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Sefy's DVD Backup Guide v2.6
 Updated October 3, 2004
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Sefy's Complete DVD Backup Guide v2.6
Authoring [Burn! Baby Burn!]

SVCD Multiple Audio and Subtitles!

If you created a SVCD/DVD compliant MPEG2 file, you have the option of creating a movie with Multiple Languages (or Surround) and even Subtitles which can be switched On / Off during playback (only on Hardware DVD Players!). Make sure that your DVD Player is capable of supporting "Switchable Subtitles" before you attempt this procedure.
For other multiplexing tools, go to the "Multiplexing" page. If you created a DVD compliant file and you would like to Author it, here is a basic example using "IfoEdit: Authoring" to create a DVD Ready VOB set.

NOTICE: VideoCD does NOT support Switchable Subtitles, so if you have created a VCD skip to the final part below!

Burn that MPG!

This final Part of the guide will show you how to Author the MPG you created to a CD media and creating a standard compatible Video-CD using several methods, the first group will simply take the MPG file and Author it "as is" to the media, the second group will give you the option of adding True Chapters and Menus (almost like a DVD!), and the last group will take a "ready-to-burn" image file and burn it to the media!

If you have created a Cue/Bin file in your previous step, then click HERE to get the list of programs that support Authoring such an image file correctly, please do not attempt to use programs which have not been confirmed to work or you will risk the loss of a CD media.

Author that MPG!

Instead of just burning the MPG file into a CD, you can also add "Chapters" and/or "Menus" to the movie, so for example, it will be easier to Skip a chapter while watching, just like a regular DVD movie, however, to let those programs to have the exact chapter information as your DVD, we must first extract it, this is however an Optional Step, it is not required, and if you do not want to add Chapters or Menus, you can skip it and just use the programs above to Burn that MPG!.

Chapter Information Extraction