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Grundig Xenaro GDP 5100

6 user region code comments

January 08, 2004 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by CYC, August 18 2001:

enter 8500
choose meny "1", Systemmessages to "ON"
Go back to service meny

Choose code "1" system information
enter code 70307196
Then you come to a meny called "systemconfigurations"
choose "1" systemmessages with "ok"

You are now in "change data"
Now you can choose from 1-8 or none. (regions)
none = region free

close with "i" on remote

Go to the servicemeny and set Systemconfigurations til "ON"


ps. maybe some of these names are different, I only got a norwegian player so it's different names.

PostRegion code hack posted by Happy_Owner, October 06 2001:

Funktioniert perfekt bei deutschem Geraet. Hier die Schritt-für-Schritt-Übersetzung:
1. Mit "i" das Menue aufrufen
2. "5 Installation"
3. "5 Zusatzfunktionen"
4. "3 Servicemenü"
5. "2 Händler Servicemenü"
6. Zugangscode ist 8500
7. "1 Systemmeldungen"
8. Ändern auf "EIN"
9. Mit der >Zurück< Taste ins Servicemenü zurück
10. "1 Systeminformation" (zeigt Versionen usw. an)
11. Folgende Ziffern eingeben: 70307196
12. Menü Systemeinstellungen erscheint.
13. "1 Systemmeldungen"
14. Mit Cursortasten den gewünschten Regionalcode auswählen oder "unbeschränkt" für code free.
15. Mit "i" Menü verlassen.
16. Schritte 1 bis 7 wiederholen und Systemmeldungen auf "AUS" schalten.
17. Mit "i" Menü verlassen.

PostRegion code hack posted by Wolfie!, December 29 2001:

This is a more accurate discription of how to change
the region code on this unit.

It's the same hack as the one above, in German...
The German one is fine, but I found it a bit confusing.

This one was written for people who might not quite
understand what to do {I was confused by the 5532 stuff
and thought it was another code)

1. select "i" on the remote

2. choose "installation" [box 5]

3. choose "extended settings" [box 5]

4. choose "service menu" [box 3]

5. choose "dealer service menu" [box 2]

6. a code is needed here, it's 8500.

7. choose "system messages"

8. choose "on" and press the < button
[to the left of the "ok" button on
your remote]

9. go back to the "service menu"

10. choose "system information"

11. with the remote, press 70307196
[note that the number will not show
on the screen while you do this]

12. if you typed it correctly, a box with
"system messages" appears and a word
or a number will appear next to it.

13. if the word reads "none" then forget
the whole thing, as you are already
region free... if there's a number
there then that is the region your
unit is using.

14. press "ok" on the remote to change
the region.

15. use the down button [directly under
the "ok" button on the remote] to
scroll down the list.

16. select the word "none" to make your unit
region free.

17. the warning you see is probably meant to
do nothing more than frighten you, I don't
think you can damage your player by altering
this since it's only altering region codes
which have nothing to do with anything vital
to the unit. [no worse than changing tv channels

18. press "i" to end.

I'm in Australia and bought my player locally, so it
appears that this probably works on all xenaro players.

[remove the antispam thing if you want to e-mail me]


PostRegion code hack posted by giomaggio, April 11 2002:

Upgrade firmware

PostRegion code hack posted by Mariano, September 17 2002:

I've discovered that the number you have to enter is variable, depending on the model number, exactly the last number of the code is variable. For example, if you have the GDP 5100, the number is: 70307196
As I have the Xenaro 5120, that number didn't work, but here´s the trick:
Take the number of your model and add all its digits, in my case is: 5120 -> 5+1+2+0 = 8 The new code is the same, but the last number varies: 70307198
(Note I've changed the last number)
I think it will work for any model of GDP Series.
Test it!

PostRegion code hack posted by Cyberblue, January 08 2004:

Grundig offers a software upgrade which you burn on CD and install. Then you can watch RC 1 dvds.

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