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Sony RDR-HX910

4 user region code comments

August 07, 2008 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by wildwilly, August 23 2005:

Check out my post on the rdr-hx710 forum. I was able to get it to work - on my hx910. Now this eases the pain of getting such an expensive machine :-)

PostRegion code hack posted by Demis, November 14 2005:

I tried the hack posted by HobbitFeet, August 25 2005, which was for the RDR-HX710 and it is also working for RDR-HX910.

As HobbitFeet found out, the codes were really backwards!

After applying the hack, "TIMER OK" is displayed.

No need to repeat HobbitFeet, I followed the exact steps.
Thank you HobbitFeet!

PostRegion code hack posted by Daniel, March 20 2006:

First you have to change the command mode of your sony recorder to "DVD1" (page 23 in the manual, also change it on the sony remote for the recorder, because "DVD3" is set by default).

With a OneForAll remote controle (Kameleon3 URC8203):

To prepare the Remote:
1. Press DVD.
2. Press the Magic button (hat) and hold until the rabbit comes out.
3. Press 0533 (works only for the command mode "DVD1")
--> the IR blinks twice.
Now you can control the recorder.

Codes for the buttons 1..5(KeyMagic):
1. Press the Magic button and hold until the rabbit comes out.
2. Press 994.
3. Press DVD.
4. Press Magic button(only once, short)
5. Press 001891 (you might have to Press the SCROLL button between 9 and 1(5*2,5*3,1*4,9*5).
Repeat 1..5 with 002552,000953, 002214 and 000795 at step 5.

Reprogram your DVD recorder:
1. Remove disk and put player on standby
2. Press 1,2,3,4,5 (pause briefly between each button and
make sure LED of remote flashes)
--> The Player should turn on! Wait a few seconds.

3. Press 1,2,3,4,5 again (pause briefly between each button andmake sure LED of remote flashes)
--> The player shuts down and "Timer OK" is displayed!
--> your player is now codefree!

I successfully applied this method to my Sony RDR-HX910!:-)

PostRegion code hack posted by martinexena, August 07 2008:

I used the Kameleon 3 all-in-one and the below mentioned procedure worked perfect for my RDR-HX910.

Attention : I first did put a region 1 DVD and waiting until I got the code that it was blocked for region reasons. Then I did put my recorder in the HD modus (not DVD). To put into the HD modus just push the HD button on your recorder (not your remote).

First change the command mode of your sony recorder to DVD1(manual page 23) and change it also your remote. Default is DVD3.

Prepare your remote:
1. press dvd
2. press magic button (hat) and hold until rabbit pops-up
3. press 0533 (only for the commande mode DVD1)
The IR blinks twice and you can now control the recorder with this remote

Prepare the buttons 1.....5 (key magic)
1. press the magic button (hat) and hold until rabbit comes out
2. press 994.
3. press DVD
4. Press only once and short on Magic button (hat)
5. press 001891 (it might be necessary that you press the scroll button between some numbers)

Repeat this procedure for 00255, 000953, 002214 and 000795.

Last fase : reprogram your dvd recorder:
1. remove the disc and put the player on standby
2. press 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, with a brief pause between each button and make sure LED of the remote flashes
The player should turn on and TIMER OK displays.
Congratulations! Youre dvd recorder is now regionfree

I didn`t need to press again 1 2 3 4 5 as mentioned in the other posts.

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