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Toshiba SDK990

11 user region code comments

August 23, 2022 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by wilfredvaningen, September 06 2009:

I used this hack for my Toshiba SDK990 player
and it works great.

Power on Player
Open tray
Type 2, 4, 0, 3, 9, 6, 0
And Press 9 for region 0
A prompt
at the upper right hand corner of the start screen should tell you
that the player has been set to region 0
Close the tray
Turn player Off and back On

Thats All Folks1

PostRegion code hack posted by blink_videohelp, September 20 2009:

Thanks a lot. It worked for the Toshiba SDK990 (region 1) I picked up from CostCo two days ago.

PostRegion code hack posted by not_a_hacker, December 31 2009:

I successfully used this today. However, when you press '9' after entering the key, the prompt in the upper right hand corner says '9'. I would have thought that it would be '0', but it's playing a region 2 disc now.

PostRegion code hack posted by dkyrtata, April 02 2010:

I bought my Toshiba DVD player ($59), model SDK990, in March/2010 at Walmart in Canada. (region 1)

I am confirming the hack procedure posted by the other users works. Here it is again:

1) Power on Player
2) Open tray and leave open
3) Type 2, 4, 0, 3, 9, 6, 0
4) Finally press 9 to play DVDs for all regions
A prompt of 9 will appear at the upper right hand corner of the screen to confirm that the player has been set to all regions. No other feedback displays until that last button is pressed.
5) Close the tray
6) Turn the player off and on again

I have tested that DVDs from Region 2 can now be played. I do not have DVDs from other regions to test, but I assume they play too.

Thanks for the original posting. It determined which DVD player to purchase.

PostRegion code hack posted by inframan, August 25 2010:

confirming the hack worked and its playing PAL region 2 discs.

PostRegion code hack posted by sfossat1, August 26 2010:

Confirming the above instructions work ok on that model bought August 2010 at Best Buy (mfg 08/2009), except that "9" appears on the upper right corner, and not "0".

Now our player reads region 2 DVDs!!

ps: and the image quality is so much better than our old Philips.

PostRegion code hack posted by oliverfrancis, January 22 2011:

Just purchased this player and applied the above hack. It's a refurb and the MFG
Date shows May 2009.

I wanted to let people know that playing Region 2 discs is possible and shows up
"ok" with an RCA connection. However, when using an HDMI connection the
image is not acceptable. Unfortunately, it is very jittery...when switching back to
RCA the image is fine...just not HD. Tried the same with Region 1 and there
were no issues whatsoever.

Not sure if anyone else has had this issue...just thought I'd put it out there. I
was reviewing this site and had 2 players in my hand...this one and a Philips
DVP3892...if I had known this, I would have gone with the Philips.

PostRegion code posted by beauyobeau, March 31 2011:

I bought this unit at Costco last fall and just got around to hooking it up - I read the posts to make it region free - but just for fun I put a Region 4 disc in -and it played beautifully - I then put a Region 2 (PAL) disc in and got the same result - you may want to try it before you fiddle with it -

PostRegion code hack posted by Rogelio González, January 17 2018:

Necesito saber cómo hacer mi dvd

PostRegion code posted by astoryahtravels, February 15 2020:

This worked! Thank you so much! I was able to watch my Region 2 locked DVDs on this player.

PostRegion code hack posted by GeorgeSexton, August 23 2022:

I can't believe how easily that worked! And on the first try!

DVD Model: Toshiba SDK990KU
DVD Remote: Toshiba SE-R0313

I followed wilfredvaningen's 2009.09.06 post instructions.
1. Turned the DVD player ON.
2. I ejected the empty disc tray and left it open.
3. Used the remote control to enter the code: 2403960.
4. Then I pressed 9 immediately after the code. A blue rectangular box appeared in the right corner of the screen displaying the number "9". The box disappeared after a quick second.
5. I turned the DVD player off and it now plays all of my region locked DVDs!

Thank you all so much for help!!!

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