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Sony DVP-NS410

4 user region code comments

February 29, 2004 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by Steffen Hansen, July 04 2003:

Did the hack with an old IBM laptop with an IR port as described on


PostRegion code hack posted by Dr.Ling, September 01 2003:

Just wanted to post that I managed to make my region 2-locked SONY DVP-NS410 region free by applying a hack posted by anon, which he used for his DVP-NC615.

I used a One-for-All Kameleon 6 remote for this (also sold as a RadioShack remote in the U.S.?), but I guess one can program any programmable remote and get the same result. There are hacks for the regular remote out on the web, something like "press 1 nad then enter, in standby mode, for region 1" and so on, but not surprisingly that doesn't work). Anyway, here's what I did.

I used one of the unused device buttons on the remote (the one for the sat.receiver, which I don't have) as a DVD-device-button, by assigning it the device code 0533 (code for SONY DVD-players) and checking that it actually worked by powering the DVD player down.

The All-for-one remotes has a "Key Magic"-function which allows you to program what ever key to a frequently used function. All you need to know is the 3-digit function code. So I did as enon posted, programmed different function codes to buttons 1 thru 5:
1 - 189
2 - 255
3 - 095
4 - 221
5 - 079

Then with the function codes programmed to buttons 1-5 and the DVD-player in standby mode, I pressed keys 1 2 3 4 5 in sequence. The player switched on and the display on the player read "SUCCESS". Then I pressed 1 2 3 4 5 again in the same sequence and the player powered off. Then I unplugged the DVD player from the mains for at least 5 seconds (probably not necessary, but what do I know?).

And now it plays whatever region DVD I throw at it.

Sorry for the long and meticulous text, but I thought it was a nice story. Thanks to enon for posting the hack and the codes!


PostRegion code hack posted by Dr. Ling, September 01 2003:

(see post above) ..."Anon", that is! Not "Enon"! I'm such an idiot. Sorry. I apologize in advance for all the other typos....."nad" is "and", obviously.

Anyway, I can recommend the One-for-All Kameleon 6 remote. It's kinda cool lookin', and hacking your DVD player with it is a heck of a lot easier than digging up an old win95 laptop with an IR-port, building your own serial port IR-transmitter, or buying a nerdy PDA/pocket-PC (no offense) least as long as some genious can give you the codes. Thanks again Anon! Ok, I'll stop now.

Dr. Ling

PostRegion code hack posted by emilio, February 29 2004:

I hacked my ns410 (Region2) to multioregion using selens instuctions with a laptop and it worked fine until i tried dvd-r and dvd+rw disk (don't have -rw nor +r disks to test). none of them seems to work. looks that they were supposed to work with this player, but after hacking the display on the players front panel says "T 1" and the disk don't run.

so use with caution when using self made dvd's, otherwise nothing to worry.

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