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January 14, 2018 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by 1orb_1zone, January 14 2018:

Can be made region free using the same hack that works for many LG players. Tested on a May 2008 JVC model. Everywhere below, remember to not include the "" quotes!

Google for "rmtm0000" or "kpjc19_1.dvd". Maybe there is already a zip file to download.

To make it yourself follow these Windows instructions. You'll need HxD and imgburn (other editing software and disc-burners should work)
Use HxD to create a new file. Fill it with "17178c00", save as "kpjc19_1.dvd". The binary file size should be 4 bytes. Put this file in a folder called "scarlet", put that folder in another called "rmtm0000".
Easiest to put the rmtm0000 folder on the C: drive and burn it from there. You don't want the rmtm0000 folder inside some other folder. The full path is C://rmtm0000/scarlet/kpjc19_1.dvd (upper or lower case letters shouldn't matter for the folder names).
Use Imgburn to make a CDR (or CDRW). Select "write files/folders to disc", choose rmtm0000 for the source folder. In imgburn's Options tab set Data Type to Mode 1/2048 and File System to Iso9660. In the Labels tab, it doesn't matter what name you give the CD.

After burning, turn on the DVD player, put in the CD. It spins up and shows the test mode with the current region number.
Select 0 with your remote, and press the pause key "||". Eject the CD. Your JVC should now play any region DVD.

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