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Zenith DVD5551C

2 user region code comments

April 18, 2003 Post region code/hack comment
PostOther hack posted by Nobody Special, April 14 2003:

This is the hack to view the firmware version... it also shows the prom values which appear to be a set of registers composed of 2 hex numbers per register for any hackers that wish to experiment.

with the power on
press "SETUP"
then choose TV ASPECT from the menu
then move over to the option 16:9 wide
press the numbers "1397139"
press "ENTER" it should show the version and some other data
press "setup" when u wish to exit

it is a good idea to do this before u experiment with hacks so that u can write down the original values incase u need to restore them

my values were as shown here:

Model :DVD5201
Region No :1
Chip_ID :Pantera II LE
Servo_Ver :V2.04 MP.
Prom_Option :55 53 00 4C 12 55 01 FF

Factory Reset .. Done

note that my model is the same as the zenithdvd5201
and i assume that the my zenithdvd5551c has the same progaming as that model

also note how my prom values change as i add hacks

PostRegion code posted by Nobody Special, April 18 2003:

Macrovision Hack

This was posted as a vcd hack but it did not work on my dvd to play VCDs. I believe it to be a macrovision hack.

1. Remove all dvds from the player and trun it off.
2. Trun "POWER" on
3. Press "PAUSE"
4. press "1472"
5. press the up arrow three times.
6. press "PROGRAM", "6", "PROGRAM" "5"
7. press "ENTER"
8. press "RETURN"
9. turn the "POWER" off and then on again

Macrovision should now be disabled.

My prom Values

prom_option: 55 53 00 4c 12 55 01 FF
Prom_option: 55 53 00 FE 12 55 01 FF

This post is for information purposes only and is not an endorsement to violate copy write laws of any kind.

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