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Mustek DVD-V520

12 user region code comments

August 26, 2003 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by Dennis Jensen, October 13 2002:

Press: SETUP

In submenu choose either the needed region or "bypass" for all regions.

PostRegion code hack posted by Tahir Pasha, October 16 2002:

Hi, There seems to be a new software for the new V520. The old crack does not work. So try this!
1-Empty Tray.
2-Press Setup on Remote
3-Press Next
4-Press Prev
5-Press Next
6-Press Prev
7-On Right Upper Corner will be written Ver#
8-Press Left or Right to get to number 255 (which is for region free - these version numbers correspond to region number)
9-Turn off and on. and Voila! Region Free Now!
Have fun!

PostRegion code posted by Togger, October 23 2002:

Proceed as for the Region Hack as far as reaching 255.
Once you have 3001 or 4001 after pressing up from the 255, just press left or right to take it to 3000 or 4000, then you are macro free :)
This is the same hack as for the V560, but it works just the same. Thanks to the guy who supplied the origonal hack.

PostRegion code hack posted by walleye, December 29 2002:

1. Make sure there is no disc in the player and the disc try is closed.
2. Press Setup on the remote control.
3. Press the volume + and - keys (not together, but one at a time) until you see the word "VER 2".
4. Use the cursor keys to cycle through until you get "VER 255" which is region free.
5. All other numbers correspond to the region codes.
Disable Macrovision:

1. Change the VER numbers seen in step 3 above from 3001 to 3000 and 4001 to 4000.

PostRegion code posted by TKX, December 29 2002:

Disabling of Macrovision on Mustek 520 DvD Player in Conjuntion with ATI Radeon 8500 All In Wonder.

The following reported hack for the Mustek(Yukai) 520

Switch on player with no disc in machine, on remote press
Set up
next, previous, next, previous
in right corner of screen is VER (x) wher x is the region setting.
Curser left or right until value is 255. This is the multi region setting.
This works OK.

There is an additional hack that supposably removes the Macrovision.

As above until you curser left or right to change region code. Now cursor up or down and change the Value 4001 to 4000 and 3001 to 3000.
This does not work.

However if you own an ATI Radeon 8500 AIW and want to capture/back up your dvds from this player, the following settings will work for Region 2 disks.

In the set up options for the ATI TV application, under Video Tab, select NTSC as your capture format.
If you now play a DvD through your Radeon you will see that you get that horrible distorted flicker because you are playing region 2 disks to NTSC format. Also our enemy that is macrovision is alive and well. (you can still make it out through the distortion.) Now for the magic. On the Remote Control Unit for the Dvd player there is a button {TV}. Press this until you see NTSC in display window on your ATI TV application. The distortion will now be corrected and Hey Presto Macrovision is no longer working.
It also works with region 1 disks , but of course you will not get the initial playback distortion but you still have to press the {TV} button to force NTSC.

Technically this is not a hack. I have no idea why this is but I think it is just a quirk with the player, that it is unable to force PAL playback through NTSC and enable the macrovision at the same time. It may be the case that this works with any video capture device, but I know it works with the 8500.

PostRegion code hack posted by FRISKY_SP1, January 01 2003:


PostRegion code hack posted by dic cannon, January 15 2003:

Hack posted by dennis Jensen works with latest Mustek v520.

PostRegion code hack posted by Gazza, February 18 2003:

As Tahir's hack but only NEXT - Prevoius once not twice
works on mine the macrovision hack also works fine

PostRegion code hack posted by muerto, April 06 2003:

I want some links for the site

PostRegion code posted by regster, June 15 2003:

The Macrovision hack does not work for me. Reason ???????
Somebody knows ??????
Its necessary a new software/firmware ?????

Thx to regster

PostOther hack posted by Michael Hedberg, July 26 2003:

How to replace the crappy internal DVD-reader in a MUSTEK V520 with an ordinary PC-IDE DVD-ROM.

Do you want to get rid of all the read errors and the heat problems? Get greater speed in menus and transfer rates on SVCD and more support for new +R/+-RW media. Follow this easy guide to change your internal DVD-Reader to a Standard PC DVD-ROM.

Happy DVD'ing

PostRegion code hack posted by LOVBM, August 26 2003:

Model K1000 (Germany) works also like V520
Many thanx!

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