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BDtoAVCHD is a free tool to create AVCHD discs from Blu-Ray or HD MKV files. As output we get the folder structure ready to burn to a DVD5 or DVD9. The AVCHD format allows playback the same type of content that a Blu-Ray and holding high definition (1080p) but on DVD5 or DVD9 media. It is ideal for backing up Blu-Ray with much smaller size and maintaining high quality. The recorded discs obtained are compatible with almost any Blu-Ray player and PS3. Also can convert Blu-Ray to MKV and Blu-Ray 3D to MKV 3D SBS (side-by-side).

Released:Aug 8,2017
File size:40.8MB
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Latest version

2.7.4 (August 8, 2017)


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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog

Version 2.7.4 (08/08/2017)

Fixed: In MVC 3D conversions incompatible output formats can be selected by default (depending on saved preferences).
Updated: x265 encoder to version 2.5.4.
Updated: Mkvmerge to version 14.0.0.

Version 2.7.3 (07/19/2017)

Updated: MVC tools to Intel Media SDK 2017 R1 (API 1.23).
Updated: x264 encoder to version 152.2851.
Updated: x265 encoder to version 2.5.1.
Updated: Mkvmerge to version 13.0.0.

Version 2.7.1 (05/29/2017)

Updated: x264 encoder to version 150.2833.
Updated: x265 encoder to version 2.4.9.
Updated: Mkvmerge to version 12.0.0.

Version 2.7.0 (04/27/2017)

Improved: IMDb movie titles search more accurate and now is displayed a list of results when there are multiple possible matches.
Updated: x265 encoder to version 2.4.1.

Version 2.6.9 (04/05/2017)

Updated: x265 encoder to version 2.3.28.
Updated: Mkvmerge to version 10.0.0.

Version 2.6.8 (02/21/2017)

Improved: GUI scaling on high DPI displays (prevents program window too small).
Updated: x265 encoder to version 2.3.1.
Updated: Mkvmerge to version 9.9.0.

Version 2.6.7 (02/03/2017)

Updated: x264 encoder to version 148.2762.
Updated: x265 encoder to version 2.2.30.
Updated: Mkvmerge to version 9.8.0.

Version 2.6.6 (01/05/2017)

Updated: Mkvmerge to version 9.7.1.
Updated: x265 encoder to version 2.2.1.

Version 2.6.5 (12/06/2016)

Updated: Mkvmerge to version 9.6.0.
Updated: x264 encoder to version 148.2744.
Updated: x265 encoder to version 2.1.64.

Version 2.6.4 (10/26/2016)

Updated: Mkvmerge to version 9.5.0 and also included 64-bit version in installer.
New: on 64-bit systems, 64-bit version of Mkvmerge is used. This reduces to half or less the time needed for MKV muxing operations.
Updated: MVCenc and MVCdec versions and also included native 64-bit versions of two tools.
New: on 64-bit systems, 64-bit versions of MVCenc and MVCdec are used.
Improved: performance of 3D MVC encodes incremented by 40% on both 64-bit and 32-bit systems using HW mode.
Improved: workaround to avoid memory leak on 3D MVC transcoding present on Skylake systems using Intel Graphics Drivers 4501, 4530 and 4539 (due Intel's bug).
New: in MKV conversions "core" part of TrueHD audio (AC3 embedded track) can be extracted without re-coding (this was already possible for AVCHD conversions).

Version 2.6.2 (10/10/2016)

Changed: x265 encodes are made with parameter --no-open-gop to improve stability with some HW decoders (workaround to fix Kodi crash at resume playback on some Intel HD Graphics systems).
Updated: x265 encoder to version 2.1.14.

Version 2.6.1 (09/22/2016)

Updated: Mkvmerge to version 9.4.2.
Updated: x264 encoder to version 148.2721.
Updated: x265 encoder to version 2.0.61.

Version 2.6.0 (08/19/2016)

Improved: Better compatibility with Windows 10 Anniversary Update.
Updated: x265 encoder to version 2.0.12.

Version 2.5.8 (07/27/2016)

Fixed: Sometimes 3D conversions hangs on some systems using HW decoding (Intel Quick Sync).
Updated: Mkvmerge to version 9.3.1.
Updated: x265 encoder to version 2.0.10.

Version 2.5.7 (06/28/2016)

Updated: MVC tools to Intel Media SDK 2016 R2 (API 1.19).
Updated: Mkvmerge to version 9.2.0.
Updated: x264 encoder to version 148.2705.
Updated: x265 encoder to version 1.9.217.

Version 2.5.6 (05/09/2016)

Fixed: conversions from Blu-Ray (MPEG2) to MKV (x265) fails when SW decoder is used.
Updated: Mkvmerge to version 9.1.0.
Updated: x264 encoder to version 148.2694.
Updated: x265 encoder to version 1.9.149.

Version 2.5.5 (04/04/2016)

Fixed: conversions from MKV to MKV fails (only in version 2.5.4)
Improved: Bitrate calculation when m2ts/mpls durations mismatch (bad authored BDs)
Updated: Mkvmerge to version 9.0.1.
Updated: x264 encoder to version 148.2684.
Updated: x265 encoder to version 1.9.108.

Version 2.5.4 (03/14/2016)

Updated: Mkvmerge to version 8.9.0.
Updated: x264 encoder to version 148.2682.
Updated: x265 encoder to version 1.9.88.

Version 2.5.3 (02/02/2016)

Updated: Mkvmerge to version 8.8.0.
Updated: x264 encoder to version 148.2665.
Updated: x265 encoder to version 1.9.1.

Version 2.5.2 (01/01/2016)

Changed: Removed setting option "Use x264 OpenCL acceleration" (with current processors not worth).
Updated: Mkvmerge to version 8.7.0.
Updated: x265 encoder to version 1.8.190.
Small fixes and general improvements.

Version 2.5.1 (11/27/2015)

Fixed: Blu-Ray 3D conversions fails if selected audio is intact Dolby Digital Plus (E-AC3).
Updated: MVC tools to Intel Media SDK 2016 (API 1.17).
Updated: eac3to to version 3.31.
Updated: x265 encoder to version 1.8.111.
Small fixes and general improvements.

Version 2.5.0 (11/12/2015)

Changed: Removed setting option "Use Arcsoft to decode DTS-HD" (obsolete).
Fixed: Wrong audio/subs track selection on some Blu-Ray 3D with secondary video track (very rare).
Updated: MVC tools to Intel Media SDK 2015 Update 2.1 (API 1.16).
Updated: eac3to to version 3.30.
Updated: Mkvmerge to version 8.5.2.
Updated: x265 encoder to version 1.8.93.

Version 2.4.7 (10/19/2015)

Updated: Mkvmerge to version 8.5.0.
Updated: x264 encoder to version 148.2638.
Updated: x265 encoder to version 1.8.1.

Version 2.4.6 (09/21/2015)

Fixed: In Blu-Ray 3D to H-SBS/H-TAB conversions R/L views order gets inverted after minute 45 (only on some determined titles).
Updated: x265 encoder to version 1.7.481.

Version 2.4.5 (08/17/2015)

Updated: MVC tools to Intel Media SDK 2015 Update 2 (API 1.15).
Updated: x264 encoder to version 148.2579.
Updated: x265 encoder to version 1.7.405.

Version 2.4.4 (07/13/2015)

New: Support for Windows 10.
Improved: the method of notification and download new versions (auto update).
Updated: Mkvmerge to version 8.1.0.
Updated: x265 encoder to version 1.7.315.

Version 2.4.3 (06/13/2015)

Updated: MVCsource with Avisynth headers v6, due this, older Avisynth versions (2.5.8) are no longer compatible ***is now required Avisynth v2.6.0***.
Updated: x265 encoder to version 1.7.166.
Small fixes and general improvements.

Version 2.4.2 (05/15/2015)

Updated: Mkvmerge to version 7.9.0.
Updated: x265 encoder to version 1.6.418.

Version 2.4.1 (04/02/2015)

Changed: If setting "Use Arcsoft to decode DTS-HD" is not checked, now is used libDcaDec internal decoder (included with eac3to 3.29) to perform all DTS/DTS-HD to AC3 conversions.
Changed: Setting "Use Arcsoft to decode DTS-HD" now is default disabled.
Updated: eac3to to version 3.29.
Updated: Mkvmerge to version 7.8.0.
Updated: x265 encoder to version 1.5.455.

Version 2.4.0 (03/20/2015)

New: When source is a 3D Blu-Ray information is shown about 3D-planes assigned to each subtitles.
New: On conversions 3D Blu-Ray to BD-9/BD-25 2D+3D .ISO original subtitles depth are retained (subtitles 3D).
Improved: detection of correct playlist in some BD's with various similar or duplicated mpls.
Updated: MVC tools to Intel Media SDK 2015 Update 1.
Updated: eac3to to version 3.28.
Updated: Mkvmerge to version 7.7.0.
Updated: x264 encoder to version 146.2538.
Updated: x265 encoder to version 1.5.331.

Version 2.3.3 (02/16/2015)

Updated: Mkvmerge to version 7.6.0.
Updated: x265 encoder to version 1.5.1.
Small fixes and general improvements.

Version 2.3.2 (01/15/2015)

Improved: Tune options (grain, ssim, etc.) can be used also on x265 encodes. The displayed options in Advanced Settings change depending on whether it is used x264 or x265.
Updated: Mkvmerge to version 7.5.0
Updated: x265 encoder to version 1.4.285.

Version 2.3.1 (12/22/2014)

Updated: Mkvmerge to version 7.4.0
Updated: x264 encoder to version 144.2525.
Updated: x265 encoder to version 1.4.219.

Version 2.3.0 (12/18/2014)

New: option to encode the MKV compatibles with "DivX Plus HD" certified devices (more details are explained on Settings window > tooltips).
Improved: in Options > Settings added some tooltips to explain better specific options.
Improved: in Options > Settings added a button to reset all options to default values.
Updated: x265 encoder to version 1.4.211.

Version 2.2.4 (11/20/2014)

Improved: on AVCHD output mode forced subtitles are always flagged forced inside stream to improve compatibility with some SW based players than do not consider navigational commands.
Updated: x264 encoder to version 142.2491.
Updated: x265 encoder to version 1.4.55.

Version 2.2.3 (11/07/2014)

Fixed: Pacific Rim 3D decoding issues (due Intel Media SDK bug).
Updated: x265 encoder to version 1.4+5

Version 2.2.2 (10/25/2014)

Fixed: Possible image corruption on SBS/TAB/2D+3D conversions using Quick Sync acceleration and latest Intel HD Graphics drivers 15.33.xx.39xx.
Updated: x265 encoder to version 1.3+618

Version 2.2.1 (10/04/2014)

Improved: HEVC encodes without using Avisynth/avs2yuv.
Improved: changed 3D tags in filenames to be compatible with XBMC 3D SBS/TAB auto detection based in filenames.
Updated: internal MVC tools to Intel Media SDK 2014 R2.
Updated: x265 encoder to version 1.3+282

Version 2.2.0 (09/19/2014)

New: initial support to encode MKVs using the x265 codec (HEVC).
New: codec x265 v1.3+206 has been added to the installer package.

Version 2.1.7 (09/11/2014)

Fixed: in some interlaced sources (AVC 29.97i / 25i) incomplete conversion due bad frame count.

Version 2.1.6 (08/29/2014)

Improved: In 2D+3D.ISO output mode forced subtitles are individually flagged as forced (at stream level) since TsMuxer cannot make a whole track as forced in MovieObject.bdmv
x264 updated to revision r2479.
Mkvmerge updated to version 7.1.0

Version 2.1.5 (05/15/2014)

New: Ability to open .mpls files from BD folders (added to "Open Video File" button).
Workaround to fix crashes when TeamViewer is running in same computer.
Small fixes and general improvements.

Version 2.1.4 (04/27/2014)

x264 updated to revision r2431.
Mkvmerge updated to version 6.9.1
BDSup2Sub updated to version 5.1.2.

Version 2.1.3 (03/16/2014)

Improved: slightly better MVC encoding speed.
Improved: in MVC encoding for BD9, parameters max_rate and buffer_size 25000 25000 are used (better optical media compatibility).
Fixed: random MVC encoding fails on SW mode.
Fixed: artifacts/pixelation MVC encoding on some systems (HW acceleration).
x264 updated to revision r2409.

Version 2.1.2 (02/26/2014)

New: Ability to shrink 3D Blu-Ray to BD-25 or BD9 keeping 2D+3D ISO MVC format (movie only). The obtained BD9 discs are playable on most 3D Blu-Ray players.

Version 2.1.0 (01/24/2014)

New: Output mode 2D+3D .ISO (BD Remux) if input is a 3D Blu-Ray. Can also determine if there is enough space on a BD-25 without recompress the video.
New: 3D button on main window for selecting the 3D output mode for the current conversion (2D/SBS/TAB/2D+3D .ISO). Appears only if the input is a 3D Blu-Ray.
Improved: Scan Bitrates function scans .ssif files in 3D Blu-Ray.
Improved: MVC/AVC eye assignation (left-right) is shown also in source proprieties (main window).
Improved: removed Haali Matroska Muxer of the installation package as it is not needed anymore. In some conversions that required to create a temporary MKV, now an alternate/more direct method is used.
x264 updated to revision r2389.
Mkvmerge updated to version 6.7.0
Added tsMuxeR version 2.6.12

Version 2.0.0 (01/10/2014)

Updated the runtime libraries to better Windows 8.1 support.
Improved: GUI appearance and fixes some controls in Windows 8/8.1
Several improvements in the installer.
Improved: system of automatic notification and download of new versions. Less intrusive and allows to postpone the download later.
Should fix (rare) crashes reported by some users in Windows 7 64-bit.
New: integrated "Intel Media SDK System Analyzer" tool in the Help menu. Shows system compatibility with Intel Quick Sync Video acceleration and information about graphics drivers installed.
Improved: default output folder is created on current user profile folder "C:Usersuser_nameBDtoAVCHD" and default temp folder is created on current user temp folder "C:Usersuser_nameAppDataLocalTempBDtoAVCHD".

Version 1.9.5 (12/28/2013)

New: Hardware acceleration on MVC decoding (utilized in Blu-Ray 3D conversions). Requires Windows 7/8/8.1 and Intel Core CPU with Integrated Graphics like i7-3770k. Also requires recent Intel Graphics drivers installed. If all requirements are met, HW acceleration is used without user specific action. On i7-3770k e.g. can expect speed gains from 10-15 fps (SW) to 65-85 fps HW (x264 encoding 1st pass 3D MVC to 3D SBS/TAB).

Version 1.9.4 (12/07/2013)

Mkvmerge updated to version 6.6.0
Improved: recreation of temp folder to default C:TEMP if path and drive letter stored in configuration no longer exists. Avoids error "Unable to read BD structure" due misconfiguration.
Small fixes and general improvements.

Version 1.9.3 (11/05/2013)

x264 updated to revision r2377.
Mkvmerge updated to version 6.5.0
Improved: metadata in MKV 3D files to indicating side-by-side or top-bottom mode. Also added the tags '3DSBS' or '3DTAB' in the file names.

Version 1.9.2 (10/19/2013)

New: 3D top-bottom output mode besides side-by-side. The 3D top-bottom mode provides higher quality in passive 3D TVs while for active 3D TVs is better side-by-side mode.
Improved: the method of conversion Blu-Ray 3D to MKV/AVCHD 3D SBS avoid creating the temporary file AVC-MVC combined. Is no longer needed to use the process "MVCCombine.exe" gaining some speed.

Version 1.9.1 (09/07/2013)

Fixed: Oversize in some conversions with target media BD-25 + HD audio.
x264 updated to revision r2359.

Version 1.9.0 (08/25/2013)

New: completely new MVC decoder for 3D conversions. 4x faster an avoids errors due to old one (green image in some Blu-Ray)
New: automatic detection of views order (left-right) based on .mpls information. The 'view order' chosen is also shown in list of queued jobs.
Fixed: In some 3D conversions (Blu-Ray 3D) not all parts are processed (missing chapters, etc.)
New: Playlist file name (.mpls) used for conversion is shown in the main window and list of queued jobs.

Version 1.8.8 (07/06/2013)

x264 updated to revision r2345.
Mkvmerge updated to version 6.3.0

Version 1.8.7 (05/21/2013)

New: option in settings to enable/disable x264 OpenCL acceleration.
x264 updated to revision r2334.
Mkvmerge updated to version 6.2.0

Version 1.8.6 (04/26/2013)

x264 updated to revision r2309.
Improved bitrate calculation in some specific cases (prevents undersize).

Version 1.8.5 (03/02/2013)

x264 updated to revision r2273. Improved CPU usage and encoding speed in the first pass.

Version 1.8.4 (02/04/2013)

Mkvmerge updated to version 6.0.0
BDSup2Sub updated to version 5.1.1.
Fixed scraper issues.

Version 1.8.3 (01/12/2013)

x264 updated to revision r2245.
eac3to updated to version 3.27

Version 1.8.2 (12/06/2012)

Fixed: potential stack overflow in certain conditions.
Fixed: join multiple .m2ts parts fail (only in v1.8.1)

Version 1.8.1 (12/02/2012)

Improved compatibility with Windows 8.
Fixed: version 1.8.0 breaks compatibility with Windows XP 32-bit.
Improved: more direct 3D SBS conversion process, no longer need to create a temporary MKV.

Version 1.8.0 (11/24/2012)

Fixed: Java 1.7.0 detection could fail on 64-bit systems.
BDSup2Sub updated to version 5.0.0.
x264 updated to revision r2230.

Version 1.7.9 (09/28/2012)

Improved: errors recovering if unexpected shutdown occurs during second pass encoding.
Improved: slight redesign of the user interface.
x264 updated to revision r2216.

Version 1.7.8 (07/23/2012)

x264 updated to revision r2208.
Mkvmerge updated to version 5.7.0

Version 1.7.7 (05/27/2012)

x264 updated to revision r2200.
Small fixes and general improvements.

Version 1.7.6 (04/30/2012)

New: Ability to save logs with x264 encoding statistics. Added the option "Save x264 encode logs in temp folder" in the menu.
x264 updated to revision r2197.
Small fixes and general improvements.

Version 1.7.5 (03/19/2012)

Fixed: broken IMDb title scraping.
x264 updated to revision r2184.

Version 1.7.4 (03/12/2012)

Mkvmerge updated to version 5.4.0
x264 updated to revision r2183.
Small fixes and general improvements.

Version 1.7.3 (02/22/2012)

New: Added support for command line parameter --qpfile. Forces IDR frames on chapters transitions.
New: In the first installation sets the default language for audio and subtitles selection as same language of the user's operating system.
Fixed: removed all javascript errors on the banner (now it is!).
Small fixes and general improvements.

Version 1.7.2 (02/12/2012)

New: Added option for output in AVCHD with CRF mode. Guarantees a certain quality and is faster (one pass) but the output size is variable.
New: Added code to check at runtime if the optional tools (Avisynth, Java and .NET Framework) are installed when required by a certain conversion (only for 3D SBS or when have to resize subtitles).
Fixed: Occasionally some JavaScript errors on the ad banner could freeze active conversions because of a problem with threads.
Fixed: The conversion of some Blu-Ray with a secondary video stream could fail.
x264 updated to revision r2164.
Small fixes and general improvements.

Version 1.7.1 (01/28/2012)

New: Error handling. If fails one step in the conversion, process stops and passing to "FAILED" state and is marked in red on the list. If we resolve the cause (e.g.: lack of HDD space) is possible to resume the conversion without having to start from the beginning. Also is created an error log to help determine the cause of failures. This log can be opened from the context menu of the jobs list.
New: Haali Media Splitter filter is included in the installer (used in 3D SBS conversions).
x264 updated to revision r2146 (includes a significant improvement in speed).
Small fixes and general improvements.

Version 1.7.0 (01/06/2012)

New: Now is possible to include hardcoded subtitles in 3D SBS conversions. It's designed for forced subtitles (cannot be disabled when playing) but maintaining the font, color and position and are compatible with any 3D playback system.
Improved: in the control "Media" on the main screen, options "BD Remux" and "MKV Remux" have been added to choose conversions without recode the video in a more intuitive way.
Mkvmerge updated to version 5.2.1

Version 1.6.5 (12/18/2011)

x264 updated to revision r2120.
Small fixes and general improvements.

Version 1.6.4 (12/06/2011)

Fixed: broken Blu-Ray 3D to AVCHD 3D SBS conversion due a bug in 'ffms2.dll' archive.

Version 1.6.3 (11/27/2011)

Improved: Extraction of forced subtitles without using BDsup2sub (a new own code is used). This fixes the issue: "forced subtitles disappear to fast" on XBMC and BOXEE BOX players caused by BDsub2sub.
New: "Scan bitrates" function now also checks errors on video source (incomplete or corrupted file). If some error is detected, displays a warning message.
Improved: bitrate calculation when the audio has the following unusual formats: DTS 448 Kbps (2.0), AC3 224, 320, 512 y 576 Kbps.
Small fixes and general improvements.

Version 1.6.2 (10/26/2011)

Improved: in some Blu-Ray structures that include intros or warnings in the same MPLS of main movie, now detected and are excluded from the conversion.
x264 updated to revision r2106.

Version 1.6.1 (09/25/2011)

Improved: bitrate calculation when video source is CBR if "scan bitrates" is completed.
Fixed: when is selected HD audio (VBR) in MKVís programs ask for "scan bitrates" when is only possible in Blu-Ray sources.
x264 updated to revision r2085.
Small fixes and general improvements.

Version 1.6.0 (08/12/2011)

New: Scrape movie titles in IMDb and complete the information in multiple formats.
Improved: handling of some Blu-Ray structures with several main playlists when are not seamless branching.
x264 updated to revision r2057.
Small fixes and general improvements.

Version 1.5.3 (07/26/2011)

New: 3D SBS reversed encoding mode (left-right pictures reversed).
Fixed: under certain conditions it was possible to select 3D SBS without recoding obtaining an incorrect result.
x264 updated to revision r2037.
Small fixes and general improvements.

Version 1.5.2 (07/09/2011)

New: 3D ready. From Blu-Ray 3D (MVC) we can get a 3D SBS AVCHD or MKV (side-by-side).
Improved: When resizing PGS subtitles from 1080p to 720p Lanzcos3 filter is used (better quality).
Small fixes and general improvements.

Version 1.5.0 (06/19/2011)

New: contextual menu (right click) in the queue jobs list with options: "Move Up Queue", "Move Down Queue", "Remove", "Remove and Delete Source", "Open Source Folder" and "Open Output Folder".
New: in Settings added option for default chose FLAC as output audio format for MKVís if source is HD audio.
New: in Settings added option for default downconvert 24 bits audio to 16 bits.
New: in Settings added option for default downmix 7.1 or 6.1 channels to 5.1 channels.
Improved: increased maximum number of jobs in queue from 10 to 100.
Improved: for default is used Arcsoft for decode HD audio if itís installed in system.
Improved: BDsup2Sub itís used to resize PGS subtitles rather than tsMuxer (improve quality and prevents errors).
x264 updated to revision r2008.

Version 1.4.2 (05/14/2011)

New: Ability to convert audio to FLAC (lossless) if the source is HD audio and output MKV.
Improved: automatic criteria for selecting the audio track to convert based on the selected output type (BD5/BD9/MKV/...).
x264 updated to revision r1995.

Version 1.4.1 (05/01/2011)

New: for MKV output option to crop the video (eliminates black bands if the AR is 2.40:1, etc.).
Fixed: Is disabled the option to resize at 720 if the source is 1080i. Only is possible to resize from 1080p to 720p.
Improved: (for MKV output) when is resized the video also resizes the PGS subtitles.
x264 updated to revision r1947.
Small fixes and general improvements.

Version 1.4.0 (04/23/2011)

New: MKV as alternate output format. Allows to convert Blu-Ray to MKV, recoding the video (CRF) or creating a BDremux.
Improved: for AVCHD output is used the new parameter --bluray-compat instead of --open-gop bluray, --aud, --nalhrd vbr and --b-pyramid strict. This also always checks compliance of ref and b frames with AVCHD.
Improved: accepting as input MKV files with header compression.
Fixed: when converting a Blu-Ray with the main file split into several .m2ts parts and selecting the TrueHD audio was kept AC3 core only.
Mkvextract updated to version v4.6.0 and Mkvmerge added.
x264 updated to revision r1936.
Small fixes and general improvements.

Version 1.3.4 (04/10/2011)

* x264 updated to revision r1913.
* Fixed: Conversion failed when it is necessary join several .m2ts parts and the codec is MPEG-2.
* Small fixes and general improvements.

Version 1.3.3 (02/05/2011)

* x264 updated to revision r1884.
* Small fixes and general improvements.

Version 1.3.2 (01/19/2011)

* Improved: On some BD with several main playlist (two movies, episodes, etc.) now lets you choose which one to convert.
* New: Option to resize 1080 video sources to 720.
* Improved: Added an option in settings to use the Arcsoft decoder to decode DTS-HD instead of libav that only decodes DTS-Core (higher quality DTS > AC3 conversion).
* Small fixes and general improvements.

Version 1.3.1 (01/09/2011)

* Fixed: When we get the forced subtitles from the same track as the full subs could be de-synchronized.
* New: Windows 7 shows the progress bar at the taskbar button.
* New: The program prevents the computer can enter sleep mode while a conversion is in progress.
* Updated several dll libraries and C++ runtime to version 9.0.
* Small fixes and general improvements.

Version 1.3.0 (01/03/2011)

* New: The "scan bitrates" detects if the normal subtitle tracks also contain mixed forced subtitles.
* New: Ability to extract only the forced subtitles when they are on the same track as normal subtitles.
* New: Installation includes BDSup2Sub v4.0.0 program.
* Fixed: Conversion fails if the source video is 720p/50.000fps (converting MKV to AVCHD.)
* Improved: It shows eac3to progress in the GUI, not show CMD window and run all eac3to relative operations with one-time.
* Improved: The progress indicator in the GUI with a single progress bar, but shows a more detailed description of each step.
* New: Option "Debug Mode (show CMD windows)". Shows the windows command line for all processes.
* Improved: In Blu-Ray's with the main .m2ts in several parts now always use the largest part for determining the content of the tracks.
* x264 updated to revision r1834.
* Small fixes and general improvements.

Notice: From this version you must have Java installed (no included) as used by the BDSup2Sub program included in the installation.

Version 1.2.3 (12/05/2010)

* New: Settings to select the font type, size and color of subtitles when converting from MKV (conversion from SRT to PGS).
* Fixed: Get subtitles too small when convert from MKV.
* x264 updated to version r1804.

Version 1.2.2 (11/07/2010)

* New: "Play sound when finish a job" option.
* Improved: The languages that use two ISO codes are detected with any of them (fre/fra, ger/deu, ...). To be effective must be re-set preferences.
* Improved: now stopped jobs can be removed from the queue without having to Start > Cancel.
* x264 updated to version r1745.

Version 1.2.1 (10/19/2010)

* New: "Shut down computer when finished" option. Activating this option shuts down computer when finish all jobs in queue.
* New: It takes into account events WM_QUERYENDSESSION and WM_ENDSESSION so Windows can tell the program that should stop the conversion to restart/shutdown the computer. You can continue the conversion without repeating the steps already completed.
* Fixed: flickering in some interlaced video sources. Now command --demuxer "lavf" is used in these sources.
* x264 updated to version r1732.
* Small fixes and general improvements.

Version 1.2.0 (09/26/2010)

* New: "Advanced Options" dialog. Can set x264 standar tune options (film, animation, grain, stillimage, psnr, ssim, fastdecode) and add custom command line parameters.
* New: "Please wait..." message while the program scans the BD structure.
* Fix: crash to open massive seamless branching Blu-Rayís (workaround for BD Prince of Persia).
* x264 updated to version r1724.
* Small fixes and general improvements.
* Warning: the saved jobs queued with earlier versions are not compatible with this version.

Version 1.1.5 (09/13/2010)

* In "Options > Settings" more languages are added in the list of preferences.
* x264 updated to version r1713.
* Improved: uncrop process uses the same process 32 or 64 bits used for encoding.

Version 1.1.4 (08/23/2010)

* Eac3to updated to version 3.24
* x264 updated to version r1698.
* Added more language codes to improve the detection of audio tracks / subs.
* Small fixes and general improvements.

Version 1.1.3 (08/02/2010)

* If video source AR is not 16:9 (cropped MKV) add borders to obtain 16:9 AR output.
* Allowed untouched HD audio also on DVD9 and "custom" sizes.
* Fixed: functionality "Scan Bitrates" obtained an incorrect result in Blu-Ray's with the main .M2TS split into several parts.
* x264 updated to version r1688.
* Small fixes and general improvements.

Version 1.1.2 (07/24/2010)

* New parameters are used --b-pyramid "strict" and --open-gop "bluray".
* Now the default is used weightp = 2 (improves compression in fades) but adds a configuration option to disable this option for players that are not compatible.
* x264 updated to version r1683.
* Mkvextract updated to version 4.1.1
* Fixed: the "Scan Bitrates" did not work while a conversion is in progress. Now can be used in parallel.

Version 1.1.0 (08/07/2010)

* New feature: scan the source bitrates. Determines the exact bitrate of subtitles and HD audio (VBR).
* Allowed HD audio track on BD-25 output.
* It shows the resolution (bit depth) and dialnorm if available depending on the type of audio.
* It uses a size of 8,543,666,176 bytes instead of 8,547,991,552 for DVD DL (DVD-R DL have slightly less capacity than the +R).
* New more accurate formula for calculating the video bitrate. It takes into account the binary structure of m2ts container.
* It lets you configure the output subtitles as forced/unforced regardless of the source subtitle track.
* Eac3to updated to version 3.22
* MediaInfo updated to version 0.7.31
* x264 updated to version r1659

Version 1.0.9 (23/06/2010)

* Possibility to use several x264 presets besides the default (speed vs. quality).
* The list of queued jobs can be expanded to show details of each conversion set.
* Fixed: incorrect Core bitrate detected in the DTS MA tracks with 2 channels instead of 5.1 or Core not equal to 1509 Kbps.
* Fixed: bad detection of the structure of the BD in some cases with multiple playlist (multiangle) or unusual structures.
* Updated x264 codec to version r1649.
* Small fixes and general improvements

Version 1.0.8 (12/06/2010)

* Added buttons to up/down pending jobs in the queue.
* In the selection window of .mpls (playlist) shows .m2ts files that are part of each playlist.
* Added more language codes to detect audio / subs and also in the settings window to choose them by default.
* Fixed: calculation of bitrate with DVD9 output + audio DTS / DTS Core.
* Fixed: the progress indicator to index the video (FFMS indexing) could reach values higher than 100%.
* Improved: choose the --keyint (24/25/30/60) according to the fps.
* Better detection and handling of interlaced formats (1080i25 / 1080i29.97 / 1080i30)
* Updated x264 codec to version r1643.
* Check to avoid opening multiple instances of program.
* Improved the automatic update of new versions.

29/05/2010 version 1.0.7

* Check and automatically download new versions.
* Improved update on the status of buttons as the actual state of the conversion.
* Link to the Web from the Help menu and About.
* Updated x264 codec to version r1613.

5/21/2010 version 1.0.6

* It saves the state of the queue on disk so that when you reopen the program can continue pending jobs.
* Added a STOP button to stop the conversion course without canceling altogether.
* Ability to remove jobs from the queue that have not yet begun.
* Warning (WARNING) if the resulting bitrate is very low and can affect the quality too.
* Check if the original uncompressed video fit on the destination media (BD-25) and in this case was not re-compressed. BDremux obtained directly a few minutes.
* Added an informational message and if the resulting quality is necessary or not re-compressed by the selected tracks and the destination media.
* Added a banner advertising to help fund the project.
* Updated x264 codec to version r1583.
* Small fixes and improvements Miscellaneous general.
* Bug fixed: on some computers the program could not open due to lack of some libraries in Visual C + + installation.

01/05/2010 version 1.0.5

* Added support for Blu-Ray's with multiple versions of the film / Multiangle file (. M2ts main party in several parts).
* Added more output media (USB 4GB, BD-25 BD-50 and custom).
* In the preferences gurda the default media type and capacity can define a "custom."
* Updated x264 codec to version r1570.
* Added the - vbv-maxrate 24 000 (improves compatibility with AVCHD).
* Resume basics: if you interrupt the process can re-create a "job" with the same name and parameters and skip the steps that were already completed.
* Added more language codes to improve the detection of tracks of audio / sub.
* Small fixes and general improvements varied.

18/04/2010 version 1.0.1

* First release.
Hide changelog

All features

Finds the main .m2ts file for the movie by just selecting the BDMV folder or Blu-Ray root.
Extract all information from the audio tracks, video and subtitles: length, language, format, etc.
Extract chapter information or allows to add it.
Select default audio track based on the language preferences and most appropriate criteria for the best quality but can also be set manually.
Calculates the video bitrate to fill the DVD5 / DVD9 (most of the times gets filled between 99-100%).
Converts audio (only if necessary): PCM to AC3, DTS-HD MA to DTS Core, DTS to AC3, etc.
Detect delays in the original audio tracks and transfers them to the final job.
Recompress the video using x264 64-bit if the computer supports it.
Do not use external codecs like avisynth or ffdshow or Haali splitter in the process of video conversion.
We can select a forced subtitle track is active by default when playing the disc.
Allows to program multiple conversions in the queue and execute them one after another automatically.
Multitasking: be can add new jobs in the queue while processing others.
Various output sizes: DVD5 / DVD9 / USB 4GB / BD-25 and Custom.
Ability to create a BD-25 without re-compressing video (BDRemux).
MKV as alternate output: allows to convert Blu-Ray to MKV recoding the video or without recoding (BDremux).
3D ready: from Blu-Ray 3D we can get a AVCHD 3D or MKV 3D (side-by-side/top-bottom).
MVC encoding: ability to shrink 3D Blu-Ray to BD25/BD9 maintaining 3D MVC format (Intel Quick Sync encoder).
Ability to encode MKV's using x265/HEVC codec.

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40 reviews, Showing 1 to 5 reviews

No 60p output for BD-9.

Oct 14, 2017 Version: v2.7.4 OS: Windows 10 64-bit Ease of use: 10/10 Functionality: 8/10 Value for money: 10/10 Overall: 8/10


In order the program can calculate bitrate correctly when DTS-HD/TrueHD audio is selected is necessary press "Scan Bitrates" button and wait to finish 100% before add job in queue.

The feature exists and works fine. Use it!

Dec 25, 2015 Version: 2.5.1 OS: Windows 8 64-bit Ease of use: 10/10 Functionality: 10/10 Value for money: 10/10 Overall: 10/10

I really don't like posting negative reviews of free software. But there comes a time when authors don't address bugs that it becomes necessary. In general authors of free programs do a fantastic job with their programs and they should be commended for their willingness to donate their time to others.

This program however, has a really frustrating bug - it can't get a bit rate correct to save it's life!

I've been using this tool since 2.4.5, I've posted an earlier review here about the issue, and I've contacted the author via his website, and gotten nowhere. Were it not for AVCHDCoder's requirement to use Java I would have dropped this program by now.

With HD/MA, TrueHD etc it NEVER gets a bit rate correct the first time. It will create output that doesn't fit on a 25gb Blu-ray disk. Output has been as large as 1gb oversize. What's the point in having a bit rate automatically calculated if it is always wrong?

Dec 22, 2015 Version: 2.5.1 OS: Windows 7 64-bit Ease of use: 8/10 Functionality: 4/10 Value for money: 7/10 Overall: 6/10

I have never gotten BDtoAVCHD to work fully correct. Every version there is plenty of discovery, what works and what doesn't. However, I continue to try and use BDtoAVCHD, simply because it does things none of the other programs do. I applaud the willingness to try things other programmers seem to inconsider too difficult to try. While it doesn't always work out for me, it is always successful enough to be worth the time to try things.

For example, currently I'm trying to compress the hobbit movies I just purchased in 3D. I do not have 3D TV, so this is mainly for future use. So I want really great 2D encoding, with the 3D there for when I need it. MakeMKV will happily rip me 32 GB mkv files, but my NAS solution simply can't serve the files to my media player fast enough. I need compression without losing the MVC player. Enters BDtoAVCHD. First I had problems with the virus scanner, then I find it crashing with "no free frame surfaces" error. But I bet eventually I find a set of settings that work. Which means I will have accomplished with what none of the other free programs I have tried can do.

Certainly plenty of room for improvements and new ideas to make this program better. However, for a free program I'm in no position to complain, and will happily take any improvements that come.

Nov 29, 2015 Version: 2.5.1 OS: Windows 10 64-bit Ease of use: 7/10 Functionality: 10/10 Value for money: 10/10 Overall: 9/10

Amazing tool Sir,
I'm interest in the MVC encoding part(Full ISO 2D+3D), BUT...
There's no support for Multi Audio Tracks or Sub (Please, Please...)
Is there any possibility to include the original bluray menu into the final ISO.
And Finally, If You can add a feature to merge 2 Disc version 3D Movies(like The Hobbit+Titanic...) into 1 MVC Encoded Bluray ISO.

Nov 26, 2015 Version: 2.5.0 OS: Windows 8 64-bit Ease of use: 9/10 Functionality: 9/10 Value for money: 10/10 Overall: 10/10

40 reviews, Showing 1 to 5 reviews

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