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Philips DVP5960

26 user region code comments

February 16, 2011 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by nexus6, May 11 2006:

This hack was successfully applied to the Philips DVP5960/37.
It is the same hack as with the Philips DVP5140:

1. Turn on the unit
2. Open the loading tray
3. Press the "Setup" button on the remote
4. Navigate to the "Preferences" page using the right arrow key
5. Enter 138931
6. You will now see the current region code displayed
7. Use the Up/Down arrow keys to select the region required or "0" for all regions
8. Press the "Setup" button on the remote
9. Press "OK" on the remote

PostRegion code hack posted by Tim, May 30 2006:

I just tried this hack as written above on a recently purchased Philips DVP 5960 and it works perfectly.

PostRegion code hack posted by jmikeh, June 05 2006:

Region code already listed worked fine on my 5960.

PostRegion code hack posted by alexandre, June 11 2006:

Region code already listed worked fine on my 5960/37

PostRegion code hack posted by mauwong, July 09 2006:

Region code listed above (i.e. 138931) worked fine on my dvp5960.

PostRegion code posted by tigger, August 14 2006:

couldn't find hack for DVP5965K. tried using DVP5960 method and found that it works!

PostRegion code hack posted by Laing, August 20 2006:

I did tried on new Philips DVP-5960
followed what previous posted, it did works beatifully
thanks you so much to all

PostRegion code hack posted by marvel2020, August 23 2006:

Can also confirm that the above Region Code 100%

Many thanks

PostRegion code hack posted by Albrecht, August 24 2006:

Just to double-confirm that this hack above works great! Just bought the 5960 from CircuitCity for $86.39 ($66.39 with rebate offer.) Applied the hack and I'm playinf region2 PAL DVDs on my US NTSC tv. Also plays region1 Dvds and region 0 China bootleg Dvds without problems! Thanks for the hack!

PostRegion code hack posted by Ramesh, September 04 2006:

I tried the same. It worked fine for me.

PostRegion code hack posted by Alan, September 19 2006:

Hack listed at the start of this list worked perfectly with the Philips DVP 5960/37 unit I purchased at 'The Source' in Ottawa, Canada in Sept 2006.

I connect the DVD player to the TV via an HDMI cable and it seems I need to power-cycle (turn off then on) the TV once when I put a region 2/PAL DVD in to play - I have not yet looked at the TV or the DVDs menus to see if this extremely minor issue can be got rid of and I will not mind in the slightest if it can't; just really happy I can play, via HDMI, my purchased DVDs from UK :)

PostRegion code posted by Conkerjoe, September 22 2006:

Works Great.. Anyone know of a HDCP hack ? my DVI port on my tv is not HDCP compliant :(

PostRegion code hack posted by vic flange, October 23 2006:

Tried it today and the hacks works perfectly on DVP5960/05

PostRegion code hack posted by M. van der Aar, November 23 2006:

I tried the hack yesterday on my Dutch version (DVP5960/12) and it works like a charm.

PostRegion code hack posted by joseph, December 19 2006:

I want to be able to set my player to regon free

PostRegion code hack posted by 99jabber04, December 26 2006:

Bought the Philips DVP 5960 december 26th and the hack still works. Can now play UK and Australian DVDs with no problem. Very good image quality.

PostRegion code hack posted by pluto, January 08 2007:

Yes, I bought DVD5960 on 1/7/07 at Bestbuy and this hack worked!!! thanks!

PostRegion code hack posted by vasco, February 10 2007:

I can confirm that above hack worked fine on my Philips 5960 manufactured Nov 2006. My firmware is dated 08.23.2006(factory loaded), bought 01.12.2007 at CC.

PostRegion code posted by khan, February 21 2007:

man just get yours from i got mine and it works great

PostRegion code hack posted by SH, April 05 2007:

Just bought one from
Hack works perfect. My DVDs from Germany (region code 2) and from US play with setting to region code 0.

PostRegion code hack posted by ben, July 30 2007:

I just tried this on my (brand new) DVP 5960 and it works perfectly! I also noticed while scrolling through the conventional Setup Menus, there was a place where you could select between PAL and NTSC, which makes this DVD player a great bonus to begin with.

After applying the trick here to make it Region Free, I tested it with several PAL and NTSC discs of varying regions. It worked perfectly with any disc I could throw at it. Fantastic!

PostRegion code posted by digitalgodd, December 23 2007:

The above code works great. My last player was a Philips DVP 642 that had a similar hack code. Both of these players that I have owned are worth every penny, and you don't spend many of those.

My tip: On any Philips DVD player you can eject a disc by holding the stop button on the remote for like 3 secs, you can close the tray that same way.

PostRegion code hack posted by DrZ, January 02 2008:

Worked for me as well. Not sure why I needed it though--this DVD player is supposed to play region 1-6. Is that only true if you find out the hack?

PostRegion code hack posted by rokrchik, January 21 2008:

Applied hack as noted above and worked brilliant. Philips DVP 5960 purchased
from in the US. Plays UK, Australian, New Zealand dvd's in addition to US
disks. Thanks!

PostRegion code hack posted by dzjeemz, January 23 2008:

23/01/2008: Just to mention that hack by NEXUS6 works perfect.
Player was bought today in Belgium (region2) and is from fresh batch.
Tried very new region 1 DVD and works fine, no hassle... Thnx

PostRegion code posted by Ahmad Benjamin, February 16 2011:

Thank you very all works fine, now my player is ZERO ZONE !!

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