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Mintek DVD-1600

8 user region code comments

February 08, 2007 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by César Rebaza Bontá, November 08 2002:

This firmware update remove Macrovision and hack region code

PostRegion code hack posted by mak, November 26 2002:

I Downloaded the Mintek 2110 update and followed the instructions to burn it to CD-R found here--
My machine has the "newer version" faceplate which does not list "VCD" in the list of supported formats, but upon removing the housing, I verified that it does indeed have the "CS4955" video encoder chip. The best test appears to be connecting the player and pushing the following buttons on the remote control: SETUP - RETURN, then 1-2-3. If no additional lines appear, you're golden! While exterior case markings can be deceiving, this method of identification is the best way to go. I loaded the CD-R firmware update with no problem, and then tested the player with several macrovision-encoded DVDs routed through the VCR -- the macrovision was gone! Given the success of the "de-macrovisioning", I feel confident that the player is also now "region-free" as well. Thanks guys!

PostOther hack posted by anonymous coward, January 01 2003:

My version of the 1600 (the "old" version) didn't even have a menu item to activate S-video, as indicated in the manual, and had a menu item "picture mode" (auto|hi-res|non-flicker) not listed in the manual. installing the 2100 firmware as indicated on this page also added the s-video menu option.

Also, the installation took a total of about 20 seconds, rather than the 6-10 minutes indicated.

PostRegion code hack posted by Albela, July 31 2003:

Basically this one is the same as Norcent DP300 hack but worked for my Mintek unit so I am posting it here...give it a try :

- Turn the power on
- on remote control press "open/close" button once ( since Mintek does not have it on remote I used the button on the unit )
- press 8888
- press "setup" button
- press "next" button ( the one near "Enter" button )
- Now one of the mnue options which was disabled gets enabled. You can select "Region" from "USA, China,UK" etc...I guess this means the different regions...

PostRegion code hack posted by Dionisios, August 01 2003:

Don´t work for my Mintek 1600 (new). Any have a suggestion.

PostRegion code hack posted by wagner bueno, September 22 2003:

quero desbloquear para região 4 ou all regions

PostRegion code posted by Anthony, June 28 2006:

My Region 1 Mintek DVD-1600 is the "newer" version, so none of the hacks listed will work. What DOES work, however, is a *very limited* solution, which I've tested with some Region 2 British DVDs.

Put in the DVD, close the drawer, and while the DVD is "LOADING", continuously press a number key on the remote control (which should correspond to the Title Number).

Example: with EYES WIDE SHUT (UK R2) "LOADING", I continuously press number key "1" until the movie starts. To access other titles on the DVD (trailers, extra features, etc.), you would try other numbers. ("5 corresponds to the "Speilberg on Kubrick" Title).

MAJOR PROBLEM, HOWEVER: You can't fast forward, reverse, pause, chapter advance, etc. But at least you can see the movie.

PostRegion code hack posted by Migue, February 08 2007:

I did the one on
MintekDVD1600patch.htm and it works great on my old version Mintek 1600 ,
it takes patience and time but it works, thanks... and I have the data cd if anyone
wants it let me know.

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