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Philips HTB3520

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March 05, 2020 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by satyr23, November 21 2018:

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November 07, 2017 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by Ashes, November 07 2017:

To set Philips HTB3520 to region free mode:

1. Turn on player with no disk inserted
2. Press "Open/Close" on the remote control (Might have to long-press the "Stop" button)
3. Enter "259" using the number keys on the remote control
4. Enter "13893108520" using the number keys on the remote control

NOTE: While in this mode, buttons on the player itself won't work (except the power button) and
you'll have to use the remote control to open the DVD tray.

PostRegion code hack posted by Erhu, March 01 2020:

This is about that hack posted by satyr23. I now wish I could take it back. The first time I executed the sequence, it resulted in my losing the ability to play many of my DVDs. I tried it again with two changes. That "Open/Close" step must be a single key stroke, not two, and it did have to be followed by the long "Stop" stroke.

That undid much of the damage, but there was no improvement over the original settings. I can play any DVD, but Blue-Ray from one region only, as it was before I started. The Blue-Ray was what I needed, and that was a wash. As I was warned, the buttons on the unit are now mostly inoperable. The remote must be used for every operation other than power-on. Here are a few other draw-backs I have found:

When the power is turned on, the volume defaults to an uncomfortably high setting, having no memory of the last setting used.

It no longer auto-starts when a disc is inserted.

Audio CDs now automatically repeat.

The words "TRADE ON" appear on the panel display. I do not understand the meaning.

Worst of all, these changes appear to be irreversible. I have found no way to restore the factory settings, which had been serving quite well for all but that one imported Blue-Ray.

PostRegion code hack posted by smp, March 05 2020:

You enabled the "Trade mode". Just open the tray and press 2-5-9 to disable it.

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