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Samsung BD-J4500

15 user region code comments

November 10, 2020 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by chat2chuck97, May 29 2016:

Using your remote control do the following:

1. Power ON without disc. Press OPEN TRAY
2. Press the BLACK button BELOW the yellow "C" button.

3. Press 7-6-8-8-4 (or your region code).
3. The current region code will display at the top left
of the screen.
4. Quickly Press 9 to change to free region.

Power off with RC
Power On with RC

Repeat steps 1 to 3, your region code will now show "0"
"9" but still works

Region codes:

1- 29334
2- 57538
3- 56732
4- 76884
5- 53814
6- 24462

PostRegion code hack posted by wildcat2x, June 30 2016:

Hi all. Just tried this hack on a region 1 Samsung BD-J4500 but no soap. Entered the region code
29334 after applying previous steps and nothing appeared on the screen except the startup menu that
comes up when you turn the player on. Tried pressing 9 and again no joy - nothing on screen except
startup menu (play disc/photos/videos/music/settings etc). Was sitting right in front of the player
and applied the hack multiple times. Still wouldn't work. Any ideas?

PostRegion code hack posted by Rickey, March 06 2017:

i think this one only work on BD-J4500R, NOT BD-J4500. but you can try again.

PostRegion code posted by JeanMarc, June 29 2017:

I bought a BD-J4500R (Canada) and the hack does not work for me.
I tried many times and nothing is displayed on the screen like expected.

Even a Zone 2 movie (that I own) that was duplicated with no zone does not work!
Seems that the PAL engine is disabled.

Could it be the remote control?
Mine is AK59-00149A.

Any idea?

PostRegion code hack posted by Moviegoer71, July 26 2017:

I bought Samsung BD-J4500R yesterday and tried this hack but it doesn't work. I only see the
startupmenu. I made sure Play Disc is selected, disk tray opened, tried to press REPEAT button
under yellow C for 5 seconds, nothing helped.

PostRegion code hack posted by applecart, August 19 2017:

Worked for my Samsung BD J5500. Exactly followed the steps from the above post.I got it from
India (Shipped from Malaysia). Tried 53814 ( Region 5) multiple times , did not went through.
started trying other combinations. Got a hit with 57538( Region 2).

PostRegion code hack posted by Kate, October 25 2017:

I brought my DVD player in Australia and followed the hack for region code 4 to play region 1& 2 discs and it worked first
time! Yay!

PostRegion code posted by Christian, November 04 2017:


It's not working on my BD-J4500R either. I have the 11.x.x firmware, this may be the reason.

Any hack update?


PostRegion code hack posted by JohnP, November 26 2017:

I also just tried this on an Aussie bought player (BD-J4500R) and it worked fine first time through and played a test disk from the UK. Thanks to the OP.

PostRegion code hack posted by Dave, January 03 2018:

It worked for me. Make sure the botton is the BLACK one below the repeat botton. It has no title to that black botton.
Previous posting instructed to press REPEAT botton. It is wrong!

PostRegion code hack posted by Geeviz, September 05 2018:

Update 5-9 '18.. I can't get it to work with the BD J4500R (XN) Region 2 .. newest firmware

PostRegion code hack posted by AshleyT, January 04 2019:

Solution to region hack Samsung bd-j4500r
Turn on using rc
Open disc chamber
Hit Repeat
Hit 56732 and then 9 for all regions.
Done and dusted

PostRegion code hack posted by northshore, October 10 2019:

it worked for me first go on the Samsung+BD-J4500r thanks for the help. time to watch north shore :P

PostRegion code hack posted by NS, December 20 2019:

Try hack as per original instructions, but close the tray before set the region code. Worked for me.

PostRegion code hack posted by Nico Darko, November 10 2020:

Tried all the different ways mentioned, doesn't work for me either. Mine is a region 2/B BD-
J4500R/XN, firmaware 1011.0.

Has anyone with a region 2 player succeeded? Reading the comments it looks like this hack only works
on region 4 players. Can anyone confirm?

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