stage more reliable, even if there
are errors on original DVD.

Added automatic "retry" (4 retries) if read from disk fails.

Fixed error in .IFO file output: vtsi_mat_ea, vts_tmapt_ea.

Fixed bug where video could be corrupted in some rare situations (vobu
containing more than one sequence header).

Tweaked video encoder module, now slightly faster.

Fixed bug in "Still Pictures" mode, picture temporal reference is now
set correctly, and sequence end code is always written.

Added "Total Processing Time" information to finish dialog.

Added support in "Preferences" for combining titles which overlap or
share the same video in the DVD View. This prevents confusion where a
compression level applied to one title also affects another, because
they share the same video.

Version 2.2 - 11 June 2003

Fixed bug where fast forward/fast backward playback did not function
correctly in target disk.

Version 2.1 - 11 June 2003

Improved compression and new levels. The quality is much improved.

Added unicode support for Japanese language. Japanese release is
unicode, all other languages are MBCS since unicode doesn't work on
Windows 98.

Hide audio/subpicture streams of negligible size is turned off by
default. Also fixed filtering bug in Streams View.

Fixed bug where "Still Pictures" mode failed while encoding menus.

Version 2.0 - 6 June 2003

New User Interface.

Improved compression algorithms. This version is slower than 1.03,
but the achieved compression ratio is greater at any encode level.

Various issues about jerky playback and video corruption have been

RCE region protection is NOT removed (yet). This can prevent full-
disk backup of RCE protected disks, however re-author mode will
work of course.

Decryption module rewritten from scratch, and no longer contains
GNU libdvdcss library code.

Multi-angle problems fixed, so you can add any angle in re-author
mode, no more "no cell pieces in this angle" error.

NTSC/PAL mixup is fixed.

Invalid BCD::tc_flag error is fixed.

Removed code which remapped remaining audio/subpicture stream IDs
if any were removed. This caused problems on some DVDs.

Lots of other small fixes, all of which I can't remember now.

Version 1.04 - 21 April 2003

Fixed multi-angle in re-author. The only limitation now is you cannot
select ALL angles simultaneously.

Fixed crash in re-author if TMAPT (time map table) is not present.

Removed %compression display during re-encoding, since it served no
function other than to confuse people.

Fixed DirectDraw bug where copier/encoder would crash due to loss of
display surface (when screen saver starts, etc).

Modified output stream of encoder, now removes CRC and PES_EXT, and
sets/unsets various flags in the PES headers. Still not entirely
sure if PES_EXT is compulsory for the first VOBU in a VOB.

Changed "Browse for Folder" to modal dialog.

Fixed rather serious bug in "Crop" where selection by chapter was
incorrectly offset by one vobu - why did nobody report this...?

Added "region-free" control in set target dialog, this is always on
by default.

Removed libdvdcss because of GNU licensing issues. Current decryption
module only supports Win NT/2K/XP.

Various other fixes.

Version 1.03 - 9 April 2003


Added extra encode levels. This is not a final solution to the encode
interface, just a temporary measure.

Added "Still Movie" encoding: only copy the I-pictures, heavily
compressed. This gives huge compression as an alternative to
deletion of the entire video stream, which people seem to want, but
re-encoder module can't handle, because it alters the navigation
structure of the DVD. Audio and subpicture streams will still play

Increased number of samples taken during analysis, so it takes 50%
longer but gives more accurate expected sizes. Maybe this should be
a user option.

The "not a system pack" error is fixed, by removing non-system packs
during the re-encode, rather than throwing an error. I still don't
know what these non-system packs are doing in the VOBS, or if they
shouldn't be included instead. If they occur, a little message pops
up after re-encode is finished.


Increased brightness of video preview in re-author module, add and
crop dialogs. Preview windows in other modules are DirectDraw YUV
surfaces for performance, so not so easy to modify.

Removed support for multi-angle from re-author. Too many problems.
Adding support again will require a virtual rewrite of the re-author
module. User is now offered only angle 1, which will prevent crashes.

Added a message next to "include menus" checkbox in re-author, so
hopefully people will stop thinking they can, um, include menus.

Added code to strip all buttons and button commands from menus that
are added in re-author, actually from anything that is added at all.
Most of them contain invalid links or commands, esp. in the case of
menu vobs because they move from the menu domain to the VTS domain
when the re-authored DVD is built. I guess no buttons is better than
invalid buttons.


Fixed stupid bug where region and provider ID changes were written to
the .IFO files but not the .BUP files, so they came out different.

Modified error reporting dialog. Now attempts to report the cause of
an error using GetLastError() API.

Added check that source and destination folders are different. Not
entirely foolproof because of shortcuts.

Just to make sure, encoding/copying will not proceed unless the
destination folder is empty of DVD files.

Changed distribution name. From now on, DVDShrink103.exe, etc.

Version 1.02 - 7 April 2003

Initial Release

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