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4 user region code comments

June 06, 2020 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by ufapeter, January 07 2010:

I used a Kameleon 8 URC-8308

Set up the DVD button on the Remote to control the player using code 0490.
The instructions on how to do this will be in the "One For All" manual.

Then program keys 0-9 with the remote control codes below. Again follow
the manual to do this. "One For All" refers to this as "Key Magic"

key 1, code 00191
key 2, code 00120
key 3, code 00065
key 4, code 00180
key 5, code 00143
key 6, code 00155
key 7, code 00122
key 8, code 00117
key 9, code 00129
key 0, code 00123

Switch on DVD player, make sure theirs no disc in it.
Press the One For All Remote buttons in the following sequence with about a
second pause between presses
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 0

The Blu Ray player will reboot, (basically switch off and then back on)

Pop in a region 1 disc and it should work fine

PostRegion code hack posted by scalonico, May 20 2010:

Just wanted to report that i was able to do this hack:

With the One for All URC-7740 remote (Argos - £14)

I actually had to use these instructions:

to program the remote - the user's manual doesn't mention anything about the 994 combination

1. hold magic button until the DVD button blinks twice
2. press 994 (magic button blinks twice)
3. press magic
4. enter 5 digit code from above
5. press button (1..0) where to program it (magic button blinks twice)
6. repeat steps 1 to 0 for all keys.

Awesome - region free DVD player, youtube viewer, blueray player, ipod player & divx player. Very happy.

Thanks for the help and hopefully someone else will find this info useful.

PostRegion code hack posted by Persen, August 01 2011:

In order to get the unit to play region locked Blu-ray discs from outside your own region, then hardware modification is required by installing a region free chip inside the player.

On exactly how to do so, i have found a pictorial guide on, who guides you threw the process step by step. ... t-one.html

I have had mine done region free like this, but i chose to pay a professional electronics repair guy to do it for me, so that no mistakes was done.
But it works, the player was originaly locked to B but have no problems playing A locked discs on it now.

PostRegion code hack posted by videdit, June 06 2020:

I bought a one-for-all URC 7880. As of 2020 February you can still buy this on ebay. I paid $12 for a used one.
The original instruction tells you to use code 0490 to setup the remote. I didn't see this and used 1579 instead. The hack won't work. Eventually I used the 0490 code and then it works the first time I tried. I pause about half second between each key.

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