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Yamaha DV S5750

6 user region code comments

July 11, 2007 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by FredLeLoup, December 07 2004:

Just bought the Yamaha DV S5750 DVD/DivX player today. The hack for the Yamaha S550 just runs fine on it using the original remote:

1. Power up
2. Open tray
3. Press 99990 (zero is for region free)
4. Press enter
5. Insert dvd from other region (not sure in you need to do this)
6. Close tray
7. Play and enjoy!

Tried Zone 2 DVD, DivX and Xvid, all played perfectly.

PostRegion code hack posted by gordong11, February 28 2005:

I just bought this DVD Player, it works great, No problems with DivX so far, but I am no guru.

I can confirm the Region Code hack is:

1. Open the tray
2. With the remote, press 9999+Region Code, then OK. 0 for all regions.

It is that easy. Hope this helps.

PostRegion code hack posted by Alan Zimmerman, March 16 2005:

I would like to say that I purchased one of the two remaining players from the best buy on la brea and santa monica in west hollywood, and the hack posted above works ONE HUNDRED PERCENT. in fact, even after i turned player off and turned it back on, the hack stayed, i didnt have to re-enter it. a great slim dvd player that works very well. i am very happy with it's performance. I am watching the PAL version of 800 Balas on my NTSC tv and the picture is flawless. highly recommended.

PostRegion code hack posted by gordong11, April 02 2005:


After owning this player for 30 days now just figured I'd give an update, because I am so happy with this player. If you are in the market for an all region player, or in the market for a great single DVD player, look no further.

1. Excellent video and sound (first time Yamaha buyer)
2. Easy region code hack
3. Plays just about everything, including Divx
4. Simple user interface menus
5. Zoom works well (on-screen zoom level disappears after 2 seconds)


1. Remote take time to master at night, with no light.

Overall, I am super happy with this machine and give it a "Kick Ass" award. Do Not hesitate to buy if in the market.

PostRegion code hack posted by Mark Bower, March 20 2006:

Purchsed unit from Best Buy March 19 2006. Confirmed the first hack works. Note you need approx 1 second pause between each keypress of the "9".

This unit appears to be the same build as the Philips 727 (no longer in production). My 727 recently failed (fails to seek) and I wanted a replacement that would be good enough for PAL/NTSC conversion and region hackable. I tried the Philips 642 and found whilst the player is good for basic playback, the picture quality was inferior (visibly) to the 727. The biggest problem is an apparent "digital" artefect in straight lines which are not anti-aliased effectively in high contrast images resulting in jagged (jaggies) lines e.g. around fonts on credits, around a person when a bright background is present. This is in progressive mode, and I see this is a known issue acknowledged by Philips on other sites. But for $50 you cannot compliain about the 642 as a basic player. For me however, I'm picky about my video.

The Yamaha improves on the 727 by adding DivX support which is excellent. Playback is excellent too on all my discs from all around the globe. PAL NTSC conversion is excellent and you cannot tell the difference between watching on a PAL TV and via NTSC conversion using the built in coder.

The philips 642 also did not seem to have DTS surround.

I use the players on a HDTV 50" Zenith Plasma so any video issues are very apparent very quickly.

So, anyone looking for a multi-region PAL/NTSC converting DVD player that works nicely on a HDTV via Progressive scan, and perhaps is looking to replace their much loved Philips 727, then the Yamaha 5750 is an excellent choice. I investigated the HDMI interface players and they seem to be more trouble than they are worth for the perception of picture quality gain, which does not seem to be a measurable improvement.

Good luck with your quest for the perfect player....I've found mine for now!



PostRegion code hack posted by RobertH, July 11 2007:

Just got this DVD Player on 7/11/07. I can confirm the Region Code hack is:

1. Open the tray
2. With the remote, press 9999+Region Code, then OK. 0 for all regions.

Tried multiple PAL and NTSC disks with regions 1 and 5. All worked perfectly.

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