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December 18, 2013 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by dtmdb, December 18 2013:

I looked forever to find this hack, and it works. This is directly from the service manual for the LG HT904SA-DHP (if you have another 904 model, I recommend looking for the service manual for your exact model)
Warning: you have to change the EEPROM. Make sure to write down the original EEPROM before making any changes!!!!
Step 1: Turn on unit set to DVD/CD with the tray empty.
Step 2: When unit reads 'No Disc' us the remote and press 'pause' + '1, 4, 7, 2' in that order. This should bring up a blue screen with a series of 2 digit numbers called the EEPROM
Step 3: using the right and left arrow keys to navigate and press number buttons to adjust (press and hold 1-6 to get the characters A-F if needed), change the EEPROM to the following: F1 00 D8 29 00 81 F4 20 C5 00
Step 4: press 'Pause' which should take you out of the EEPROM screen
Step 5: Power off and back on again

And that's it. It should now be region free. Careful when changing the EEPROM as you can remove some functions from the unit like I did. I repeated the process and fixed everything. If you change something incorrectly, just repeat the process and change the EEPROM back to the original numbers that you should have written down. As long as you follow the EEPROM I provided (directly from the service manual), it should work for the LG HT904SA-DHP. Other models have different EEPROMS, which can mess up your unit. Make sure you find the correct EEPROM for your model!!! If you do a google search for your specific model and 'service manual', you might find it. The EEPROM info is clearly listed under 'Service Information for EEPROM'
Happy hacking!

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