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April 06, 2008 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by Reinle, November 03 2003:

Like the LG 5083 !!!!!!!
burn a CD / put in the player / select 0 / NOW CODEFREE

btw I'm looking for a CD for the JVC XV THA-35

Gerard Reinle

PostRegion code hack posted by ian, November 05 2003:

Hack above works perfectly.
You should use the LG file, I was worried that it could not be right to use LG file for JVC....but it works perfectly.
Thanks Gerard


PostRegion code hack posted by Allan, November 24 2003:

This hack 'DEFINITELY works !!

For those of you that are nervous like me, this is how
I did it :-

Burn an otherwise empty 700MB data CD (I used a TDK
CD-R80 700MB 'Speed-X' CD, but I don't think the make
matters) with folder 'RMTM0000' off its 'root' and with
folder 'SCARLET' off the 'RMTM0000' folder as a sub-folder.

In the 'SCARLET' sub-folder put the 'KPJC19_1.DVD' file
(as un-ZIP'ed from the hack for the LG5083 player on this
website), as the ONLY file on the whole CD.

(This ZIP file can be found at )

I used Nero Version to burn the data CD, with the
following options :-


No Multi-session


(File/Directory name length)
ISO Level 1 (Max of 11=8 + 3 chars

Mode 1

(Character Set)

Untick this option

(Relax ISO restrictions)
Untick all 'relax' options


Blank all fields except 'Volume label'
Enter 'Volume label' as 'CDR'


Select 'Use the date and time from the original file'


Tick 'Cache files from disk and network'
Tick 'Cache files smaller than'
Enter the 'smaller than' file size as '64' KB


Tick 'Simulation', 'Write' and 'Finalize CD'
Select write speed as '24x'
Select 'Disk at once' write method
Tick 'Buffer underrun protection'

After burning the CD :-

Insert the CD into your DVD player
Enter '0' on the remote control when asked for the required
region code
Press 'OK' on the remote control
Wait for the confirmation message stating the new region code
(a couple of seconds is all it takes)
Turn off the DVD player (just the on/off button, no need to
switch off at the mains) and switch it back on

You must NOT use 'Nero InCD' or 'Easy CD Creator DirectCD'
to burn the CD (these sorts of CD's are only re-readable in
PC's also running 'Nero InCD'or 'Easy CD Creator DirectCD'

PostRegion code hack posted by Robert, March 22 2004:

I am a novice as well when it comes to things like this, but I tried it, and it worked!!!!!

It's just a case of downloading the file from the site that Allan mentions, it's a Zip file, unziping it, and copying the whole of the rmtm0000 file onto a CD.

Then just put the CD in the DVD player.

Thanks for the help guys!

PostOther hack posted by lordsmurf, January 26 2006:

Firmware files mirrored at

PostRegion code hack posted by DK91, October 21 2007:

It works perfectly as everybody above has mentioned.

Just burn on the said files (RMTM0000) to a blank CD-R disk place in DVD player, when prompted hit 0 and now you've got a region free player. Awesome stuff. I used it on the JVC HR-XV2, but I'am sure it works perfectly on all other players mentioned above.

PostRegion code hack posted by emboman, April 06 2008:

I tried this hack on a different JVC DVD player (Sone 2) - XV-S42 - and it worked!

- I burned the RMTM0000 directory on a CD-R as others have described above (downloaded from )
- Inserted the disc into the player
- The player displayed "NOW READING" on the OSD. When finished reading, nothing happened, but I pressed 0 on the remote anyway.
- The player had recognized one track of 56 seconds. I pressed play, and it started playing the track (there was no picture, no sound). At some point while it was playing, I pressed 0 on the remote.
- When it finished playing, I ejected the CD-R and inserted a Sone 1 DVD into the player, and it worked!
- I verified the hack by switching the player off and on, and playing a Sone 2 DVD and then a Sone 1 DVD. Both worked perfectly, so it seems my player is now region free :)

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