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Samsung DVD-S224

12 user region code comments

August 14, 2013 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by ctsw2001, July 20 2002:

Make sure the disc tray is empty, press repeat on remote followed by
5,7,5,3 and 8 (one at a time in order).

The numbers 02 will appear in the top left of the screen. Quickly press the number button (1 for R1, 2 for R2, 9 for multiregion, etc) then press the open button on the remote. After 15 seconds turn the power off, then on again and you're sorted!!

PostRegion code hack posted by Brent, August 04 2002:



1. Turn DVD player on with no disc inserted.
2. Press "REPEAT" once on your remote control.
3. If your DVD player is:
Region 1 coded type: 2 9 3 3 4
Region 2 coded type: 3 8 7 6 7
Region 3 coded type: 5 6 7 3 2
Region 4 coded type: 7 6 8 8 4
Region 5 coded type: 5 3 8 1 4
Region 6 coded type: 2 4 4 6 2
*So if your dvd player only plays dvd's that are
region 1 coded you would type 2 9 3 3 4

4. Then press 9 on your remote control.
5. Wait 10 seconds.
6. Turn power off.


PostRegion code hack posted by zaffe, November 06 2002:

1) Turn on the player. Make sure the tray is closed
and no disc is inserted. The Samsung logo should
be visible on the TV screen.

2) Hold down the PLAY and STOP buttons on the
front panel of the player. Within a few seconds, a
language select screen should appear. Press 1
(on the remote) for English.

3) The Samsung logo should reappear, with the
message "No Disc" on the screen and/or in the
front panel display. Now, press the following
buttons, on the remote, in sequence:

REPEAT, 5, 7, 5, 3, 8

Press them slowly and deliberately, but not too
slowly (if you're unsure, about one button press per
second is adequate). Don't take any notice of what
appears on the TV screen while you're doing this.
(Also, make sure you press the actual REPEAT
button and *not* A-B REPEAT.)

4) *After* you've finished the button sequence, the
number "02" should be visible in one corner of the
TV screen. This indicates your currently set region.

5) Press 9 on your remote - the number will
change to "09" - then *immediately* press
OPEN/CLOSE on the remote to open the tray. (You
*must* press OPEN/CLOSE before "09"
disappears from the screen.)

6) Wait at least 15 seconds then press POWER on
the remote - the tray will close and the player will
go into standby mode. Wait at least another 15
seconds then press POWER again to turn the
player back on.

You should now be able to play discs from any

PostRegion code hack posted by Pete, January 01 2003:

I bought my daughter this DVD player for Christmas, and converted it to region free before giving it to her.It realy works and I can recommend this mod and player as a good buy.

1. Ensure disc tray is empty.
2. Press "Repeat" on the R/C then enter 5,7,5,3,8
3. The numbers "02" appear in the top left of the screen.
4. Quickly press the number "9" button on the R/C, for "multi region".
6. Wait 20 seconds, then power off, then on again.
Thats it, and it does work!

PostRegion code hack posted by Nas & Sim, January 02 2003:

Just to say the hack left by Zaffe was the only one to work on our S224 dvd player.
Also, so people know, 09 does not necessarily show up once the hack is complete even though it works as region free!!
We had a mini power cut recently that seemed to reset it back to region 2 only...
so no panicking if you find one day that its not playing multi region!!

thanks for all the info supplied, its all been really helpful.

PostRegion code hack posted by sng, January 05 2003:

I have successfully implemented Brent's region code heck on the Australian version (R4) S224 version XSA:

1. Turn DVD player on with no disc inserted.
2. Press "REPEAT" once on your remote control.
3. Type: 7 6 8 8 4
4. Then press 9 on your remote control.
5. Eject the tray and wait 10 seconds.
6. Turn power off.

My Australian version (R4) S224 uses the C-cube Ziva 4.1 mpeg decoder chip. I suspected that the Euro (R2) S224 uses the Zoran Vaddis decoder chip, read:

PostRegion code hack posted by meelis, February 28 2003:

I just would like to add this remark: above region hacks will make this player region free, not multi region! This means that player is not able to play RCE encoded discs.
So if you want to see region 1 Rce encoded disc you must press 1 instead of 9.

PostRegion code hack posted by Pete M., June 05 2003:

Have tried the hack posted by ctsw on my s224 purchased from Currys in Dec 2002 - it work fine. Only comment on my remote there are 2 repeat buttons one with letters on and one without - use the repeat button WITHOUT the letters on it.

PostRegion code hack posted by ctparojinog, October 07 2003:

This one works for SAMSUNG E238 purchased at region 3. I had mine region code free.

1. Turn VIDEO on TV set on.
2. Turn DVD player on.
3. Press "open" button and make sure the DVD
tray is empty
4. On Remote Control, press "Repeat" button.
Do not confuse yourself with the "Repeat A-B"
5. Press the numbers on your remote control 56732
with accuracy.
6. Your region code 3 should appear on the upper left
corner of your TV screen.
7. Press number 9 on your remote control.
8. Wait for 10 seconds.
9. Turn off your DVD player.

The next time you turn on your DVD E238, it is now region free!!!!!

PostRegion code hack posted by boobstore, October 08 2003:

ctsw2001 method works fine for a S324.


PostRegion code hack posted by DiMarz, August 31 2005:

I live in Sweden and
This is what I did:
1. Remove any disc from tray
2. Wait until NO DISC displays
3. Press "57538"
4. Then you see a yellow REGION number
5. Press "9" on REMOTE for regionfree or any other region
6. Then you see the new yellow REGION number

That's everything, you can do it without powering the player on/off.

So you can have one regiondisc in then removing the disc without powering off the player.
Set the region code.
Just open the tray and insert another regiondisc and play it.

PostRegion code hack posted by, August 14 2013:

samsung dvd s224

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