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Philips DVP5982

16 user region code comments

June 04, 2009 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by muffin, April 21 2007:

press Setup
select Preference
Press 1,3,8,9,3,1
Press up/down key to select "0"

PostRegion code hack posted by Dr. Tek, June 10 2007:

Philips DVP-5982 Region Code hack:

Hold the Stop key on the remote to Open the DVD tray
press Setup
select Preference
Press 1,3,8,9,3,1
Press up/down key to select "0

Remember! The tray MUST be open in order for the Preferences menu to show up on Setup.

Dr. Tek

PostRegion code hack posted by Sid, July 16 2007:

I don't see a preference button on the supplied remote. Do I need to use a different remote?

PostRegion code hack posted by Taz, July 22 2007:


The "PREFERENCE" is on the setup menu. When you press "SETUP" key on the remote, you'll see a screen appear on your TV. Just use the > key of the remote to switch from VIDEO, AUDIO to PREFERENCE. Then press 138931 and UP/DOWN key on the remote until you've "0".

PostRegion code posted by stavr0, October 21 2007:

HOWTO check the current firmware:
- Press SETUP
- Navigate to [General Options] menu
- Press 1 3 7 9
This will display the firmware version numbers.

Compare with firmware upgrades at: ... s_CONSUMER

PostRegion code hack posted by travelguy, November 12 2007:

The latest firmware Version can be applied without losing region free hack posted previously.

PostRegion code posted by stampid, December 26 2007:

I saw that best buy in canada is selling a similar model. This is the model that they are selling.


Now, is this model going to work like the other model specified above ?

Thank you very much

PostRegion code hack posted by batkamano60, March 04 2008:

I am working for Best Buy and after a lots of research I decided to purchase this Philips DVP 5982/37 player. The player is in Region 1 by default. I was thinking to get the Pioneer but the hack is a lot more complicated.
So... I followed this instruction and now I have an upconvert 1080p "All Region" player. I tried Region 2 and works like a charm!

press Setup
select the Preference Tab
Press 1,3,8,9,3,1
Press up/down key to select "0"
and hit menu to exit.

you can double check it by

Navigate to [General Options] menu
Press 1 3 7 9

I am using a Rocketfish (cheap) HDMI cable and a Samsung LN-T 4069 tv and the quality is magnificent!

It works! If you hesitating like I did, go with this player! Good quality and takes 5 minutes to unlock!

PostRegion code hack posted by Krawk, April 27 2008:

My Nov 2007 player I just got has firmware - The hack posted here works on it as well. Is this the latest firmware? The number is bigger than the that philips has to offer.

PostRegion code hack posted by Presidentike, May 22 2008:

- Press "Setup" on your remote.
- Go to the right to select "Preference"
- Press 1,3,8,9,3,1
- Press up or down to scroll through the regions; select "0" for completely region-free.
- Then press "menu" to exit.

This worked beautifully for me on the first try! Thanks very much for the info, everybody!

PostRegion code hack posted by allsmiles277, May 25 2008:

Hack worked like a charm

PostRegion code posted by amckinney, November 12 2008:

Change TV system from NTSC to MULTI

(using the supplied remote)

1. Open tray
2. Press "3". A small box will pop up in the upper left corner of the screen saying MULTI.

You now have a player that will output an NTSC picture for NTSC discs, and a PAL picture for PAL discs, useful if you have a multi-system television and don't want to take the "quality-hit" that standards conversion would inflict.

PostRegion code posted by doshea, December 27 2008:

Just to confirm for others, the hack described at the top of this discussion works with a DVP 5982/37 purchased a week ago. Thanks to those that clarified the steps required to complete the hack

PostRegion code hack posted by gringosp, January 15 2009:

Works perfectly in Brazil. Bought the DVD player from Amazon for $65, had it delivered to my hotel on a business trip and set up the hack at home in Sao Paulo with no problems at all, setting it to Region 0. Now all DVDs bought in the US and Brazil work fine on this one player.

Great hack !

PostRegion code hack posted by zhufrk, February 18 2009:

Just bought a DVP5990/37 from BestBuy yesterday, the above region code hack is still valid. Firmware version: However, change TV system from NTSC to MULTI by 'open tray' and then '3' does not work, screen corner shows 'NTSC', not 'multi'.

PostRegion code posted by amckinney, June 04 2009:

The "change TV system" hack does NOT work on a 5990. It was only for the 5982. There IS an "unofficial" firmware floating around cyberspace that restores the ability to switch to MULTI.

BY THE WAY, the "change TV system" hack I posted for the 5982 does not appear to work on 'newer' 5982s. I bought a second 5982 on eBay and this hack does NOT work on that one, even when I load the same firmware on it. My guess is Philips did some tinkering during production, discovered the loophole, and found a way to remove it. I should compare the manufacture dates of my two 5982s.

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