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Pioneer DV-355

10 user region code comments

February 25, 2008 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by Ernest, December 14 2002:

I have just used th hack for the pioneer dv-454, and it works. Tried several times to import the category, but always the OR changed the code to 0048, so I uploaded the memo to the palm, changed the code to 0050 before importing, and that was it, OR exported it as 0049. I had to press button "0" 23 times in the OR until the dvd player turned off. Hope it helps.

PostRegion code hack posted by Wagner Santos, January 03 2003:

I have used the hack for DV 454 and it works. I have got some problems with changes in the codes after importing to OmniRemote but it worked anyway.

PostRegion code hack posted by Afton Worlfegast, January 15 2003:

I applied the dv454 hack with a Palm III on this player and itw orked perfectly with region 1 and 4 dvds. I noted that when exporting the codes from Omniremote (v2.07) some codes where changed (the infamous 49-->48, see dv454 hack list) but tried it anyway, and _it works_.

PostRegion code hack posted by Luis Gonzáles, February 18 2003:

I have some links

PostRegion code hack posted by snakebite, May 25 2003:

I used the dv454 hack using WinLirc (Posted by Peter Jam 9), It took 15mins to set up and worked the first time I sent the code. However when making the simple transmitter circuit make sure you connect the anode of the 1N4148 to pin 3(tx) not to DTR or rx as suggested in the forum. The cathode of the IR led (which I borrowed from a spare remote controller) goes to pin 5(signal ground)(assuming you have a 9 pin serial plug, if you have a 25 pin plug use pin 2 (Tx) and pin 7 (Sg))
......even my RCE DVD's work

PostRegion code hack posted by philthee, August 03 2003:

Just used Bernie's DV-454 hack with Peter's codes on a Region 4 DV-355.

Used my Compaq laptop with a USB serial adapter, and the simple resistor/LED transmitter held about 6 inches from the player.

Started with the player ON, door CLOSED, and sent the codes. Unit turned off, and when restarted was region "*".

Plays Region 1 discs just fine. Thanks guys!

PostRegion code hack posted by Afton Worlfegast, December 05 2003:

I applied the dv454 hack with a Palm III on this player and itw orked perfectly with region 1 and 4 dvds. I noted that when exporting the codes from Omniremote (v2.07) some codes where changed (the infamous 49-->48, see dv454 hack list) but tried it anyway, and _it works_.

PostRegion code hack posted by morthaus, May 11 2006:

I just used the hack for the DV-454 on a region 4 australian player that refused to play region 1 discs and some copies that were not region 1. After doing the 10 minute modification (which I did using my computers onboard IR port on the motherboard hooked up to a $10 IR I/O that I got ages ago from an electronics store) the player supports every region i have thrown at it and discs that were previously troublesome to play on the drive are now error-free!
Very happy as it has given a new lease of life to this good player.

Check out the hacks page for the DV-454 and READ ALL THE COMMENTS (thats the part that took the longest) to find out how to do it!

PostRegion code hack posted by J.B Kundalia, May 17 2006:

hack for multiregion

PostRegion code hack posted by SunsetHunter, February 25 2008:

Just wanted to add a further confirmation that the hack posted for the Pioneer DV-454 by kyriacosmetal here:

definitely works for the Pioneer DV-355 as well!

I have an Australian Region 4 DV-355 and by following kyriacosmetal's instructions exactly it worked perfectly on the first go. Just to perhaps make it clearer, here is how I did it:
1) Checked my mobo (an Abit IC7-G) had an IR header on it - I believe most modern mobo's do.
2) Purchased an ActiSys ACT-IR210L IR motherboard adaptor for about $46. In Australia, I got it from - you may find something similar for less.
3) Follow kyriacosmetal's instructions at the above link - to the letter! You can't go wrong if you do. However, one minor confusion I found was in the instructions it uses the word "replace" where it it should say "change" - it just makes more sense if you read it that way. Another tip is where to find the two .ini files that are referred to - they are in C:\Windows\Inf
4) Once you've modfied the two ini files and copied them into the Windows\Inf directory, downloaded and installed WINLirc and created the config file which contains the codes themselves, then you can install the IR210L.
5) Firstly, print out the instructions for changing the BIOS - you'll need them!
6) Locate the header pins on your mobo and install the hardware (takes just a couple of minutes - very straighforward)
7) When you turn your PC back on, go into the BIOS and make the necessary adjustments. The instructions didn't entirely match my BIOS settings, but were close enough that I could figure it out.
8) Save and exit the BIOS and continue booting into Windows.
9) Windows picks up the new hardware and installs it - just follow the prompts - nothing too tricky here.
10) Fire up WINLirc and use the settings in kyriacosmetal's instructions. When I started WINLirc, it ran in the system tray but you can open it from there.
11) In the resulting dialog box you need to select two values - hit the dropdown for each one and the value you need is right there.
12) Nearly there - just setup the IR device to point at your Pioneer DVD player (you did go and get your DVD player from the loungeroom, didn't you? ;-) I placed the IR device on a book to bring it level with the IR port on the front of my DV-355. I had it about 2 cm from the IR port.
13) Ensure your DVD player is ON, then click on 'Send Codes' in WINLirc and thats it - it took a second to send it. Then the DVD Player turns off and thats it - your hobbled Region 4 only player now plays anything - which is just the way it should be anyway!
14) Enjoy some non-Region 4 DVDs! :-)

I was so stoked that this actually worked I just had to create an account here especially to post this! Huge thanks to kyriacosmetal for posting that hack and to others who tried it and let us know that it works.

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