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Panasonic DMP-BD45

9 user region code comments

March 01, 2018 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by 8OptimusPrime8, November 09 2010:

My Panasonic DMP-BD45EG-K (bought in Belgium) is now region free.

I used the Pronto codes provided for the BD35 hack (

Since I don't have a Pronto Remote, I installed "Tv Remote controller" ( on my old IPaq, which is able to read CCF files.

Then I modified an existing CCF file with ProntoEdit4.
Now behind buttons #1 #2 .. #9 #0 we have the hack codes.

Version without hack: ...
Version with hack:

Once you have loaded the CCF file, click on #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9 #0 (not too quickly). The player should reboot.

PostRegion code hack posted by KDiamond, January 14 2011:

That hack

is happened to be 100% applicable for my DMP-BD45EE (5th region originally).

Applied with Kameleon URC-9960 remote.

PostRegion code posted by mattytroll, March 12 2011:

I have got this hack to work on a DMP-BD45 region 4 player with a palm m505 running
I used to convert page 1 of the CCF file to a PDB for the palm and it worked PERFECTLY :)

PostRegion code hack posted by, July 23 2011:

need to change region code to region free

PostRegion code hack posted by ravichandran, July 30 2011:

still iam not trying

PostRegion code hack posted by Katerina Ayres, November 10 2011:

For region 1 please

PostRegion code hack posted by Alex2000, November 12 2011:

It is very old hack for all PANASONIC !!!
DVD Panasonic.
DVD for URC OFA: 0490 (Panasonic DVD)
DVD for URC Philips: 0517 (Panasonic DVD)
1 = 00191
2 = 00120
3 = 00065
4 = 00180
5 = 00143
6 = 00155
7 = 00122
8 = 00117
9 = 00129
0 = 00123

1. Standby
2. Press 1,2,3, ... 0
Example: URC Philips SRP3004 for example ...
10 euro or 10 USD max price. Or OFA remote.

PostRegion code hack posted by Ceilic, January 04 2018:

I'm look dvd

PostRegion code hack posted by Elouise Warren, March 01 2018:

Hack to change region code

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