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ElectroHome EH8181

6 user region code comments

October 25, 2003 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by , August 08 2001:

This hack MIGHT work:

With no disc in the player, push:


If that hack works, it will probably reveal a Factory Control Page (same as Loopholes Menu) which will allow you to change the region.

PostRegion code hack posted by Anonymous, October 05 2001:

The following hack from this web site worked great.

With no disc in the player, push:

PostRegion code hack posted by , December 07 2001:

instead of hacking
put region dvd in player
wait for it to load
screen says invalid dvd
press title button
the movie starts to play!!!!!

PostRegion code hack posted by Peter Chan, October 13 2002:

No need to hack the newer version of ElectroHome EH8181.All you need to do is to place the region
dvd disc in the tray, close it and wait for the" invalid disc" error message.Then press the "TITLE/PCB" button (on remote or on the front panel). It will start
playing the movie.I was told by pressing "TITLE/PCB", would play any region code disk.And he told me there is no way you can disable the macrovision on these newer players.

PostRegion code hack posted by Stef Luce, April 06 2003:

By pressing the Title button will work on certain DVD's for certain zones, but using


with no DVD in the tray, once it is done you put the DVD in and choose your region, it will work at all time!

By the way my electrohome eh8181a DVD player can read DVD+RW copies, that is neat!!!

PostRegion code hack posted by Jaide, October 25 2003:

My EH8181A didn't accept the Title/PCB verion but I accidentally hit the wrong button while trying this and It worked so if the PCB doesnt work try this....

1)Place your DVD in the tray and wait for it to decide it can't play it. It will display "Wrong Region"

2)Then press the "TITLE" button (on remote beside your Blue Arrow Buttons on the left side)

3)Then Press the "OSD" button (on the remote immediatly bellow your orange "standby" power button on your uppermost lefthand corner)

4)Wait for a seccond it will play the DVD (It works for region 4 Australia DVDs in a Region 1 USA/Canada player for sure, I see no reason why it won't work for others.

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