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Sony DVP-NS315

10 user region code comments

January 09, 2021 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by Steven Merrigan, March 11 2003:

Checkout the standard Sony NS-xxx hacks outlined within this site, e.g.

PostRegion code hack posted by Naboth, July 19 2003:


You guys should try this one:

Apparently this works on all sony ns range. Somebody try it and let us know.

PostRegion code hack posted by Hayley Brimecome, July 27 2003:

SONY DVP-NS300, DVP-NS305, DVP-NS400D, DVP-NS700, DVP-S330, DVP-S335, DVP-S360, DVP-S336, DVP-S525D, DVP-S530D, DVP-S535D, DVP-S536D, DVP-S725D, DVP-S735D


Turn On the unit with the remote controller
Wait until "no disc" appears in the unit's display
Press Pause, 3, 1, 4, 1, 5, 9
The word "CODE" should appear in the display
Within five seconds, press the key that corresponds to the zone you want i.e. 0 for region free, 1 for region 1, 2 for region 2 and so on
Again, within 5 seconds, press Pause and Power
If the above fails to work then you may wish to try the following:

Put the player into Standby mode
Press 1 and Return on remote for region 1, 2 and Return for region 2, and so on. Use 0 and Return to return player to default region settings
Press P-Mode and Return to play DVD's with the selected region, auto-switching is Off
Press Audio and Return for auto-switching On
Press Angle and Return for MacroVision On
Press Subtitle and Return for MacroVision Off

PostOther hack posted by Doug, August 26 2003:

Hack verification report:

Using a Sony DVP-NS315 and NS305. Tested long and short hand-built Palm OmniRemote hacks, the PDB Omniremote hack, the remote control hacks and the IR port hack (315 only).

Tested 1-5, 11-55, 111-555 and tried these 1 and 2 times. Tested the PDB Omniremote with the above and in combination with the power button.

Works with the hand-built and PDB OnmiRemote hacks.
Did not test the IR port hack. (I was in a store at the time and several responded at the same time. :)

In all tests, the unit will power cycle but no SUCCESS message and no region unlock on any of these hacks.
If the 111-555 is used, the unit will powerup and back off in about a second, but no SUCCESS and no region unlock. The PC IR port hack also fails for the NS315. Did not test an NS315B. Looks like hacks for NS315's are not quite there at this time.

PostRegion code hack posted by Fred, October 29 2003:

Hi, ALL.

DVD-player Sony DVP-NS315 r1/r3/r2-Japan don,t have solderless upgrade
(Example: PDA, DESKTOP, IRC, CD-R and etc....) in
variant MULTIREGION, and NTSC and PAL-enable, and Macrovision OFF.

The modification of this player is done only through special
Sony-Data-service-cable and special firm software through plugs
On main-board (plug CN-103) and on IR-board (plug CN-405).

P.S.: NOTE - Besides, on main-board of this player it is necessary to install additional
Components for Pal-enable.


PostRegion code hack posted by SonyBuddy!, April 15 2004:

Sony DVP-NS315 motherboard has JTAG pinout closed by the IC406 location, you will see TCK, TMS, TRST, TD0, and TDI. Another clue is that the actually firmware is hard coded in chip OKI MR27V1602E-AE, located between IC107 and IC106. The most strangest thing is that, many of the CHIPS are removed, such as IC102, IC501, IC502, IC504, IC108, and IC405. Those are things we have to work it out!!!

PostRegion code hack posted by Ialdo Belo, November 27 2005:

Ok. This guy Chris is right! I'm in Brazil and followed his instructions to make my Sony NS 315 Region Free and... It works! I had tested with Region 4 DVDs and Region 1 as well and both runs smoothly.

PostRegion code hack posted by johnbb, January 27 2010:

Need hack with remote control

PostRegion code hack posted by just1time, September 21 2011:

I want to play region 2 PAL format DVD

PostRegion code hack posted by Memo, January 09 2021:

I have the Sony dvp ns315, only region 4 , but i have a region 1 DVD and looking in the internet
i found the solution.

Here is in Spanish :

basically with your remote press the button return, Enter and then power, on screen of the DVD
player screen (not the TV) show you "Locked", then power off and repeat, press the button return,
Enter , and power and the screen show "unlocked" and now the region 1 DVD is working.

Remember the first press the return button, then the enter button and power (is not the same
time, is sequential.


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