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Sylvania SDVD6655-B

8 user region code comments

March 04, 2020 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by Toots , October 17 2017:

Power on the player with the remote.
Press set up on the remote.
Quickly press 1,3,8,9.
A new menu will appear.
Use the up/down arrows to change the region code.
Press ok.
Press set up.

PostRegion code posted by Gilbo, February 15 2018:

Have tried many times to change region code but no new menu appears after pressing 1,3,8,9. Can you provide any further tips?

PostRegion code hack posted by Wonko, February 20 2018:

Listed hack does not work.

This one does; tested today.

Open the tray
Enter 9, 7, 3, 5
A hidden menu should appear
Change the region

PostRegion code posted by P. Loo, January 14 2020:

Unfortunately, none of the above hacks worked for my Sylvania SDVD-6655-B bought at Walmart in
Montreal, QC, Canada yesterday Jan 13th 2020.

PostRegion code hack posted by Yann, January 21 2020:

P. Loo,

Hqve you tried this :

Sylvania SDVD 6655 -B

Switch player on

Press eject on the remote to open tray

On the remote, press 9,9,9,9 then 0

Region:0 should appear on the screen

Switch player off, then on again

Should now be multi-region

PostRegion code hack posted by P. Loo, January 24 2020:

I bought my Sylvania SDVD6655-B , beside the similarly hacked SDVD6670 which has a USB port in
front, online from Walmart Canada in Jan 2020 (free delivery to nearby
My SDVD6655-B bears the date of manufacture on its back: 'June 2019'.
I tried first a France PAL Zone 2 DVD (Les Chinois Paris); screen would say WRONG REGION.
So I consulted videohelp for SDVD6655-B : the 9,7,3,5 previous hack worked fine when attempted
fully w/o me chickening out at my 2nd attempt*).
So again:
1. Open disc tray with remote
2. Select numbers 9,7,3,5 (***BE BOLD as I did: continue entering even if a discouraging
'INVALID KEY' message IS DISPLAYED IN THE UPPER LEFT CORNER after punching the first digit
3. It will show a secret menu.(PASSWORD, REGION, RATING) Choose REGION
4. Scroll up to 'REGION 0', ENTER
5. Close disc tray w remote
6. Power OFF
7. Power ON

Now try a non zone 1 disc.
My France zone 2 PAL disc now works perfectly with beautiful image on my LG Canada TV!
*p.s.: I suspect many like me are deterred/fooled into chickening out /abandoning their attempt
upon the sudden appearance of the totally meaningless 'INVALID KEY' message when entering hack
codes. Don't be! :)

PostRegion code posted by P. Loo, February 02 2020:

No joy with a SDVD-6655-B unit bought online at in Jan 2020,
bearing the S/N A190829090000387_ /
Manuf date (lower right back corner of the unpacked unit) : 'Aug 2019'=
this date by the way is also written as
the first digits '1908...' of the S/N on a tiny sticker at the bottom of the cardboard box

I tried: open tray, 9735 to no avail. INVALID KEY AND NOTHING
I tried: open tray, 9999 then 0 to no avail also. INVALID KEY AND NOTHING
I tried: setup, quick 1389 to no avail also. INVALID KEY AND NOTHING
It seems the S/N, latest month of manufacture means there is now inside an
updated firmware immune to the three previously suggested handheld remote-hacks .
I noticed that previously bought, manufactured earlier, '9735 hackable' SDVD-6655-B units
often had an unreliable door opening mechanism with frequent door jamming
or no door response despite good batteries in the remote and the power definitely ON.
So finding a non door-jamming, hackable SDVD-6655-B is now quite a feat.
Check the label at the bottom of boxes: S/N starting by '1908' (=Aug 2019) no good/not

PostRegion code hack posted by Tickles229s, March 04 2020:

I bought a Sylvania (SDVD6656) Region free
DVD Player.
Turn on the DVD player and open the DVD

Keep the DVD Player open and enter "9,7,3,5".

A hidden menu will pop up and you can change
the region code.

(This one worked for me try the codes just in

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