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Panasonic DVD-A110

10 user region code comments

March 27, 2005 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by wai kuo, July 31 2003:

How could i make it region code free? Thanks.

PostRegion code hack posted by James, September 21 2003:

I followed the hack in A330 and it worked:

Press the following keys on the remote:

Action (instead of setup)
>= 10
Press: 5001 (for ntsc output) or 5002 (for pal output)

PostRegion code hack posted by EZ, November 18 2003:

i applied the same hack as above...stuck in a region 2 DVD...NO AUDIO and the video skips badly. Now, my menu is totally blank. DO NOT USE THE HACK ABOVE!!!

PostRegion code hack posted by Annoyed, November 22 2003:

Let me chime in here. DEFINITELY avoid the hack posted above by that jerkwad!!!! I tried it earlier this week before the above posts. The same thing happened to my player. No more setup menu. Chapter skip and menu now lead to no-picture and screeching audio. Otherwise the player still works.

Fortunately my Panasonic player was a spare since I invested in a Cyberhome 500. The hack for it worked perfectly. No region codes and no macrovision. SVCD looks good too. If you want a problem free region free player, I highly recommend the Cyberhome 500.

Anyway, if "James" ever visits this post again, piss off you little f*ck. You're definitely one of the proverbial pimples on society's ass.

PostOther hack posted by , December 15 2003:


Initialize the player


PostOther hack posted by Gérard, December 15 2003:


During pressing both [STILL/PAUSE] and [SKIP/SEARCH<<] buttons simultaneously on the DVD Player, push [POWER] or [OPEN/CLOSE] button on the DVD Player so taht the unit is initialized. (Factory shipping condition).
The letter of [INITIALIZED] is displayed on the screen.

Good luck.

PostRegion code hack posted by James Sucks, January 17 2004:

As another user noted, the hack that "James" listed does indeed break the setup menu. I contacted Panasonic, who officially would say nothing about any codes other than DONT TRY the one listed above. It wont magically on some players and not others. It will produce the same result on all panasonic a110 players. AVOID AVOID AVOID

Who care if someone didnt leave their email, James. U obviously lied and screwed up people's players. Piss off.

PostOther hack posted by tg, January 27 2004:


I tried to initialize the player as you suggested. The sequence is a bit tricky, however, even after I see "Initializing", it eventually says "Initialization Failed" and nothing is fixed. The DVD is still broken (no setup menu and playback problems abound).

Any idea how to really reset this player to undo that harmful hack?

Any help much appreciated.


PostRegion code hack posted by BrokenA110, January 07 2005:

First, try this at your own risk - I am not liable for damages, or anything. Though you can give me money or beer for reward, and I'll be happy! ;-)

Try the hack above as is except replace the 5001/5002 code with a 0001 - you will have to do this blind, and this may work, require an init, or a reapply, or not even work at all. Besides, an initialization doesn't work too well or at all.

So far, the hacked hack worked for me, and I am watching a DVD with no crashes, scrambled screens, etc for the last hour (I have yet to check this out long term). No more need for a firmware replacement, costly repair or costly new player - though too late for me as I fixed this AFTER I bought a new S47.

Good luck!

PostRegion code hack posted by Jsec, March 27 2005:

I tried the james hack, but with the 0001 modification. That did not work. So, then I tried a 0002 and that screwed up the menus etc. So then...

Put your other region disc in the drive

It will initialize
Then hit "close"

My japanese region cd is now playing on my US region DVD player.

Good luck

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