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Philips DVD733

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January 06, 2008 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by Klint, November 18 2002:

open tray press 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 for region "0"
press 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 1 for region "1"

good luck!


PostRegion code hack posted by Pete, December 19 2002:

This info came, exactly as written below, with the unopened player (competition laws in Australia demand it !!)

With TV connected and on DVD channel.....

* Press the tray "open" button on the DVD player.
* Enter the following numbers slowly on the remote control "1111" - note, you will see nothing on the screen.
*Press "0" on the remote - (take note of TV screen to ensure you select the right number. TV should show "new region 0" in top left hand corner of screen.
*Press "open/close"

You have now completed this process.

Good Luck, hope it works !

PostRegion code hack posted by DE50, January 31 2003:

i opened like the first hack said the dvd player.

pressed 5 times 0 and the screen said "new region 0"

pressed open/close again and region free


PostRegion code hack posted by Ewald Popp, March 05 2003:

Confirm second hack DE50, worked perfect as described.

PostOther hack posted by CBee, March 05 2003:

Website shows dvd634, dvd640 and dvd733 use the same firmware (available there) and most likely share the hacks.

So also look at hacks for Philips DVD634, Philips DVD640 and PHILIPS DVD733.

PostRegion code hack posted by Lee, April 11 2003:

Contirmed hack '0,0,0,0,X'. Tried >25 times without being locked out as some sited are claiming. Thanks

PostRegion code hack posted by dec, June 15 2003:

works with the new Philips DVD-733k ( 1-1-1-1-0 with the tray open)

PostRegion code posted by Shawny, November 20 2003:

Require remote hack (or firmware hack) to disable Macrovision

PostRegion code hack posted by Sherlock, December 02 2003:

confirmed 1-1-1-1-0 hack on 733 k in region 5 (india) works perfectly fine!

PostRegion code hack posted by exosud, August 03 2004:

1/ Open tray without disc
2/ Enter "00000" (the last digit is the region number)
3/ The upper left corner displays "New region=0" while 1s.
4/ You can change easyly as you like ! Enjoy...

PostRegion code hack posted by Exosud, August 04 2004:

(en Français...)
1/ Ouvrez le tiroir SANS DISQUE à l'intérieur
2/ Entrer "00000" (le dernier chiffre est le N° de zone)
3/ Le lecteur affiche "New Region=0" dans l'angle supérieur gauche.
4/ Vous pourrez ensuite changer de région à votre convenance. Régalez-vous!!!

PostRegion code hack posted by n0gga, January 06 2008:

I've tried this "00000 -> 00009" hack, where you can choose, but I cant get it to work. I live in Norway, and i cant play a Pink Floyd DVD. It just ends up telling me that there is no disc. Behind the DVD cover it tells me that the region is 0, but "00000" wont work...? Is there some other steps I have to follow?


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