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Norcent DP 312

19 user region code comments

December 09, 2006 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by Carl VerPlanck, October 10 2003:

There is indeed a hack for this player - although I can't tell you exactly what buttons to press to get it. I can tell you that I own a 300, which I recommended to a friend as a great region-free dvd player. Unfortunately, he got confused and bought a 312. To make a long story short - after pressing a bunch of buttons in no particular order, some sort of code popped up in the upper left corner, you could change it too, but nothing that appeared to be region-related (so I thought). After changing the code to the highest number represented (something like 750), I inserted a european dvd (The Life of Mammals), which previously had not played, and whoa-la, it played. So it's there, we just gotta keep trying.

PostRegion code hack posted by Luciano da Rocha, November 05 2003:

I found a hack that can run in this model. I bought in Wal Mart in Oct/2003 for $39,00 and I use the same procedure of CyberHome models, because the DP312 has the same version of firmware os CyberHome models, o here it goes:

Switch player on and make sure there is no disc in the tray.
CLose tray and press menu,1,9.

A menu should appear with the region option at about the third line from the bottom. Press enter and enter the region you want. Next press open/close. Put in your movie and enjoy.

I checked for regions 1, 4 in Brazil (South America) and GREAT IT WORKS....

If You have any problems write me .

PostOther hack posted by shurik, November 08 2003:

norcent 311
this one is special
you don't need to do anything
Plays any region

PostRegion code hack posted by kevin, November 10 2003:

The DP311 is not region free - it plays 1 and Pal (2) but not my region 3 (NTSC) disc. I've tried all the other hacks listed for the DP 300 and 312 series, but no luck on any of the listed ones so far.

PostRegion code hack posted by mike, November 14 2003:

I too have tired the hacks mentioned but without any luck. I can tell you though, it will play pal discs from the uk without a hack, as long as they are region 0, but some discs will be a little jumpy at times because of the difference converting pal into ntsc.

PostOther hack posted by WRX_sti, November 19 2003:

I tried and the hack does not work :(

PostRegion code hack posted by VAMP, November 20 2003:

Turn the power on with no dvd inside press menu,1,9 a screen will pop up goto region press enter on the remote then press 0 then press enter again then turn the player off AND IT IS NOW REGION FREE THIS ONLY WORKS FOR NORCENT DP312

PostRegion code hack posted by Finchy, November 27 2003:

Sorry but that doesn't work either.

PostRegion code hack posted by inbar, November 29 2003:

It didn't work from me either. Are you sure that's the whole truth and nothing but the truth?
When you write "Menu,1,9" do you meant to press menu, then 1, then 9 one by one?
Do you need to turn it off from the remote or from the DVD console?
what else might I be doing wrong?

PostRegion code hack posted by Eugene, November 30 2003:

The metod of Luciano da Rocha work fine in dp312 model but no color in NTSC of 3,57 Mhz. or PAL-N ,playing with multieditor VCR detect NTSC of 4,43 Mhz.,any ideas?,Thanks in advance.

PostRegion code hack posted by BraveHeart, November 30 2003:

Hi, there! The DP312 hack doesnīt work on DP311 model. I bought a Norcent DP 311 from Wal Mart (Withby, Ontario, Canada), and all hacks listed for Norcent DP series and CyberHome doesnīt work. The 311 model is based on a Fuss Audio LN9951 IDE, and uses a CT9928AF + CT9420AF combo from CheerTek (former Winbond). See
The default password for parental control is 8888, so, I think probably there is a "8888" hack.

PostRegion code hack posted by Luciano da Rocha, December 09 2003:

You need to press and release MENU, 1 and 9 in remote, but donīt forget to check if the tray is empty.

Than go to Region code and change the number to "0".
This will release the player for all regions

Check and write me if works .


PostRegion code hack posted by mortimer, December 09 2003:

When you press the menu key on the remote, a little hand appears in the upper right hand corner of the screen. The same thing happens when you press the number 1 and the number 9 on the remote. No menu appears, just the little "no no you can't do that" hand.

PostRegion code hack posted by Kasi, December 14 2003:

Reposted from my post at

So when [i]Staples[/i] and other top retailers put a DVD player on sale for [u]$39.94[/u] from a less than familiar, new brand, I certainly raised an eyebrow. Not having a DVD player yet, an a strong desire to watch CDs (Anime imports, import music, foreign movies, etc.) from other regions and a general disregard for Dolby 5.1 and other features typically reserved for pricier models, the Norcent DP312 ([url][/url]), offer good until Sat. 06 December, or Mon. 08 December depending on if you go on the promotion graphic or product description) was a good candidate for purchase.

[size=9][i]*Update - Looks like Staples likes to do their site updates a day before the end of the promotion, and at 5:00AM on Saturdays. After Sat 06 Dec, looks like the new price will become $44.99 until Mon 15 Dec. Very strange how timely that is... like they were watching me post this. if you order it and they overcharge, call them and state that "but I printed the product page from the website the other day and it clearly states "Offer goou through December 8, 2003", and that would be what WAS on the site. The Regina call center that manages calls for online sales has something called the "No Hassle" guarantee, and boy does it work. I've been lucky to have them price change self-branded products (Staples paper, Staples ink, etc.) under the "No Hassle" concept, saying it was a competitior (like OfficeMax) just for the hell of it, without me even asking! Canada can be useful sometimes. :P[/size][/i]

Price, plus the ability to region crack/change were just about my only concerns. Other sites had been sketchy on the validity of the crack for this model, but knowing that I could return it to the store, I saw no reason not to try. On 03 Dec 2003, I purchased the DP312 online from Staples, hoping I'd get 1) an earlier revision model like Q3 2003 2) cracks that work 3) a good deal, based on reviews from others on Norcent show that despite being an up-and-coming Chinese manufacturer to the market, they products were fair to good for the price, as online reviewers have credited them with.

Proof positive. The DP312 region codes can be changed [i]and[/i] Staples is shipping earlier revision models. The product is good for the price, and movie quality and features are good to very good given the price and brand.

[img][/img] [img][/img]

[b]How to change regions on the Norcent DP312[/b]
1) Power on your DP312 with no disc loaded.
2) Press MENU, 1, 9 to access the region select menu.
3) Change the region code to the one appropriate for your disc (Comprehensive code list at [url][/url]
(Reportedly, entering "0" enables all regions)
4) Press ENTER to lock in your changes. Press OPEN/CLOSE to close the menu, save your settings, and put in your disc of choice and enjoy!

[b]Facts on the Norcent DP312 tested[/b]

Retailer: Staples (via web @
Cost: $39.94 (Reg. $49.99)
Date purchased: 03 Dec 2003
Firmeware datecode: 20030711
Vendor (Vender, as displayed by OSD menu): KAIXINDA
Default region code: 1
Disk/Output type: NTSC
Labeled datecode: Q3 2003
Serial number: HE6113326XXXX

This model also appears to be a clone for
(Citizen) Electrohome EH8160 - Dolby Digital/DTS DVD Player [url][/url]

The first gen manufacturer looks like Shenzhen Kaixinda Electronics Co. Ltd. (already copyrighted through 2008!) [url][/url]

That's about the bulk of it, good luck with your Norcent DP312 (DP-312)


PostRegion code hack posted by charlie, March 29 2004:

ok guys
i tried all hacks listed for dp312 but either one did not work , so finally i used the hack for dp313 - and bingo!!! -
work just fine!
so what i did -
press - set up , press vol - , press vol + , press vol - ,press vol + . then you have your region code display on right top corner, scroll down to number 255 this is region free code.
so just put movie to the tray , closed and enjoy it.
good luck!

PostRegion code hack posted by pink-panther, April 20 2004:

I just bought a DP 312 at Walmart for $44. The manufacturing date is Q1/2004. The first hack (menu, 1, 9) didn't work. The 313 hack worked with a slight modification:
Insteasd of pressing vol- and vol+ only twice I had to do it multiple times (3 to 4 times) in order to get to the menu.

PostRegion code hack posted by penmig, August 11 2004:

I bought a DP 312 too,the manufacturing date is Q1/2004. The 313 hack didn't worked, I get the menu on the top right and scrolls only to 3001, with the volume + I set 3000 and then nothing, still having region error.

PostRegion code hack posted by Claudio Brazil, October 20 2006:

No Disc
(Enjoy all DVDs)

PostRegion code hack posted by priapism, December 09 2006:

just bought this DVD player today. Played PAL 2 perfectly.

On remote press:

a box will show up in the top left, change the # to 255 (by pressing 2,5,5 not scrolling.)
press standby

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