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Nov 11, 2005 DVBPortal Version 1.6 released
Selection of preferred audio track added. Fixes for MCE2005 plug-in. Support for MCE Extenders added. Database structure changed. Sorting of favorite channels added. Pre-scanned database added with TVMovie favorite channel lineup.

May 9, 2005 DVBPortal Version 1.4 released
DVB-T fixes added. Channel editor fixed/enhanced (AC3PID, TTPID, delete channel). Channel list export for WMP/MCE added. Expiration removed. New Ver. 1.0.5 3160 added.

Nov 23, 2004 DVBPortal Version 1.3 released
* Mouse wheel support added
* LiveTV in Windows Media Player added
* AC3 fixes added
* New TransEdit 1.9 with DVB-T support added
* New Ver. 1.0.4 3151 added

10-13-2004 Version 1.2.2
AC3 fix for new filter version and higher. (renamed ~AC3 pin)

Aug 31, 2004 DVBPortal Version 1.2 released

Alphablended OSD added. Video Mixer added. EPG current/next information added. MDAPI plugin interface fixed/extended. Automation interface extended. New Ver. added.

June 6, 2004 DVBPortal Version 1.0.9 released

Support for myHTPC added
Automation interface added
VMR9 video mixing renderer added Ver. added

May 5, 2004 DVBPortal Version 1.0.8 released

A new tray icon added. The TS file can now be played back in VLC while recording. An editor for satellite and Diseqc settings added. File length display of TS recordings fixed. Teletext PID added to TS recordings. A new independent audio mixer with a logarithmic curve added. Support for EPG4CPLUS (MediaHighWay) plug-in. A selectable overlay mixer for TV out and multi monitor added. Desktop Video, TV as wallpaper added thanks to Pikachu. Now up to 39 pid filters and up to 10 plugins supported. New Ver. added.

Feb 22, 2004 DVBPortal Version 1.0.4 released

TransEdit is now part of the package. New recording formats added including pva and mpeg. Audio track selector added. Import channels command added. Codec selection issue fixed. Filter issue fixed. Missing channels issue fixed, Database constraints fixed. New Ver. added.

Jan 28, 2004 DVBPortal Version 1.0.3 released

All dependencies to Setup4PC and Server4PC have been removed. DVBPortal now uses its own database and channel scanner interface. In conjunction with TransEdit scan times are dramatically reduced now. New Ver. added.

Jan 1, 2004 SkyAVC filter lower than version 3110 has expired

The filter has expired and causes stange crashes after 2 minutes, due to memory consumption. Please download the new Ver. from this page. Replace the old filter in the "C:Program FilesDVBPortalFilters" folder. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Dec 15, 2003 New DVB Portal Version 1.01 released

The new version features HDTV live viewing and recording, fixes in the plugin api (for CCPlugIn), a freely sizable video window, a radio mode, channel filters and the new Ver.

Oct 26, 2003 New DVB Portal Version 0.99 released

The new version finally features a timeshift feature, a channel editor, Windows XP look-&-feel, Win98SE fixes and the new Ver.

Oct 4, 2003 New DVB Portal Version 0.98a

If you experienced the "Satellite menu does not appear under Win98SE" issue, this patch is for you. It does not contain other enhancements.

Sep 27, 2003 New Skins and Channel Lists

Give DVB Portal a new look using the new skins from the Skins section. If you intend to watch Hispasat 1c, there is a new channel list for you in the Channel Lists section.

Sep 11, 2003 Europe's First HDTV Channel is on Air

It has an awesome resolution of 1920 x 1088 pixels at 25 MBit/s. The picture is perfectly sharp. You can watch and record it using DVB Portal. You need the latest SkyAVC Build 3073 (only the NET version will do) and a HD-capable mpeg codec. Sonic and NVIDIA work great. Tune in on Astra 19E 12168v and catch a glimpse of the future. See also the HD thread on the forum.

Sep 3, 2003 New Forums up and running

All accounts and messages have been imported. This was not easy, as the old forum was not database driven and had no export function. The accounts have been setup using random passwords, which are unknown. Use the "reset password" feature, to get access to the board again through you registered email address. You may also want to have a look at your preferences as these have been set up using defaults.

Sep 2, 2003 New Forum announced

Our currently used forum definitely needs an update. We are now installing YaBBSE, which will provide anything you expect from a forum. Our old forum does not allow an export but we will save the old messages somehow. My advise, never use a free forum. Some day it will get you.

Aug 27, 2003 New Version 0.98 released

The new version features enhancements in the skin engine, dramatically reduced time when switching between non-fta channels and UI improvements.

Jul 1, 2003 Expired filter

The old filter stopped working today. Please download the new version and replace the old one in the "Filters" sub directory. Be sure to delete the old B2C2.dll in the same directory too. A new one will be created on startup of the new filter. Download the new Ver. here.

May 1, 2003 New filter

If you have a NVIDIA graphics card, this filter is definitely for you. It now works with the NVIDIA Video Filter and together they support hardware MPEG decoding. Download the new Ver. here.

April 28, 2003 New DVB Portal Version 0.97

Channel properties expanded to show additional pids (audio2, AC3, SID, teletext),support for teletext (via plug-in), skin bug solved, empty satellite list bug solved, support for additional filters (NVIDIA audio incl. AC3), new Ver. added, MSI installer added.

April 1, 2003 New SkyAVC Filter stopped working due to built-in time restrictions. Download the new Ver. here.

March 16, 2003 New DVB Portal Version 0.96

Letterbox mode for anamorphic 16:9 media, property dialogs for all filters in use, skin chooser, lots of new options, selectable Direct Show filters for audio and video, selectable priority, new PID filter manager, add/remove favorites, new Ver. added, two new skins added.

February 8, 2003 New DVB Portal Version 0.95

Non-standard LNBs are now supported using LOF1, LOF2 and LOFsw, mouse interface slightly changed (Left Double Click = Full Screen, Middle Double Click = Switch Mode), Plug-ins are now supported, recorded TS has the first 4 audio tracks MPEG and AC3 included, all perfectly synchronous, video rendering can be switched off to lower the CPU use during recording, EPG (via plug-in), MP3 Radio (via plug-in).

January 25, 2003 Patched DVB Portal Version 0.90a

GP-Fault fixed: Replace dvbportal.exe with the fixed one from .

January 22, 2003 New DVB Portal Version 0.90

Player controls are functional now, audio mixer is functional now, mouse cursor is hidden in full screen playback, maximized mode added (uses full player window), keyboard interface added, status display for channel names added .

January 16, 2003 New DVB Portal Version 0.86

Distorted audio issue on mono channels (Mickey Mouse Voice) solved (simply retune), rebuild graph command added, status display for stream parameters added, new Ver. added .

January 11, 2003 New DVB Portal Version 0.85

Stream recording added, channel editor added (currently read-only), status display added, new Ver. added .

January 4, 2003 New DVB Portal Version 0.81

Multi satellite issue solved, favorite list added, support for GraphEdit added, single select in channel list added (uses system setting), DBEpg.mdb added, normally not used, but on computers with no TV4PC used,new Ver. added, significantly less cpu usage.

December 31, 2002 New DVB Portal Version 0.80

Initial beta release.

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