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Sony SLV-D350P

4 user region code comments

November 19, 2009 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by Juan F, March 16 2005:


I believe that I this works (at least it did for me)

Well...this is what i have discovered through basing myself on an existent hack for model slv-d900:

1)No disc & tray closed
2)Once the "Insert disk" message in the top-left side of the screen appears, press (in the remote) the Subtitle key and continue with 29334 in sequence.
3)A number(1 in my case)appears in the top-left side of the screen. I believe that this number represents the region code of your DVD equip.
4)Change the number by typing number 9.
5)To save press the "open/close" key and then Enter (small one at the top. Not the big one at the bottom!!)
6)Now check if it works.

NOTE: Other way to check if the change was successful, is to repeat steps 1 to 2. You should then see a 9 in top-left side of the screen.

PostRegion code hack posted by squeakypants, May 07 2005:

not sure about the off thing, but try changing it to 0. 0 means region-free.

PostRegion code hack posted by monique, September 27 2005:

I have tried the hack mentioned above, and while the 1 does change to a 9 and stays that way, the player does not become region-free. If I insert a Japanese region-2 dvd, it still fails to play. I tried using this hack to change the number to either region 2 or 0 (region-free) but upon re-check the # reverts back to what it was before, 1 or 9.

PostRegion code hack posted by teli, November 19 2009:

I tried the instructions above and got to change the nnumber from 1 to 9, however the dvd still does not play other than region 1 dvds... then I tried to change to 0 as also suggested above but was not able to save... interesting that it seems that I can only change to 1 or 9... maybe need a different combination of keys/numbers to save 0 or other than 1 or 9 region?

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