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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog for AACGain

What's new in Version 1.9

* Fixed a bug in mp4v2 which caused iTunes music video files to fail with "not a valid mp4/m4a file" error.
* Gives a more meaningful error message when attempting to process Apple Lossless files.
* Built with updated mp4v2 from Google Code, which should build error-free on modern Windows, Mac and Linux systems.
* Built with updated faad2 code, which should build error-free on modern Windows, Mac and Linux systems.
* Built with latest mp3gain version 1.5.2 source checked into CVS, which includes id3v2 tag support.
* MSVC++ solution and project files have been converted to Visual C++ 2010 Express Edition.

Version 1.8 is now available

* Built with mpeg4ip/mp4v2 version 1.6.1. Aacgain 1.7.1 was built with version 1.5.20. Mp4v2 version 1.6.1 corrects problems that corrupted video files containing Quicktime chapter markers.
* Built with latest mp3gain version 1.4.7 sources checked into CVS. The mp3gain changes made since 1.7.1 support sample rates up to 96000. Previous versions had a maxmimum sample rate of 48000.
* Ignores faad2 "scalefactor out of range" errors. These errors resulted in "invalid file format" errors on apparently good files.

Version 1.7 is now available

It fixes the following issue:

* If the total length of the directory plus file name path exceeded 64 bytes, memory corruption would occur. This has been corrected.

Version 1.6 fixed the following issue:

* Files with a 'cprt' (copyright) tag are now processed correctly. Previous versions of aacgain corrupted the metadata of files with a copyright tag.
* AACGain now works on video or other files where the first audio track has a track number of other than 1. Previous versions required the audio track to have a number of 1. AACGain will still only process the first audio track found on a file. Thanks to Arthur Yarwood at Sony Computer Entertainment Europe for this fix.

Version 1.5 fixed the following issue:

* Running AACGain on Apple lossless or other unsupported file format resulted in a crash with an unhandled exception.

Version 1.4 fixed the following issues:

* Temporary files are created in the same directory as the input file. Formerly they were created in the same directory that the program was run in. This solves a problem only seen on Unix systems where the temporary file could not be renamed back to the original input filename, if the input file was located on a different filesystem from where the program was run. Windows users are unaffected by this problem and can continue to use 1.3.

Version 1.3 fixed the following issues:

* Always uses the /t (use temp file) option, even if it is not specified on the command line. This resolves issues where processed files would not play on the iPod Shuffle.
* Preserves original values of MP4 properties bufferSizeDB, maxBitrate and avgBitrate. Without this change, mpeg4ip/mp4vs was recalulating the actual values of these parameters. This caused bitrate as displayed by iTunes to change slightly, i.e. songs ripped at 320KB would display as 319KB.
* Incorporates recent changes to mp3gain which prevent crashes when working with 48KB files on Linux.
* Source code directory structure was reorganized to be compatible with mp3gain CVS on sourceforge. Thanks to Glen Sawyer, the AACGain source code is now hosted on sourceforge's CVS repository as part of the mp3gain project.

Version 1.2 fixed the following issues:

* Compatibility issue with MP3GainGUI version 1.2.5 or 1.3.4.
* All temporary files created are erased.

Version 1.1 fixed the following issues:

* Multi-channel and mono files now work.
* Fixes compatibility issues with MP3GainGUI: the /o option always outputs Album gain.
* The /f option is ignored for AAC files. If a file starts with a 'ftyp' atom, it is assumed to be AAC, even if /f was specified. This prevents the /f option from corrupting valid AAC files.
* Uses portable versions of all library functions, and has been successfully compiled under Linux. Thanks to Prakash Punoor for his help with this.

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