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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog / What's New for Baka MPlayer

Version 2.0.4 Stable Release
@u8sand u8sand released this 3 hours ago


New: Highly requested Hide All Controls mode (under Settings menu)
New: Ability to add external audio files
New: Option to not save recently opened files
New: Option to not restore playback position
New: Option to change mpv msg-level
New: "clear" command
New: Explain how to leave full screen mode
New: Message is displayed for Motion Interpolation & Deinterlace options
New: Media Info displays if hwdec is in use or not
Fixed: Reordering playlist items would make them disappear (Windows only)
Fixed: Show message if file couldn't be opened
Fixed: An issue with resuming playback position
Fixed: Hide Album Art fully hides that portion
Fixed: Command line output is no longer double spaced
Changed: Double click a Key Binding entry to change it
Changed: Renamed an item to Open Copied Link
Changed: Cmd line shortcut key is now Ctrl+`
Changed: Cmd line no longer requires "debug debug" to show output
Changed: Gesture info is visually represented
Changed: Button text case to Sane Case

Version 2.0.3 Stable Release
@u8sand u8sand released this 4 hours ago


Hint: If you speed up the video, Baka will display how much real time you have remaining.
Fixed: Status info is now displayed with audio files without album art
Fixed: Disable Show in Folder for online files
Fixed: Key Bindings table is, and can be, sorted alphabetically
Changed: Logo :D
Changed: Settings file uses JSON
Changed: Currently playing file is selected in playlist (old behavior)
Changed: External subtitles will be labeled as so
Changed: Volume level shown on mouse scroll
Changed: Speed is increased/decreased by interval of 10%
Changed: Sub font size is increased/decreased by 0.1
Improved: Overall design
Improved: Playback Info display
Added: Croatian translation
Added: Dutch translation
Added: French translation
Added: Spanish translation
Added: Mute (different from setting volume to 0)
Added: Thumbnail buttons (Windows only)
Added: Metadata (ex. ID3 Tags) to playback info
Added: Delete external sub file along with video file (optional)
Added: Motion Interpolation option (previously called "smoothmotion")
Added: "help" command

Version 2.0.2 Stable Release
Daniel Clarke u8sand released this 5 days ago 3 commits to release since this release


Fixed: Dim Desktop on multiple platforms
Fixed: Playing files located in the root directory (Windows only)
Fixed: Show parent folder under recently opened list (Windows only)
Fixed: Show in Folder selects file (Windows only)
Fixed: Gesture sensitivity is resolution independent
Changed: Custom settings implementation
Changed: File info shows up as overlay
Changed: Some default key-bindings for easier workflow
Improved: Major code refracting for efficiency
Improved: Playlist
Improved: Fit Window
Improved: Settings
Improved: Multiple-monitor support
Improved: Tweaked interface colors for better visibility
Added: Italian translation
Added: Support for custom keyboard shortcuts
Added: Playlist will auto show if cursor is near it in full screen
Added: Automatic Updating (Windows only)
Added: Command-Line engine
Added: Support for easily updating youtube-dl

Version 2.0.1 Stable Release
Daniel Clarke u8sand released this on Dec 29, 2014 247 commits to release since this release


Windows Build Available!
Reduced the number of files needed
For full list of changes, refer to previous Changelogs
Fixed: Spacing in debug window output
Fixed: Some issue with loading mpv settings
Fixed: Modified PKGBUILD to download much faster than before
Fixed: Desktop file for better platform integration
Changed: Build system from CMake to QMake
Changed: Some menu item shortcut keys
Changed: Increased seekbar height
Changed: Fast seeking
Changed: Do not save window size into settings
Added: Youtube video playback support (and others)
Added: Ability to open directories
Added: Recently opened file list
Added: Interact with mpv directly via command line interface
Added: Fit Window 150%
Added: Gesture Support
Click & drag cursor up/down to change volume
Click & drag cursor left/right to seek
Search is now case-insensitive
Up/Down Arrow keys navigate, Enter plays
Currently playing item is bolded
Added Translations

Version 2.0.0 Stable Release
Daniel Clarke u8sand released this on Nov 20, 2014 481 commits to release since this release


Entire new look and feel
More complete manual
More efficient preferences functionality
Changes to right-click (now opens context menu in full-screen mode)
Playlist drag and drop support
Mpv settings in settings file
Settings version information for better version upgrading
Baka-MPlayer album art for music without album art
More useful Media Info dialog
Playback speed adjusting
Use of mpv OSD to notify you about various actions
Update manager version information
Window fitting probably works better
Screenshot Dialog for selecting location and screenshot template

Version 1.9.9 Alpha Release
Daniel Clarke u8sand released this on Sep 26, 2014 639 commits to release since this release


New build system
Desktop file for appearing in linux distro's application menus
Disabled check for updates which caused a segfault in the last version (even though it doesn't do anything anyway)
Cleanup in various areas
More dependencies specified
Playlist functionality modified--enabled when there is a single file and some use cases have been repaired
Dim lights works better
Always on top functionality

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