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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog / What's New for Cuttermaran

(10/22/2009) Version 1.70 is ready!

This is a small update, but it contains a lot of bugfixes.
Attention: You will need .NET 3.5 SP1
If there are problems during update from an older version, please uninstall and remove the content from the old Cuttermaran folder. After that try to reinstall version 1.70.

* A huge list of bugfixes
* Running under Windows Vista / Windows 7 (32/64 Bit)
* Upgrade to .NET 3.5 SP 1

(12/17/2007) Version 1.69a is ready!

* Fixes a few installer bugs from version 1.69
* This setup contains the Windows Vista compatible CuttyEnc provider ( (Thx to JMS)

(12/01/2007) The final release? You can download version 1.69

* libmpeg2 - Update to version 0.4.1
* DirectShowLib - Update to version 1.5
* Bugfixes: A huge list of fixes I don't remember ;-)
* A lot of bugfixes and features by Elmü:
o Feature: Update to latest Mplex version (2.2.4)
o Feature: Mplex ported from Linux into .NET 1.1 Assembly
o Feature: New window with display of progress and coloured messages from Mplex
o Feature: Mplex runs with CPU load reduced to 40% while minimized.
o Feature: All providers (QuEnc, TmpgEnc, Mplex, Imago) can be aborted and minimized now
o Feature: Optional display of Cut-Out picture AND Cut-In picture when selecting a cut in cutlist
o Feature: Display of frame-type (I, P, B) in cutlist
o Feature: TabControl with one video tab for each open video file.
o Feature: Shuttlebar with logarithmic speed.
o Feature: Scrollbar with coloured background for each cut and interesting stream point.
o Feature: Minimizing the main window while cutting and display of progress in taskbar.
o Feature: Decreasing CPU load to approx 40% while cutting when main window is minimized.
o Feature: Second progressbar displays total progress while cutting.
o Feature: Turning on/off separately the docking/floating and resizing of GUI windows.
o Feature: New button "Play Next" in preview window plays the next cut preview.
o Feature: Ask user if he wants to save unsaved changes not only when exiting the program.
o Feature: Hint when trying to cut on a B or P frame if no encoder is active.

(12/19/2006) Download version 1.68a now!

Version 1.68 contains a serious bug. So it is recommended to upgrade to version 1.68a
* Bugfix: Under some circumstances the top_field_first flag will be ignored (Encoding mode)

(12/01/2006) Download version 1.68 now!

* Bugfix: DVDAuthor chapter list format fixed
* Feature: Enumeration column in cut list
* Bugfix: Scan - abort - scan
* Feature: Multiple Drag&Drop
* Feature: Optimized encoding on cutting edges
* Feature: Aspect_ratio patchable in destination stream
* Feature: Frame type indication for CutOut frame
* Feature: For frame correction CutOut and CutIn can be linked together
* Feature: Missing audio samples will be auto-inserted
* Bugfix: Crash "Cut audio only" fixed
* Feature: Cut areas will be display in the scroll bar (by Elmü)

06/05/2006) Download version 1.67 now!
* Feature: Each cut in cut list can be written in a single file.
* Feature: Each cut in cut list can be duplicated
* Feature: Re-inserting a cut will take place in its original position in cut list.
* Feature: QuickJump resolution configurable
* Feature: Applicable aspect_ration for CutIn and CutOut frames
* Feature: Optional scroll bar in CurrentFrame windows.
* Feature: CutIn/CutOut buttons color will change if correspondig point is set.
* Feature: New "Close App when done" flag. (security dialog if project is changed)
* Feature: Chapter output for OGG-Format
* Feature: GUI can be protected about changes if all windows are docked.
* Feature: Marker becomes part of the project file.
* Feature: Marker can be set in the "QuickJump" dialog (Context menu).
* Feature: Restore Settings (via "start"-menu)
* Feature: D2V support for DVD2AVI dgIndexFile version 10,11 and 13
* Feature: Configurable columns in cut list
* Bugfix: IFrame postion in automatic chapter calculation. Each CutIn can become a chapter frame.
* Bugfix: Edit first cut in cut list can cause Cuttermaran to crash.

(12/8/2005) Download version 1.66 now!
* Feature: New dynamic GUI
* Feature: RGB24 color space for encoding. RGB24 default (no codec needed), YV12 optional (special codec required)
* Bugfix:16:9 <-> 4:3 transistion optimized
* Feature: New encoding provider for QuEnc. (AviSynth needed)
* Feature: Added HDTV template for TMPGEnc
* Feature: dgmpgdec/dgindex d2v creation for result streams (instead of DVD2AVI)
* Feature: QuickJumpDialog with dynamic GUI
* Feature: mux provider can get chapter lists for authoring
* Feature: multiple markers
* Feature: multi selection in cut list
* huge amount of errors corrected

You can download version 1.65
* Bugfix: field encoding corrected
* Bugfix: NullReferenceException in CreateIndex
* Bugfix: NullReferenceException in TransferMpegObjects
* Bugfix: NullReferenceException in CheckCompliance
* some minor bugfixes

You can download version 1.64
* Feature: supports field encoding
* Feature: can pause/resume processing
* Feature: resizeable preview
* Bugfix: PCM files larger 2 GB support
* Feature: writes out the minimum/maximum/average bitrate of the video stream
* Feature: SequenceEndCode can be placed behind each cut or at the end of the video stream
* Feature: SequenceDisplayExtension (SDE) can correctet or removed from the stream
* Feature: cut parameters in the settings dialog
* Feature: can recalculate the bitrate of the source and the destination video
* Bugfix: MuxFolder settings from command line will work now
* Bugfix: Provider settings can now be localized
* Feature: EncodingData support field 'field encoding'
* Feature: adapts the GUI depending on your DPI settings

You can download version 1.63
* Feature: Creation of chapterlist for IfoEdit, Scenarist, Maestro and CCE.
* Feature: Creation of .d2v (DVD2AVI) files.
* Feature: Free drive space of target device will be shown.
* Feature: Changing of the temporary directory.
* Feature: Direct jump to a certain timecode or frame number is possible.
* Bugfix: PCM Audio now can have a delay.
* Feature: More flexible error window with option to send an error.
* Bugfix: Closed GOPs will now be handled specification compliant.
* Bugfix: Cuttermaran don't crash if a stream contains a sequence end code not a the end only.
* Feature: You can preview a single cut from cutlist.
* Feature: MRU list for muxing and output folder.

You can download version 1.62
* Bugfix: Fixed error "Index was outside the bounds of the array".
* Bugfix: libmpeg.dll now supports Win9x/ME.
* Feature: The project file name will be displayed in the titlebar.
* Feature: The cutlist got a delete button, now.
* Feature: Dialog for cut parameter added.
* Feature: Added "Recent Project List" in menu.
* Feature: Added a few CLI commands.
* Feature: Encoding provider now supports custom-intra-matrix and custom-non-intra-matrix. Modified TMPGEnc provider.

You can download version 1.61
* Feature: .info file is XML based now. You can use .idd files (Mpeg2Schnitt) as well but you will lose "Stream point" functionality.
* Feature: .info file can be generated during the cut process.
* Feature: The result can generated DVD compliant. You will need a external encoder. Only necessary areas will be encoded new.
* Feature: All frames in "QuickJump" dialog can be saved.
* Feature: Every cutlist entry can be cut seperatly.
* Bugfix: The audio start delay will be used in play mode.
* Bugfix: DTS and PCM audio now works with project files.
* Bugfix: Resolution changes in video stream will be accepted.

You can download version 1.60
Feature: additional audio format: PCM audio.
Feature: additional audio format: DTS audio (core 16 bit & 14 bit).
Feature: Cuttermaran can now detect new program versions.
Bugfix: The preview now creates exactly the same transistions like the "real" cut function.
New foreign languages: spanish (thanks to Juan Carlos) und french (thanks to Christophe).
Feature: The CLI now supports a set of stream names. This streams will be opened automatically.

You can download version 1.59
Bugfix release: Now this version is more solid.
Feature: The color of the current position will turn into red, if the corresponding frame cannot be display

You can download version 1.58
Bugfix: Improved AC3-Stream-end detection (Hotfix 1.57)
Feature: Projects can be saved while closing Cuttermaran
Feature: Cuttermaran now supports provider for muxing and endcoding. This provider can be .NET-Assemblies or native command line tool.
Integrated provider
TMPGEnc (encoder)
mplex (muxer) [mplex is part of mjpeg tools]
Feature: Contextmenu in cutlist and audiolist.
Feature: You can enter a delay for each audiofile.
Feature: The size for the result files will be calculated
New foreign languages: dutch (thanks to Gerrit) and russia (thanks to Marina & Ed)

You can download version 1.57
Feature: You can now cut mutiple audiostream at the same time.
Feature: XML based Commandlind support.
Feature: Mulit-Language GUI. First foreign language: german ;-)
Feature: The preview window is larger now.
Feature: The installer removes the previous version now.
Feature: You can preset the bitrate for encoding
Feature: The result video gets the extension form the first video in cutlist.
Feature: You can manipulate the distance in the QuickJump dialog directly. Use the right mouse button to "fix" a Frame and then zoom in!.
Bugfix: CurrentCut Frame search improved
Bugfix: Audio detection improved.

You can download version 1.56
Feature: With TMGEnc you can now cut at EVERY Frame. Only max. one GOP will be encoded new. (Please see README)
Feature: Settings now will now be saved in a XML-File. Following versions will not overrride this file.
Feature: Search for "current picture" speed up.
Bugfix: AC-3 detection is now improved.

You can download version 1.55
Feature: You can now play the video.
Feature: Snapshotfunction for the current picture. Support for BMP, JPEG, PNG and GIF
Bugfix: The application can now safe detect the end of the current task. (Open, Cut etc.)
Bugfix: Every cut starts with timecode 0.

You can download version 1.54
Bugfix: For Audio Offset<0 and following Cut Point starts with Sequence0.
Bugfix: Marker was lost while open or selecting a Cut Point from cutlist
Bugfix: Audio-Information are now correct.
Feature: You can now modify the position of a Cut-Out frame.
Double-click in cutlist now removes a cut and makes it editable.
Feature: StreamPoint-Button (SP). In a new Window you can select interesting points from the current audio or video stream, like change of picture format or audio mode.
Extension-Support for *.m2a
HDTV tested
Cuttermaran accept now "dirty" MPEG-Streams

You can download version 1.53
Small bugfixes
Performance optimizations
Progress bar now indicates loading of .info file

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