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LG 3315E

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September 24, 2003 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by Sascha Sarodnick, September 24 2003:

1. Wait until the message "no disc" or "region coding error" appears before you proceed to step 2. You only have a second or two to enter the code below.
2. Press PAUSE, ENTER, 3, 1, 4, 1, 5, 9 on the remote control.
3. Press 0 for region-free, 1 for region 1, 2 for region 2, etc.
4. Press PAUSE on the remote control.
5. Power off the player for few seconds.
6. Power on the player.
7. If you have a DV5522 or DV7711P model, you omit the Enter press in step 2. DA-3530A with software version 0.9, just omit the steps 5 and 6 - also the hack doesn't stay in the dvd's memory.
Firmware Check:

1. Press Setup button on the remote control.
2. Select TV Aspect.
3. Place the cursor on 16:9 wide.
4. Using the remote control, key in the following: 1, 3, 9, 7, 1, 3, 9.
5. Press Enter on the remote control.
6. Press "SETUP" to clear the information once read.

VCD Enable:

NOTE: This hack should ONLY be used on the following players which have been confirmed elsewhere on the Net. That said, I still cannot take responisibility for things going awry. Try at your own risk!!! Do NOT use on 3200E.

The 'confirmed' players that survive the following hack are:

DVD-2330P, DVD-3000E, DVD-3350/1/E/C (and clones), DA-3520, DVD-4210, DVD-4710, DVD-4730, DVD-4750, DVD-4830, DVD-4950, DVD-5083, DVD-5812, DVD-5822N, 6053, FFH-DV25, DA-3620. DVD-3200E models with firmware above version 1.0 (not including it!) may work. This model has had the most trouble recently, as the hack works, but leaves you with no picture for playback on DVD at the very least! Be warned!!!

1. Power on the player with no disc in the drive. If the hack doesn't work, press Stop on the remote before step 2.
2. Press Pause on the remote control.
3. Using the remote control, key in the following: 1, 4, 7, 2 (the characters 01 47 should appear on the display) [If your player is a non UK model, this number will probably be different - don't worry]
4. Press the UP arrow three times (the characters 04 Fd should appear on the display)
[This number may be different depending on the configuration of your specific model - don't worry]
5. Press Program, 6, Program, 5 (the characters 04 FE should now be displayed).
6. Press Enter (the display should flash briefly).
7. Press Return.
8. Power the player off and then back on.
9. Play a VCD!

One possibility that may get non-working players working again is to try and back-step what you done in the above steps, but seeing as you will working blind, then it may be rather hard work, if not futile. Another possibility is to use the firmware display hack, listed above.

This has the effect of resetting certain TV out aspects, which may help you get your DVD working again.

Another way is possibly the 'blind method' to set S-video for TV output:

1. Power on the DVD without a disc in the drive.
2. Wait for the No Disc illumination on the LED.
3. Press Setup on the remote control.
4. Press Down seven times slowly on the remote control.
5. Press Right, then Up, then Enter on the remote control.
6. The screen should come back on.

Try these and let me know the results!!!!!

Here is a way to reset your player if it breaks when doing the VCD hack:

1. Power on player with no disk in.
2. Press pause on remote.
3. Using remote enter 1, 4, 7, 2.
4. Press the up arrow three times.
5. Press 9, 4 on your remote.
6. Press enter (the display should flash briefly)
7. Press return.
8. Power the player on and then back on
9. Your dvd play screen should be there as it was before.
10. Breath a huge sigh of relief!!!

This method above may not work, it looks like you have to be really careful to begin with - so be careful!!

For the LG DV7711p the DVD should be out of the player and wait for "no disc" to come up on the DVD player's digital display.

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