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Goodmans GDVD 124

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August 19, 2002 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by HenDr!X, June 28 2001:

Region Code hack : Power on / press 7 4 enter
Set Country to = 13 [enter] [0 of 13 not work.]
Press setup to exit & save

Macrovision On-Off : Power On / press 7 4 enter
@ menu goto next
Set Macrovision to 0 [enter]
Press setup to exit [**you cannot save Macrovision goes back to 1 when power is turned off**]

PostOther hack posted by Sh0cKie`, June 15 2002:

Same as the above Hack
If pressing 7 4 [enter] from the remote control the Secret Menu does not apear then try 7 7 [enter] .Once entered in the secret menu coplete the same steps as the above Hack.

PostRegion code hack posted by The Undertaker, August 14 2002:

Region Code Hack: Turn the power on / press 7,4 then select. (Secret menu is now enabled). Scroll down with the directional button to set the country code to = 13 or 0 then press [select]
Press setup to exit & save

Macrovision On-Off: Turn the power on / press 7,4 then select. Secret menu is now enabled). Scroll down to next page with the directional button and press select. Highlight Macrovision and press select, then type in either 1+0 (10) or 0 (0). Press setup to exit. (*note* you cannot save Macrovision because it reverts back to 1 when the power is turned off)

PostRegion code posted by Michael van Hiunduerun, August 19 2002:

Just exactly the same as above.
Type 7 and 4 then press Select on the remote
The secret menu appears.
Scroll down the list, then to page 2 where you will
find the Macrovision mode.
Type 0 then press Enter on the remote. Press
Set-up on remote.
UNFORTUNATELY, this procedure has to be
repeated everytime you want to record your discs
onto video tape - or at least everytime the power is
turned off.
It isn't that much of an inconvenience but it
definitely works.
Have fun!

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