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Sony BDP-S6500

9 user region code comments

November 16, 2018 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by ND-Mir, November 17 2015:

Use any remote, able to control sony BDP, with numbers and return key.
To test it try to switch BP-S6500 on.
The code for Sony BDP is 2075.
Once you are set switch on BDP, no disk in the tray, and type:


Switch off the player.
DVD region should be free.

PostRegion code hack posted by chewdee, December 26 2015:

that does not work for my BDP-S6500. Tried it several times, but it still wont play my DVDs from
the US.
So, any Ideas what i can do?
Kind Regards,

PostRegion code hack posted by Pajo100, January 11 2016:

Try this as it works for previous models.Use a onefor all remote.

Put player in standby press DVD or Aux key on one for all remote
Press and hold Magic key until dvd binks twice then press 994
Press magic key (do not hold) press 1891 dvd blinks twice
Repeat hold magic key until dvd blinks twice then press 994
press 2552 blinks twice
repeat hold magic press 994
press 0953 blinks twice
repeat hold magic press 994
press 2214 blinks twice
repeat hold magic press 994
press 0795 blinks twice
Put player in standy with oneforall remote
press 12345 allow 2secs between presses player comes on
now press 12345 and player turns off
disconnect power from socket for 5 secs
Reconnect and player is DVD regon free!!

PostRegion code hack posted by Mark38, August 13 2016:

Sorry, It doesn`t work on my player (European Version)

Is there any possibility? I have the OneforAll URC7140.


PostRegion code hack posted by letitiag, January 24 2017:

Both mentioned hacks with the universal remote do not work on my player. If I try with the codes the player starts opening random screens but in the end still does not play my region 1 disks
please help!!

PostRegion code hack posted by, February 17 2017:

The configuration of the Harmony 650 doesn't work for the BDP-S6500 because the number pads are not assigned!
If someone have a solution...


PostRegion code hack posted by Acliff, July 29 2017:

Bought the player on Amazon UK 12 months ago. Got into a panic when it suddenly wouldn't play Region B disks last
night. However found this on the Amazon comment section which worked for me (didn't remember that it was a multi-
region player!):

"Switch the machine on and open the drawer.
With the drawer open, press one of the coloured buttons on the remote controller:-
Yellow - zone A
Blue - Zone B
Red - Zone C
Put the disc in the drawer and close it.
Note: This is only for Blu-Rays; DVDs switch region automatically."

PostRegion code posted by edd3d, February 28 2018:

Anyone find a hack/unlock for this player? I bought mine in the U.S. and none of the solutions I've read here so far are

But I think the problem may be the remote -- I don't really have a one-for-all remote, and the remotes I do have that
control the BDP-S6500 either don't have a number pad or a return button.

PostRegion code posted by Mi, November 16 2018:

The hack mentioned by Acliff works for my player (purchased at Target in the States). Played my Region B/2 disc just fine. Thanks a

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