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LG BP620

11 user region code comments

September 14, 2020 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by Val Sidar, January 13 2018:

Using your PC create a new file naming it anything (I named it LG). Now inside it create another
file named violet0000, then inside it another one named rubicon, and inside it a text file named
MontBlanc. Now just change the MontBlanc.txt into MontBlanc.DVD. Burn the LG file on a CD and put
it into the player. The player will recognize it as Data disc and you'll see a new black window
asking you to set with your remote control the regional code you want. I chose 0 for all regions
to be available, of course! That's all.

PostRegion code posted by Squeezer, June 23 2019:

I created a folder named LG, within that another folder named violet0000, within that a folder
rubicon, then within that an empty txt named MontBlanc.DVD

Didn't do anything.

I only could flip to the folders until it showed that the rubicon folder was empty for the BP620.

PostRegion code posted by Squeezer, June 25 2019:

Problem solved:

The LG folder is wrong. Just create a folder named Violet0000, within that a folder named
Rubicon, within it a file MontBlanc.txt. The txt file has to contain the text (without the quote
signs) " " (make sure it contains the empty space at the end). Then rename the file into
MontBlanc.DVD and make sure also the file type is changed from textfile to dvd file. Then burn it
on a finalised CD. A DVD won't do it! Insert the CD in your BP620 and a blue screen will occur,
where you can change the region code. I choose 0 for all regions.

PostRegion code hack posted by JustAUser, August 25 2019:

Sorry, the hack described does not work. At all. The CD-ROM is recognized by the LG-BP620 as "Data disc" and I can go through the folders, but de MontBlanc.DVD file is not visible.

There is also no blue screen, no possibility to change the region code. And of course the region is not changed, DVD's from another region are still rejected.

I used up several CD-ROM's using variations such as Violet000 and violet0000 etc. to no avail.

PostRegion code hack posted by HBR, September 13 2019:

Squeezers Version with the " " inside MontBlanc.DVD worked for me on a region 2 player with software version BD9.756.00. It now acceps region 1 discs as well as my region 2 discs. Unfortunately the BluRay part ist still locked to region B only.

PostRegion code hack posted by Alistair, November 14 2019:

It works for me too for dvd is region free plays region 5 and
region 2 as ive checked on my player bp450 but yes bluray is
still region c dosent change bluray region need a bluray region
hack too

PostRegion code hack posted by rjsanders, April 16 2020:

I followed the instructions above and did not work for my LP BP620 purchased in Moldova. When I try to change the region code, all I
get is options to enter a passcode and then enter two letters. The message at the bottom of the set up screen states, "the region
code is determined by the DVD". The sw version of the LG DVD player is BD7.155.00.00.C. I used a Mac OS Catalina to create the
folders and the txt file as per instructions above and then changed the file name to .dvd. Inserted into DVD player and it read it as a
data disc, then went to the music player. That was not music to my ears.

PostRegion code hack posted by Alfonso72, May 10 2020:

For me it worked too, thanks.

PostRegion code hack posted by Mr. Dog, August 19 2020:

Method by "Squeezer" worked perfectly.
My BP620 now plays all regions. So simple and quick to do.

PostRegion code posted by Mr. Dog, August 22 2020:

From what I can see, the Hack for LG BP620 may work for other LG players.
I wonder if it will work on my sons SONY, probably not as Sony seem to be almost impossible to
region hack.

PostRegion code hack posted by Rob, September 14 2020:

The Montblanc hack only works if the
LG folder is omitted. The cd should
contain the Violet0000 & Rubicon
folders & he Montblanc text file. The
text file just contains the CE-symbol
with spaces on each side of it. This
symbol is generated using alt 0140 on
the PC (using numeric keyboard).

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