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LG 4593

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August 13, 2003 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code posted by richard, January 09 2003:

1. Turn Player on with no disc inside
2. Press pause on the remote control
3. Then key in 3 1 4 1 5 9
[CODE -- will then be displayed on the player display]
4. Key in desired Region number
[0 for Auto Multi Region, or manually select 1 to 6]
5. Then Press Pause again
6. Turn off player and wait 5 seconds, then back on again.

If you are having problems getting the hack to work, try pressing stop on the remote before you press pause for the first time.

PostOther hack posted by Barktimus, August 13 2003:

VCD and SVCD enable hack.

This hack is posted by jayjay for LG 3620 but i tried it on my LG 4593 and it works fine to.
The VCD enabling guides that circles around the NET is IMO very badly written.

There is also a SVCD hack, that has some flaws, and can give you green picture if you're using a SCART cable (which the 3620 doesn't have, but other 5xxx models does).

You're enabling VCD and SVCD compatibility using the built in PROM editor.

NOTE! fiddling with your PROM might render your DVDplayer useless. Read the instructions carefully, and I will not be responsible for any damage you might cause. This hack should apply to all LG (and aiwa) DVDplayers that the VCD hack and SVCD hack works with.

for VCD, you're changing the byte at position 04. BUT, do not change it to FE as told in many guides, cause then you might loose some functionality that you might want. instead, take your original value (in my case it was CC), convert it to a binary value (1100 1100), then change the 2:nd bit from the right to 1, which gives you (1100 1110) CE. now, edit your PROM and set it to CE (program 3, program 5, enter).

For the SVCD hack, you edit the byte at position 07. With my player, it was default 00, it probably differs on different players. Now, convert to binary (0000 0000), and edit the 5th byte from the right, and switch it to 1 (0001 0000). Now, this gives you 10, now edit your PROM to 10 (1, 0, enter).

NOTE! the numbers I have used, are MY defaults only. you should use your own default values, and modify these according to my instructions, in fact, just change the bits that control VCD and SVCD.

Restart your DVD player, and enjoy your VCD and SVCD, probably with great picture, even with SCART!

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