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LG 6188

7 user region code comments

January 08, 2005 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by Boo, May 31 2003:

I tried the suggestions on this forum on how to make a LG-6188 region free (it was region 2 when I bought it).

First I tried the 314159 (pi :-) remote hack, but it didn't respond. Maybe because you need a special version of the remote as some have mentioned, I don't know.

Then I tried burning a CD-R with the contents of (for the 5000-series). If you don't know, it is a single file called "RMTM0000\\SCARLET\\KPJC19_1.DVD" (i.e KPJC19_1.DVD in a directory called SCARLET in a directory called RMTM0000 stoed in the root of the disk) burned on a ISO9660 filesystem. The file is 5242884 bytes long, and mostly full of zeroes. Putting the CD in the DVD brings upp the region code menu (where they spell "exit" as "exist" :-) I entered region 0 (region free) and "PAUSE" but the setting wouldn't work (I tried 0, 1, and 4 as that was the kind of DVDs I have).

Next I tried the RMTM0000.sit file. It contains a file with exactly the same name as in, but it is only four bytes long. The bytes (in hex) are "17 17 8C 00", in that order. Booting with this disc brought up the same menu as with the, but this time it actually worked when I entered "0 PAUSE".

It seems that this magic four byte file works, and the longer 5 megabyte one doesn't (on a region 2 LG 6188 that is). I can't rule out that the first disk did something as well, it just looks like the second one was what did the trick.

Now the player works like a charm even on The Patriot with RCE.

The local store wanted almost $40 to make the player region free, so searching the net paid off nicely.

The VCD/SVCD remote hack to bring up the 8 configuration bytes worked on the 6188, but since this model already has vcd+svcd+mp3+wma support (and scart, s-video, composite, digital audio out (RCA + optical) there is no reason to fiddle with it. My config values (if anyone is interested) were 55 53 00 DF 16 55 70 FF.

Thanks guys / gals!

PostRegion code hack posted by Thomas Lund Dideriksen, June 17 2003:

I can confirm this hack!
I unpacked the RMTM0000.sit with "Alladin StuffIt Expander" (from and burned the 4 byte file to a CD.

I inserted the CD in the player, and pushed "0" and "pause". Then i turned the player off ... and NO MORE REGION CHECK!!

I can also confirm, that the 5 MB ZIP file does NOT work!

PostRegion code hack posted by ilkka, July 01 2003:

PostRegion code hack posted by Nanard, August 27 2003:

It also works with LG6183 !

PostRegion code hack posted by Paolo, February 16 2004:

Same hack works fine on DVS-7700!

PostRegion code hack posted by oRBIT, March 28 2004:

Download this imagefile and burn with your favourite recording software to a CD-R/RW. Insert the disc, press "0" followed by "pause". Power off the player and next time it starts it doesn't check the region code. Tested on a LG 6188 Region 2 player. Get the imagefile here: (it's only about 40k in size!)

PostRegion code hack posted by Arny, January 08 2005:

The 4 bytes in folder Rmtm0000 are compatible with lg dvs 7700. How to apply:
1. Burn that file into a cd-r (no rw) iso9660 or UDF/ISO and finalize the disk.
2. Insert the disk in the player and when it display "Disc Load" press "Pause" on the remote
3. In a new screen (Region EEprom Managment)he ask you to set the region code. Now press "0" on the remote.
4. Click "pause" to exit

The dvd player is now certain region FREE

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