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Toshiba SD330E

7 user region code comments

June 02, 2006 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by Pete, August 22 2003:

Just bought my new Toshiba 36ZP38 TV which included the new SD330E DVD as part of a package which I thought could not be hacked. Oh yes it can! Followed the hack for the SD220E and it worked; I didn't think it would but it did, how happy am I, haha.
When you insert the disk you will see a pic in the background very dim saying something like 'the wiz' or summit, (didn't see it until too late doe!) and then you will see FIN on the screen. I counted 10 seconds after FIN dissapeared then took the disk out, inserted a region 1 disk and it worked, yippeeeee, haha.

PostRegion code hack posted by Rob, December 31 2003:

Sucess !!

the site files are corrupt by the looks of thing.

Go to

Instructions are there. It look slike you only need to burn the .CUE file to a CD to get it multiregion.

It worked for me, I've tried RCE disks too (Region 1 JFK, What Lies Beneath, Reservoir Dogs) and they played fine.

One note though, it wont play copies still, which ain't a bad thing really as they are never up to much anyhow.

PostRegion code hack posted by Kris, May 01 2004:

I havent actually tried this hack myself yet, i am just looking to see if i could crack it before i bought it but it looks like some people are getting confused on how to do it, from what other people have said, u need to upgrade the firmware, correct me if i'm wrong but this is the way i think u should do it.
download the toshiba firmware upgrade from here.
its a .zip file so use a program called winzip or winrar to unzip it.
get a program called Nero burning ROM.
Start Nero Burning ROM, click File, click Burn Image..., select the .cue file, click open, disable 'Determine maximum speed' and 'Simulation', at write method select Disc-at-once (this is very important), click write.
make sure u have a blank disk in the drive to write to.

once this is done,
- Push setup on the SD220e remote control, select under picture:
PAL/Auto: Auto. Push setup again.
- Open your SD220e disc tray and insert the CD.
- Close the disc tray.
- The disc will be read and recognised as a VCD, you'll see the image on
your television flash and after a short while you will not see any image
at all. Wait about 10 seconds and take out the CD.
- Your player is now region free.
Hope this helps.

PostRegion code hack posted by Homer_J_S, May 22 2004:

I just purchased a Toshiba SD-330E and chose this cos it had the 'MULTIREGION' sticker on it, but when I put 1 of my american DVDs in it refused. So I used the aforementioned 'FIRMWARE UPGRADE' and it worked a treat (however upon immediately inserting the R1 film it seemed to freeze or crash the player, unplug the mains lead for a few seconds solved this problem).
I agree with the other post that it is NOT a firmware update, it simply UNLOCKS the region restriction, updating firmware takes a few minutes as you have to rewrite the data on the chips, this thing is basically a 30 second VCD with a few noises.
Anyway pure genius!!!

PostRegion code hack posted by nickb, June 17 2004:

Anybody having B & W problems with Region 1, set the output type to RGB instead of Video. No need to use RGB cable, same connections just change the setting.

PostOther hack posted by gog, September 10 2005:

I am using Linux and had some challenges to burn the CD from the zip. Here are the steps that worked for me:-

# mkdir tosh
# cd tosh
# mv ../downloads/ .
# unzip
# cdrdao write --device /dev/cdrom --driver generic-mmc-raw --speed 2 tosh\ sd220e.cue

I waited the 10 seconds as noted above. But when I loaded
the DVD the Play hung.

I had to unplug the DVD player. Then when I powered it on again it was region free. :-)

Thank you!

PostRegion code hack posted by Edoardo Torchio, June 02 2006:

hack information

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