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Philips DVD793C

8 user region code comments

December 28, 2006 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by Thotan, January 10 2003:


this hack works!!!!

Possibly works for LG4921P and Marantz VC-5200 as well.

PostRegion code hack posted by thndroad, February 15 2003:

Tried this tonite, burned the file and it worked perfectly, thanks for the posting. Completely easy and no need to try to send RC6 codes

PostRegion code hack posted by MythSpell, March 18 2003:

I can confirm the above hack works as well. Downloaded the file, burned the cd as instructed, put in player and changed to region 0 and once complete confirmed it worked by actually playing a DVD from a different region. No problems!

PostRegion code hack posted by LilRedSpy, April 03 2003:

This is just a THANK YOU note to the one who made this hack. Works 100%!!! Pal DVDs are sooooo much cheaper:)

PostRegion code hack posted by dhammika, April 06 2003:

Strange!! None of the three guys who posted their views mentioned anything about this fact. This hack was originally ment for a LG model but it works perfectly for Philips 793C. Special thanks to thndroad for confirming this. After so much consideration I decided to give it a try. Just follow the instructions to make the CD. (I made a CD-RW). Remove all other DVDs/CDs from the changer. Put the CD you just made. It will read the CD and displays this on the screen. "Multi region test tool", "Current region - __", "Set region to - __ (0-6)" Select the region you want ( 0 for multi region) and press OK on the remote. All done. It will eject the CD. Take it out and close the tray. The unit will power off. Now you are ready to go. I went through the unit system menu but could not find the set region there. But I put the same CD I made after switching the unit for a few minutes and found the "Current region" is the one I set before and not the original one it came with. So it had worked. Thanks for everybody for their postings.

PostRegion code hack posted by Gary, April 11 2003:

Excellent hack. I have been waiting to see if anyone posts a hack for my Panasonic until I tried an SVCD movie and it couldn't play it. So I decided to buy a new DVD player. I did my research on this web site, my friend has a Philips player that had a hack that worked so after reading what other people had to say about this hack I tried it out. I found this player in Best Buy for $120.
I wanted to add my experience of trying the hack as it did not work properly the first time. I was getting the screen showing me the region it was set to and a line prompting for which region I wanted. At this point you enter 0 for all regions, after entering 0 I was getting and invalid ID followed by error 3. I had burned the hack onto a 32x cd-r and according to the hack owner he said the 24x worked for him and he thought the speed was important. I found an older 10x cd-rw, I burned the hack onto this and it worked without an issue. I am from Europe and will be taking enormous advantage of this. I can't thank the person who posted this enough. I hope this helps someone else.

PostOther hack posted by Thotan, May 29 2003:


You are all very welcome. I spent 4 weeks trying to find the right hack. As some people commented, this hack is meant for other players originally, but comparing the menus/etc. from several brands and models (marantz, philips, LG...), I decided to try. If other people are having problems with other players, you can definitely try this.

PostRegion code hack posted by Annelie Mackay, December 28 2006:

want to be able to play region 2

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