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Samsung HT-DL70DRH/XEU

5 user region code comments

January 26, 2003 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by Singh, December 26 2002:

switch unit on with remote
press enter
press 8,4,2,6,9
press enter
tray will open and unit will hopefully be region free
may work!

PostRegion code hack posted by jason porter, December 31 2002:

i tried my mums today and found this does work
power on dvd player
open tray
put disc on tray (DO NOT CLOSE TRAY)
press ENTER then 84269 then ENTER
then press PLAY on remote
tray will close and the film will start
im afraid i had to do this everytime i put a disc in......but least it worked
i tried REGION1 and REGION3 discs and they both worked

PostRegion code hack posted by Harvo, January 13 2003:

Works on Samsung HT-DM 550 aswell!!

1. Open tray and remove any disks in tray.
2. Close tray.
1. Switch Off Player and Unplug from mains wait 30 seconds (this clears RAM)
2. Reconnect to mains
3. Turn on player with remote.
4. Press ENTER on remote.
5. Press 8, 4, 2, 6, 9. Using keys on remote.if your player is already set to region 2
6. Press ENTER on remote. (The tray will open and player will power off and close tray.)
7. Switch on power from remote.
8. Player is now Region Free.

Tried R1 Harts War and was fine and then played R2
Saving Private Ryan and vice versa with no problems

Used hack from postings from Xtreme and Gunsentry
on Samsung HT-DM150
Many Thanks Guys

PostRegion code hack posted by David Berry, January 25 2003:

This Also works for the HT-DL70D
(Although it's probably only a different model number because of the included speaker kit that came with it!)

From a standard region 2 system:-

Turn power on without a disc in the tray using remote control
Press 8,4,2,6,9
Tray should open
Machine is now REGION FREE
Pop a disc in and away you go!

I also tried a region 1 disc after disconnecting from the mains for a while. After powering up, it still played a region 1 disc without having to re-enter hack.

PostOther hack posted by David Berry, January 26 2003:

* For information on my last entry for HT-DL70D *

Even though the discs played in the player for the regions I tried (1 and 2) I was unable to use the cursor control on the remote keypad for region 2 discs.

I tried a reset as mentioned on a previous SAMSUNG DL100 hack (STOP and PLAY on front) and this didn't clear the hack, but enabled the controls again.

Still have region free AND cursor control back!


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