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iVid BD780

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December 25, 2021 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by Mazinz, July 28 2017:

This wonderful machine is almost a clone of the infamously known seiki decks.
In fact the same 8520 seiki code works here

This will allow you to change both the dvd and bluray region codes

1.turn on the machine with no disc inside
2. Press set up on the remote control
3. Type in 8520

A window will open showing what regions the dvd and bluray are set to
Use the remote arrows to highlight the DVD box. It may show a 1. Each number (1-6) represent each dvd region with 0 being
region free. On the remote push whatever number you want to switch the region to (for dvd it's usually 0- region free). Then
push setup to exit this menu . It will remember your answer

For bluray follow the steps above ( the blu region is listed right under the DVD region). However for this it's as follows: 1 is
region A. 2- is region B and 3-is region C. In some cases you may have to hit 4 instead of 3 for region C

PostRegion code hack posted by Mazinz, July 29 2017:

I forgot to mention in my post above that some decks also work with 1369 as the code instead of 8520. So if one does not
work for you, try rge othet

PostRegion code hack posted by Dog, August 21 2017:

We can't change password

PostRegion code posted by Dynoman, September 29 2020:

bought this on impulse and was cheap, tried the 8520 but the number 1 on the region for blu-ray
never changed when clicking 2 or 0...

PostRegion code posted by Mazinz, December 25 2021:

For Dynomans comment back in Sept 20

After the region menu comes up (like yours did). You need to use the arrows on the remote and highlight either the dvd or
Blu-ray region code box. Once highlighted is when you type in the number for it to change. In your case it sounds more like
you just brought up the menu but didnít select either box and just tried to punch in a number. This is why it wasnít working for

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