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Philips DVD711

12 user region code comments

July 29, 2003 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by Nick, May 21 2001:

Proper Unlimited hack, (RCE Compliant) see site below

Need a 0ne for all handset or a palm 5.

Works perfectly.

PostRegion code hack posted by Zuah, July 02 2001:

THE CODE 020000000000 only locks the player !!

PostRegion code hack posted by Gresty, July 10 2001:

The code 02000000000 does lock the player as i found out the hard way!

The real code to change back to region 2 is 002000000000

PostRegion code hack posted by frank, August 06 2001:

Check this out. Very good site.

PostRegion code hack posted by Porfirio, January 04 2002:

I just wanted to add that I went everywhere looking for the specific OneForAll remotes with the "Magic" button, but they seem to be out of production. So, I bought the OneForAll Cinema 7, and used the "Setup" button instead of magic. The hack-codes worked, so now my players region free (I swap between reg-1 and reg-1)! My only regret is that the Philips DVD711 DOES NOT have an on-board NTSC/PAL signal converter... it only plays PAL/PAL or NTSC/NTSC.

PostRegion code hack posted by EL_Gringo, January 26 2002:

Okay for those of you who have locked the philips dvd711 players due to wrongly coding here is the factory default code (maybe region 2 only)
press play then 1,5,9 then
053 000 000 000
then press play again
followed by the blue screen
turn off the player and then turn back on

PostRegion code hack posted by jarl, February 01 2002:

If the player completely locks up - after an attempt to hack it - it is possible to reset it.

Try unplugging it and then connect the plug while holding the eject-button and the skipforward button. The display on the player will then flash briefly and it will appear to be dead. Then unconnect the player and connect it again - and it should work fine.

If you connect the plug while holding the eject-button and the skipbackward button, the player will enter a display-test mode. When pushing the play-button, the display will alternate between 3 different patterns.

If you connect the plug while holding the eject-button and the stop-button, the player will enter something that can be either a test-mode or a configuration-mode. When pressing the different buttons, the player will show a sequence of numbers depending on how many times you press a button.

PostRegion code hack posted by Reijndert, August 13 2002:


for detailed instruction for unlocking your DVD player.

PostRegion code hack posted by Flicka, October 05 2002:

To change it region 3, follow instructions below but use:

005000 000 000

PostRegion code hack posted by Tom, April 11 2003:

Watch out! I tried setting my Philips 711 to Region code-3, and the dvd I was trying to play wouldn't work. The screen kept skipping. So I tried pressing the power/eject/play buttons at the same time. This resets the machine to "virgin mode". This is fine if its in Region 1. It's not good in Region 3. My display says "initialize" and is locked.
Philips cust serv. says I'm out of luck. There is no fix. I have to buy a new player. =(
So don't do that in region code 3.

PostOther hack posted by Sober, May 07 2003:

Hi i tried to unlock my dvd player with the remote that comes with the dvd player and i am having problems. First its only been like 15 times ive done it. Second I tried the region 1 code , then I tried region 2, then back to region 1. Now my dvd player didn't want to play vcd's. So i got the code from the "0132 000 000 000" which gives back my vcd playback. So now everything plays but now after a few seconds after powering up the buttons get locked and i can't seem to eject or push play of skip forward or backwards buttons. all buttons just lock after a few seconds. When i power the machine within the first several seconds the buttons work and i can ejecty the cd and quickly put another. Anyone know how to fix this probalem?

PostOther hack posted by Giampaolo, July 29 2003:

O eccelsi; se c' qualcuno che capisce l'italiano,
aiutatemi vi prego,
ho un lettore DVD domestico,PHILIPS 711
a cui ho cercato di cambiare il region code
per leggere le copie DVD
con la sequenza tasti PLAY, 1, 5, 9 dal telecomando, ma.......
ho combinato un casino, e il lettore si inchiodato.
Si accende, ma non si apre pi nemmeno il cassetto.
C' qualche buonanima (che ringrazio anticipatamente) che mi sa dire se c'
qualche sequenza tasti per sbloccarlo?
Ciao da un disperato Giampaolo

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