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Newbie articles and Video articles.

Newbie articles
Video articles
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 Newbie articles
- SatStorm's advices for the new Video Enthusiast

 Video articles
- OpenShot Video Editor Masks & Transitions Video Tutorial
- OBS Studio screen recording and streaming guides
- How to record anything on your screen using the free OBS Studio
- How to get started with youtube-dl from the command prompt
- Video codec benchmarking done right
- Watching H.264 (and other) videos using CUDA/DXVA2 native/renderless or Intel QuickSync
- Blu-Disc guides
- ChapterMaker User Guide
- Video batch files to annoy you
- How to rotate/flip any video with Xmedia Recode
- How to create smooth 'slo-mo' video using free software
- x265 Usage
- How to Make a Slideshow with Music using free video editor
- MPC-BE configuration tutorial
- How to setup a HTPC with MPC-HC madVR ffdshow Avisynth
- How to make a slideshow with music
- Virtualdub External Encoder feature (Video tutorial)
- How to Rip the Timing and English Subs From an AVI File Using AviSubDetector
- How to use BDEdit v.39b to set default audio stream and /or turn on a subtitle in a movie-only BD rip.
- How to capture capture streaming video
- How to capture screen
- AviUtl newbie guide (non-official) in English
- A Digital Media Primer for Geeks (Video)
- How to sync a subtitle using Subtitle Edit
- How to install and use RTMPExplorer to download streaming flash media.
- Create a 3D space nebula with Hitfilm
- Advanced MPC-HC Setup
- iboum's Desktop HD Media Player/Media Center Comparison
- DTS-HD Master Audio and how to rip it
- Quality guide for HTPC, how to configure MPC-HC, ffdshow, etc
- How to download online TV/Flash RTMPE using StreamTransport
- How to decrypt and copy CPRM .VRO files
- TVersity Setup Guide
- PS3 MKV Playback Guide (mkv2vob)
- Xbox 360 MKV Playback Guide
- Mini Guide - Using Audacity With VST Plugins
- How to record/download/capture/save Adobe Flash .FLV video RTMP stream from embedded player
- How to download flash video RTMP/RTMPE streams using free software
- How to automatically skip commercials in Windows 7 Media Center
- How to fix audio out of sync in a DVD without any reconverting
- How to Use eac3to
- How to record / rip from Hulu or any streaming video source
- Blu-ray Disc standalone results/tests on DVDR of AVCHD, BD, FULLBD, CROPPED, HDAUDIO
- How to prepare clips from a DVD to upload to YouTube
- How to convert to high quality MP4 and display in Flash on your site
- How to make a single MKV from a Blu-ray (and also how to shrink it)
- Accelerate x.264 1080p movies over the GPU Guide
- How to record streaming flash media, edit and save as AVI, MP4, etc
- Stream multimedia to Xbox 360 with TVersity
- How to Re-Enable HD DVD Playback in PowerDVD 8
- The Blu-ray Region Free Guide
- The Blu-ray and HD DVD Buyer's Guide
- How to Add Text Effects and Unicode Characters to MPEG-4 Subtitles
- Using DGIndex
- How To Rip and Manage Music DVDs just like Music CDs in JRiver Media Center
- How To Make YouTube Videos Look Great
- Youtube Upload, increase quality/control
- CCE Basic Settings
- StaxRip XviD Install Guide
- Orb Setup Guide (with Nintendo Wii Playback Instructions)
- Is Your PC High Definition Ready?
- Using the Xbox 360 HD DVD Add-on Drive in Windows
- How to normalize volume level in avi files with mp3 audio streams
- Xbox 360 DivX, XviD Playback Guide
- VisualSubSync tutorials / Making transcript / Synchronizing transcript
- Xbox 360 HD-DVD Player on PC
- How to record streaming WMV/ASF/MMS-links using VLC Media Player
- Convert 4:3 letterboxed(16:9 picture inside a 4:3 canvas)to 16:9 Anamorphic
- How to convert to Flash FLV Video and add it on your homepage
- Mini Guide: Normalizing Audio for Multiple AVI files
- MP4 Usage Guide, Play, Convert, Edit
- DVD Media Tracking Error (TE) and Focus Error (FE) testing
- Blank DVD Media Quality Guide & FAQ
- x264 Encoding Options Explained
- How to recover VIDEO data from a DVD with IsoBuster
- A short guide to tuning Comskip
- TyTools: Copy recordings from TiVo to PC
- Digital-Digest High Definition DVD FAQ
- doom9 Codec shoot-out 2005 - Final
- How to open MP4,MKV,WMV,RM,MOV with any editor,encoder
- Stand-alone MPEG-4 (DivX, XviD...) Player Buyers Guide
- DivX 6 Codec Setup
- VLC/videoLAN video streaming from a video file
- MSU Lossless Codecs Comparison
- DVD Decrypter vs Nero Burning Rom vs ImgTools
- MSU MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 codec comparison test
- MPEG2 Encoder test(DV source), CCE vs Procoder vs TMPGEnc vs MC vs Vegas
- MPEG2 Encoder test(XviD source), CCE vs TMPGEnc vs Procoder vs MC vs QuEnc
- doom9 Codec shoot-out 2004
- MSU Video Codecs Comparison
- doom9 DVB Basics
- What is Deinterlacing? Facts, solutions, examples.
- doom9 Codec shoot-out 2003 - 2nd installment
- DVD Technical Notes
- DVD Frequently Asked Questions (and Answers)
- DivX Pro 5.x Codec Setup guide
- Determining Aspect Ratios and Resolutions
- doom9 DVD structure
- doom9 Aspect ratios explained
- CVD:What is it,how to test it & what to expect!
- Simply FAQ for video resolutions
- Data capacity of CDs

 Other articles
- How to get HandBrake with FDK-AAC for Windows
- MP4Box general documentation
- Using HamMultiPlayer
- What is Bundleware/Opencandy/Adware? How to avoid it?
- Subtitle timing guide
- How do I burn ISO to CD/DVD/Blu-ray Disc with WinISO?
- How to convert Blu-ray to iPad format with DVDFab and Handbrake
- How to convert .srt to .subtitle (format for Tmpgenc Authoring Works)
- Creating .mp3 ringtones using Audacity
- Using Photoshop and PDF templates to create CD/DVD Labels
- How to make DVD cases using low resolution images
- How to burn a DVD folder with DVD Decrypter
- How to make DVD case covers in Photoshop
- Making a 2nd Audio track using a Panasonic HD dvd recorder
- Creating CD / DVD Label Templates in Photoshop 7.0
- An idiot's guide to making a Lexmark CD/DVD printer
- An idiot's guide to making a CD printer from an Epson 640
- How to flash SONY, MEMOREX, HP200, AOPEN... 2.4x burners with the latest RICOH firmware.

 Mac OS guides
- Access Keypad - how to use myDVDEdit for modifying DVDs
- How to rip DVDs in Windows/Mac using Handbrake
- How to encode a movie in h.264 high resolution (640-width) for the iPod
- How to encode a movie in FLV Flash Video format for your website or blog (Mac OSX)
- How to author a DVD with DVD Studio Pro on a Mac
- How to capture video with Final Cut Pro on a Mac
- How to edit DVD recorder discs on a Mac
- VCD and SVCD to DVD
- DivX to DVDR
- Mac DVD to DVDr Advanced - Guide for Movie only with working menu
- DVD to DVDr Using DVD2ONE and Toast 6.x
- DVD To DivX

 Linux video guides
- How to install and use FlowBlade Video Editor
- How to author a DVD using Bombono DVD
- How to author a photo DVD slideshow in Linux
- Playing and Ripping Blu-Ray and HD DVD Video in Linux
- How to author a DVD using 2ManDVD in Linux
- How to rip a DVD to DivX/XviD/H264 using DVD::Rip
- How to convert your DVDs to mp4 iPod, PSP in Linux
- How to rip DVD subtitles to .srt in Linux
- Using Gnu/Linux Tools to Recover DVD Video
- How to use RipIt4Me, DVDShrink and DVDDecrypter in Linux
- How to backup your DVDs (in dvd, xvid, mpeg-4, x264 formats) using k9copy
- How to create a custom DVD with DeVeDe
- GUIDE: You can do great iPod video in Linux!!!
- Ripping DVDs for the GP2X
- Converting VHS to DVD under Linux HOWTO
- Quick and easy DVD9 to DVD5 video backup under Linux
- Quick and easy DVD + VCD creation under Linux
- AVI to DVD Encoding and Authoring : BASIC
- How to author a multi format DVD with multiple SubMenus using 'Q' DVD-Author under Linux

 Video guide sites

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