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Dansai DVD852

11 user region code comments

August 31, 2003 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by NODDY, November 28 2001:

For anybody that may have a dansai 852 dvd this is how you enable all regions.
press set up
press stop
press rewind
press fast forward

to region id
down to bypass
press play
press set up

The macrovision can also be turned off or on the factory settings page, but the default is off.

PostRegion code hack posted by PaulG, December 02 2001:

To access the factory setup page enter the following hack:
Press SETUP On Remote
Press STOP, PREVIOUS, NEXT On Front Panel Of DVD Player.
Factory Setup will appear allowing region code and macrovision removal.

DO NOT SELECT "CSS" OFF Or the player will not recognise any disks at all.

Enjoy ;-)

PostRegion code hack posted by EBC, December 16 2001:

Press setup on the remote and then, on the front panel, press stop, previous, next. This gives you the factory setup menu and allows you to alter region, macrovision etc.

PostRegion code hack posted by Digital, December 29 2001:

press setup on the remote control
and press STOP then PREV then NEXT (On the dvd player)

the factory setup page appears
use bypass to play any region
disabled Macrovision ,etc

PostRegion code hack posted by emmerdale, February 08 2002:

This player is easy to hack but you must do it correct
Turn on the player without a disc in it
Press "setup" untill the setup screen appears
Press "stop" on the front panel
Press "prev" on the panel about two seconds later
Press "next" on the front panel two seconds later
you should know see the installers menu from here you can remove the region code "bypass" and turn macrovision off!
For more info see this site

PostRegion code hack posted by Chris Richardson, March 05 2002:

Multi-Region Hack:

Press set-up on the remote
Then on the front panel press
and up pops the factory set up menu

Go to region ID and you have the choice of 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8, and bypass
(mulit region) it should also play RCE disks.

There is also an option for macrovision on and off

PostRegion code hack posted by Nonofbuz, March 19 2002:

Disable region settings and macrovision are explaind below, this is from

Turn on the player

Make sure you have NO disc inserted!
Press "setup" on the remote control
Press "stop" on the front panel
Press "prev" on the front panel
Press "next" on the front panel
This will have opened the secret install menu
You can also open this menu using just the remote control buttons but be carefull to do everything exactly as it states

Region code Hack

Look for the "region I.D" setting
Press "play" to open the options
Choose "bypass" to remove the need for a region code

RCE discs?

RCE = Region Code Enhanced
This is the movie makers way of stopping you playing there dvd discs on a player not made for that region
You are in luck though, the Dansai DVD852 can be tricked into playing RCE discs, just choose the exact region from the list rather than bypass, its that simple

The Macrovision Hack

While in the secret setup menu move down to macrovision and choose "off" instead of "auto"
This turns off the macrovision signal and enables you to make back-up copys onto VHS video tapes

PostRegion code hack posted by mike, March 21 2002:

this is for the new dansai 1010 as 852 discontinued
Dansia 1010 region hack:

press setup button on the remote then press
[stop] [fwd] [prev] [next] on the dansia
then select region id then select bypass

good for rce and macro

PostRegion code hack posted by JusUK, April 01 2002:

To make it multi-region:
1. Press set-up on the remote
2. On the front panel press -
and the factory setup menu appears
Select Region ID and you get the choice of regions 1 to 8.

This works on 1010 anyway!

PostRegion code hack posted by sofie andersson, April 14 2003:

OKay thanks!!

PostOther hack posted by cathy, August 31 2003:

display page or new title screen

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