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GPX D1816

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May 02, 2019 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by Andre, July 07 2006:

4.- PRESS ENTER UNTIL SHOW "Region code: 9" (Region Free)

Good Luck - André - Brasil

PostRegion code hack posted by Henry, July 12 2006:

Press open.
Enter 8888
Press "Enter key" until show "9"
Now you can play all region disk.

PostRegion code hack posted by TGalz, October 26 2006:

Mine worked with the following steps:

1- Open/Close
2- digits: 9999. After that appeared a message in top of screen with "9".
3- Open/Close.


PostRegion code hack posted by wewa, November 26 2006:

tried the 2 hacks above, both with pressing enter before and after '9' did not work.
tried some of the other GPX that are posted at this time and does not work also.
return to the store and get something else.

PostRegion code hack posted by Dustin Software, December 11 2006:

1. Turn on and eject the tray
2. Press '9' five times on the remote.
3. '9' will appear on the screen, indicating the region protection has been removed.
4. Close tray and play a DVD from any region!

PostRegion code hack posted by David Spencer, July 12 2007:

The 9999 hack code previously posted is correct -- however -- at the store
where I bought my unit, I noticed two boxes: one with text in English and
French, one sligtly smaller, English only.

The larger, English-French box listed among the features that the unit was
NTSC/PAL compatible -- and being made to play both formats was my clue that
the unit probably had an easy hack posted on this site (and I was right).

The smaller, English-only box did NOT list the dual compatibility among its
features. Therefore it's possible that there are at least two editions of this
model: one for the US market only, one for international sales. I mention this
only because of the one poster here who reported the hack didn't work.
Assuming that s/he did everything correctly, that would be why.

PostRegion code hack posted by pjbeee, September 01 2008:

Update: open/close drawer + 99999 works fine with unit purchased in US in 2008. Thanks!

PostRegion code hack posted by jrichard, September 28 2008:

Just tried hacks on a unit purchased 2 days ago, manufactured June '08. Nothing worked so far.

PostRegion code hack posted by ini, October 17 2008:

1- power dvd
2- open/close
3- push 9 until u c a 9 upper right on the screen
4- quickly push enter

i had problems with pushing exactly 4 or 5 times 9
so keep pushing until u c the 9

PostRegion code hack posted by MidwestMom, May 02 2019:

Turn on the DVD player and your TV.
Open the DVD tray.
Using your remote control, press 8888. (Mine had a small black box on the left with 3 dashes showing. I ignored that and kept going. An
info box came up with information about the DVD player. The region code was set to 1.)
Press Enter repeatedly until the region code begins to change. It first changed to 2 and went up to 6 then to 9.
When the region code is set to 9, the DVD player will play all regions and NTSC/PAL formats.
Close the tray.
You are region-free and format-free.

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