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February 15, 2003 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by Johnny Sørensen, August 04 2001:

remote hack
1. Turn the machine ON and remove any discs.
2. When the display shows 'NO DISC'
3. Enter 'Play', '159'.
4. The display will change to show 11 dashes ('-----------').
5. For region 1 enter the 12 digit code '005000128156',
for region 2 enter the 12 digit code '002000128156'
6. Press 'Play' and the screen will turn blue and then reset.

PostRegion code hack posted by Reijndert, August 07 2001:

Very easy to hack region, but no hack for macrovision. Only way to get rid of macrovision seems to be by chip/hardwarehack.
Instructions for easy hacking region with remote is here:

PostRegion code hack posted by Willem, August 13 2001:

carefull with the way of hacking described above!
It will turn off your component video output, remove menu items and will only last you about 25 times!

It's a lot better to use the rc6 hack with a Palm Pilot or the One For All remote control!

info on this hack can be found on the above url as well

PostRegion code hack posted by Eric Beekers, September 22 2001:

This hack works for region code free.

Use the normal remote supplied with the device.

Press Play (on remote) followed by 159. The famous dashes will appear.

Now enter:

222 222 005 255 followed by play.

Until now, nothing has changed with the other hacks. However the device will NOT reset. It will also not listen to any command entered by on the remote or the device itselft. Unplugging the mains and plugging again enters the normal state again.

The device is now region code free!

Known limitations: none.

Have fun.

PostRegion code hack posted by Martin Larsen, November 28 2001:

IF you tried the play 159 005 000 000 128 156 play hack and then found out that you lost your menus (Like I did). To get them back use RC6 028 000 000 128 156 play. Then you will have your menus back.....

Martin Larsen

PostRegion code hack posted by pol, January 21 2003:

i tried many hacks with the normal remote control but for region 2 only one seems to walk good

You have to press play then 159 then 033000000000 then play. You'll have then to restart the dvd and miracle !

The method PLAY "1 5 9 008 000 000 000 PLAY" didn't run with all dvd

PostRegion code hack posted by jim, February 15 2003:


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