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LG LXD-5230

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August 26, 2004 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by jack trade, December 28 2003:


Ensure no disc is in the player and turn it On
Wait until "No Disc" appears on the LED display
Press Pause on the handset
Press 3, 1, 4, 1, 5 and 9
The LED display will now show a "Code --" prompt
Press the single digit of the region desired (1-6, or 0 for all)
Press Pause on the handset
Turn the player Off and wait 5 seconds
Turn the player back On and the hack is now applied

PostRegion code hack posted by Andrew, December 29 2003:

Could not get it to work on mine - nothing happens.

Any ideas?

PostRegion code hack posted by Stuart, March 20 2004:

I've found a method of getting into the eeprom code:

Make sure there is no disc in the drive, when no disc appears, press PAUSE > 1 4 7 2 and then it will allow you to change the eeprom... Haven't got any idea what to change it to though.

PostRegion code hack posted by Fahim Mohammad, April 15 2004:

Thought I'd let you know - I eventually found this site:

Downloaded and burned the ( has no effect) after extracting and keeping file structure (it's very small). Burned a CD-R using Nero, and as a standard 9660 ISO. Tried it and it worked a treat!

1. Power on unit.

2. Insert Disc.

3. Blue region set screen appears.

4. Entered "0" (for region free) then pressed "pause" to exit.

5. Powered off and left for 30 seconds.

Tested first on region 1, plays fine, then with 2, also fine.

PostRegion code hack posted by Spasiba, August 26 2004:

1. Turn On unit
2. Select DVD
3. Open Tray
4. Press 000 (That 0 Three times)
The Region Management screen is displayed on your
monitor ("CODE _ _" is displayed on the Unit LCD
Display) *** Note: Your current EEPROM Region Code
setting is displayed on the screen ***
5. Enter desired Region Code (0 for multi region)
6. Press PAUSE to exit.

You can power off and turn on again. If you repeat steps1 to 4 You can view you new setting. *** Additional Note: The Code displayed "Country Code menu does not change but you can now play your region free DVDs)

This is the same as the 314159 hack but simpler.

Enjoy :))

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